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How do the Belles and Cornwalls differ?


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If your cheap (like me) and only have 1 source, try out a Super T amp ($140 from part express). I just got mine a week ago and am still playing with it. Initial impressions are very possitive.....compared to my mega buck AR monoblocks. You only get 7 or so good watts, but I have been well into the 108db range..though not enough time at that level to evaluate the sound quality up there. Summary of the T-amp is smooooth, clear, and detailed from top to bottom....similar to what you would hope for in a tube pre and SS amp combo.

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thanks to all who have replied-

the cornwalls are going to a very close friend, and the Belles are

taking their place. I am going to use an unfinished oak 2001 Heresy as

a center channel, and a pair of raw birch '84 Heresys as rear

surrounds. while the '82 raw birch corns would be a better aesthetic

match, the wife likes the way the belles look, and we will re-finish

them in a lighter color, and as far as I'm concerned, they sound great

and-well-they're Belles!. as far as the bottom-end goes, a SVS sub

should fit nicely in the right rear corner, w/the heresys (center and

surrounds) in the ceiling per what another Klipsch-er did.

thanks again, and as time allows, I will stay in touch.


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I would just like to add that over the years, I have tried the Cornwall

II's off and on only because they sounded good with some things and not

so good with others, both program material and hardware.

I have powered my CW II's with everything from an old 1978 Technics

SU-8099 that my father bought along with the CW's new, to a Carver

M400-t, a Carver TFM-35x, an McIntosh MC-250, and an Aragon 4004 Mk II.

Again, some of these amps sounded good with one certain kind of music,

and otehr amps sounded good with other types of music. It's almost like

I needed dedicated amps for different recordings.

However, I now have what I think is a winning combination. I am back to

using the CW II's once again, only this time I'm powering them with my

Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX reciever. Everything that I have played so far

(music and movies) at any volume comes through loud and clear.

The one thing I've always hated about these speakers is the fact of the

mids getting so unbareably harsh at higher volumes. I know a lot of

that has to do with the size and shape of the stock horn, but for some

reason it does NOT show its ugly face being powered by the Elite.

The mid and tweeter is completely natural and smooth sounding without

even the slightest hint of being harsh. In fact, I have never heard

these Cornwalls put out such an open and wide soundstage with pin-point

imaging as they do now. I don't know if it's because of the newer

amplifier technology or what, but whatever it is, I like it!

It's true what

Audible Nectar

said a few posts back... "Upgrade your electronics and get a FREE speaker upgrade". It really is true!

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Cornwalls have much better bass , Belles have a larger soundfield and presense . I like both but the Belles just sound more like live music to me .

Hey quoting my own post , How lame is that ? Seriously both have their strong points , and the Belles are also WAY more upgradable than the Corns . Anyone dissagree with that ? As far as the bass subject , true I wish my Belles dug deeper . But after I get over my annual tax crunch time I will be getting either a Velodyne HGS 18 , or the DD 18 if I can get a DD18 under $2,500 that is . Bass problem solved in a big way . The Belles are a PA speaker . True they are a refined PA speaker , so what ? And as far as looks go , have any of you seen a Belle and a La Scala next to each other ? I have , and wow , what a differance a small design change provide . Allright , I'm done with my mini rant so in closing I'll leave you with this little thought . In '86 I purchased a pair of speakers with better bass response than anything Klipsch has ever produced for $600 a pair . Cerwin Vega [:P]

from the old circuit city on Rivers?

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