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All-Time Best Rock CD's

Jeff Matthews

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Dr. Who... Was it Roxy Music: Live At The Apollo? Excellent DVD either way!

I think so....that was the reunion tour right?

Yup. Recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo on Oct. 1, 2001. It was their first show together in something like 18 years. The music was Amazing, but the production quality of the DVD is a little rough. Mostly the Very bad editing. Parts of it give me a headache!!

Now back to your regularly scheduled topic...

3 is way to low a number!

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my 3 favorite on vinyl to date

dire straits making movies

dire straits love over gold

pink floyd dark side of the moon

it is hard to give 3 all time favorites with near 4000 albums includeing LP's, cassettes, and cd,s

3 favorite cd,s at present

eric clapton unplugged

willie nelson 16 greatest

enya watermark

they all sound awsome on the k-horns with vrd's and blueberry x-treme


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I would like to give support to some recordings mentioned above, and a few more.

Some of the impression is from Zeitgeist of the late '60s and early '70s. That was the time when Album Oriented Rock FM stations were just taking off. Some older people (teens) were still following Top 40.

The watershed is hard to describe to younger people here. We hear it now only in Oldies and Dusties radio stations. Somehow, they respect a mark which is not to be crossed. These albums were the mark.

I'm not saying the following is the best in a serious musician's view. Some of the choice is because of popularity.

Sgt. Pepper. A breakthrough in odd sounds being put together with the music. Other Beatles albums were a warm up to this. It stands alone.

Days of Futures Past. What a wonderful mix of classical and rock. After Sgt P., the leader of concept albums. I favor the classical. Wish there was more.

CSN and CSN&Y. The best, best of tight harmonies. Suite Judy Blue Eyes is a tribute to a lost love. Either that, or who is going to be more noble about the break up, and who can make a show stopper. Stills wins.

Tommy. Some of it is half baked parts of the story line. Most of it is wonderful.

Yes Fragile. I still don't understand the meaning of lyrics. But I like it.

Loggins & Messina 1 and 2. Just when the world is going to heck (drugs, the War), these guys sing about, mostly, happy things. Andy likes House at Poo Corner. I like And Be Free.

Surrealistic Pillow. Hard not to include. These people are not happy, but neither were the rest of us.

Secret Pleasure: The Mass in F-minor by the Electric Prunes. Okay. I just like it. Lots of California instrumental music.

In the folk rock: Tapistry and Sounds of Silence.


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