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What's your favorite 80's rock album/cd/tape?


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On 2/6/2005 2:12:49 AM boomac wrote:


On 2/2/2005 9:48:17 PM Allan Songer wrote:

Nothing even comes close for me. This is the best rock and roll album of the decade:


Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers on Norton Records.

"Scientific Bombs Away"

KILLER and still IN PRINT!!!


I ordered this and it better be good!


It is! If you like early Flamin' Groovies (think: Teenage Head) you are going to be ALL OVER this one! Psycho-bop sacreaming rock and roll from the master (Roy Loney). You gonna be shakin' yo *** all over the room!

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On 2/6/2005 2:00:23 AM michael hurd wrote:

I just googled Phil Collins and found out that No Tickets Required is a video that was released on vhs, and laserdisc. No jacket requied is the compact disc. So you were all right.

Hence my comment "The LD for "No Tickets Required was pretty good too!"

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Has anybody mentioned any talking heads albums yet? I think their live album "The name of the band is the talking heads" is my favorite of their 80's catalogue (otherwise I would have went fear of music '79).

Other favorites

Iron Maiden Debut, Killers, Number of the Beast (Very interesting, the only albums with Clive Burr are my favorite...)

David Bowie - Scary Monsters

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

Front 242 - Official Version

Metallica - Ride the Lightning

Megadeth - Peace Sells

Peter Gabriel - So

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

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I doubt many posters know who the Flamin' Groovies were...or the bevy of great songs they produced in the 70's without the guitar hero mentality and over production qualities found on most of the music of that era. Check out "Shake Some Action"....it will shake any foundation with that base line!!! It tests KHORNS and LASCALAS to their MAX!

Best album of the 80's:SO ALONE..Johnny Thunders

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