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Klipsch's Heritage "What A Great Company"


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I think it looks great.

I do like the 50th better but it is very nice.

Is the Cornwall officially available yet?

I am thrilled with Klipsch revamping the heritage product line. The La Scala is just beautiful you know PWK would be proud. It is sad to the Belle go away but I got mine : ) I think the only thing they could do to knock the Heritage line out if the ballpark would be to introduce the Jubilee as Roy & Paul envisioned.

Bravo Klipsch

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I also think it is great.

I just wish they had the dealer network so that "we" could actually listen to and touch them. Guess there's not a lot of high end dealers that want these big, and less ugly, speakers making all their much higher priced "high-end" stuff sound like crappy little boxes trying to yell at you through a small straw.

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I have 4 Klipschorns. Two stock and two modified. Like PWK told me Its a tweekers dream. For the Klipsch co. to come out with a visually tweeked anniversary set . In honer to the old man. Is fine. They did it without guilding the cabinet. In a understated way. A good conservative approach. Some harp about the price, but its cheaper than the truck your driving.

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I think the 60th is a more attractive unit than the 50th.

The thing is a collectors item. It does have an exotic wood veneer on the face of it. I think the diamond in the logo is pretty cool.

I haven't seen this feature in the pics, but the window showing off the crossover is a very cool idea. Also the serial number plate is impressive.

The thing that is truly amazing about Klipsch is that this speaker has been in production for 60 years. This is something unmatched in the audio industry.

The price of $11K is certainly beyond what I would do. However, I have no plans to acquire a pair of new Khorns at the relative bargain of $7500.

I'm delighted for the people who will purchase them and I hope they sell so fast Klipsch decides they need to make more.

Major congratulations are in order for Klipsch Audio Technologies.

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