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September 11th, 2001


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Thank you very much for the post. I read it with great interest and appreciation.

It is very appropriate, informative, and logical.

We occasionally get some flames here over hardward, and ad hominum attacks. Guess that is just some guys who get wound up too tight.

In recent weeks there have been some good patriotic posts. All the good that the USA stands for. However, some posts border on saber rattleing and those have been a personal annoyance.

Thank you once again for passing the statement along.

I personally believe that, in the long run, this mess will lead to more international justice, both in a social sense and peace keeping. Wise, cool heads seem to be in control.


P.S. and edit. Looking back over the thread, I don't see saber rattleing. Quite to the contrary. I guess I just hear such comments elsewhere. This is a great group.

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Well the attacks have finally started it seems. After having several weeks to consider what has happened and returning to a somewhat normal routine I just want to add some additional thoughts.

I am glad that we (the President) did not act in the heat of the monment and took the time to gather evidence and support from other countries. It seems that we are doing the right things with the proper equipment so hopefully everything will go ok. At least we are providing some food drops to help the starving people fleeing from their homes (not that making them flee is a good thing).

I am sure that this will be a long event and unfortunately I am sure that some civilans will be hurt. This puts me in quite a delima as I don't think at this point (after all the press coverage on Afghanistan) that the normal people had any say in allowing bin Laden to reside in Afghanistan and it certainly does not seem that they have the means to rise up and revolt.

I am for everything the President says about rooting out and elimating terrorism and so forth. I guess we will have to accept some limited loss of civilian life until we develop some weapon that can track brain waves or something. It just sucks that we have been put in this position. In some ways I think that bin Laden has succeeded...we will never be the same again.




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