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Decware Opinions


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The Decware stuff is a completely different offering and wouldn't be fair to compare. It would all be subjective opinion anyway. I've never heard the Decware stuff so I couldn't comment on how they sound.

VRD's are hand built one set at a time and run $2899 retail for a pair and do require a preamp. There is a special deal for active forum members here and at AK but you will have to contact me through email for the details. These are all out power amps voices for horns.

VRD Mono Block Specs<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Walnut or Alder Chassis hand finished in Tung Oil

Powder coated Silver Top/Bottom and Rear plates

60 watts Ultra Linear/30 watts Triode switchable KT88 output tubes Standard

Full bias control per output tube with above chassis test points and

multi turn controls

1.1V input sensitivity

100K input impedance

AC balance control

1000V PS filtering for extended life

10H choke per amp

All Triode front end 12AX7 Driver 12AU7 phase splitter Direct coupled

Tube Rectified 5AR4

Separate provisions for 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers

Valve rollers dream ! The amps can run EL34 , 6L6 , 5881 , 350B, KT66, KT88, 6550, KT90 and more (some require a 5U4GB rectifier tube)

Phase splitter can be experimented with using 12BH7 or <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />ECC99

input/Driver tube can use 12AX7 and variants

Distortion .06% @ 1 watt .15% @ 5 watt 1% @ Full rated power 20hz to 20khz


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Steve Deckert has come a long way since the days of his amplifier making in his basement. He now offers a full line of audio products which is saying something. Even has a classy picture of a lady taking orders. Shows how the high margin producer survives. The comparison of his corner horn to the classic Klipsch corner Khorn is quite interesting:


He certainly has some good ideas. I like him going through his own equipment and explaining what he likes. Seems like is he offering a complete package of goodies, though I dont know how it is possible to be really good at everything.

Since I like the sound that horns make when powered by tubes, I would consider a number of low cost antique integrated tube amplifiers, all of which need refurbishing by people like frequent poster NOSvalves. Look for models like Scott, Eico, Fisher and Dynaco. Once I heard an ugly gold-faced Fisher tube receiver for $40 sound much better on some big old Klipsch Khorns than a monster Citation SS amp (at Atma-sphere Music in MN) some 30 years ago, I had to have it. I have been sold on HORNS & tubes ever since.

For new offerings, I would look at ASL and Jolida come to mind. Check out the Antique Sound Lab MG-SI15DT Single Ended Integrated Tube Amplifier at:


The editor said, "but, view it this way. The 15DT is an entry-level tube product, at an entry-level price, but is Class A and single-ended, which are two characteristics that tubophiles love. It's a bargain."

Otherwise, I would look at Jolida tube integrated amps for use with your super efficient horns: Use Audioreview.com to check out the Jolida reviews. Find the amps at the Jolida site and http://www.newtube.com/jolida.html.

Your system will sound so sweet and engaging that you will enjoy it for years. Like someone said on another post, when you listen to horns with tubes, you hear music, not just sound.

In your case though, I have to think a Decware amp is a sideways step from a CLEAN Dynaco ST70...


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I've never heard his gear but I was looking at his phono pre before I decided on the george wright whenever i have enough cash. I'm going nuts with a mmf 2.1 w/grado cart and no way to listen to it 14.gif

The articles posted on his site are really good I've read them all.

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On 11/19/2004 10:42:09 PM Daddy Dee wrote:

I would love to hear the Decware tube modded CD/SACD/DVD.


I wonder if anyone has done a comparison of the Decware-685 cdp and the AH! Joeb 4000? When I replace my cdp it will probably be one of these.

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