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Klipsch Cornwalls in 2001-2??


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still just can't figure out why the cornwall would be discontinued for more streamline design. maybe it was just 2 good of a value for US (& not for klipsch).


RF-3 (front), RC-3, Cornwall I (rear)

Velodyne HGS-15 sub

Monsterbass 400 sub cables & Monster Z-12 speak wire

Sony de935 a/v receiver

Sony DVP-C650D dvdp

Sony Trinitron 27" tv

Technics dual cassette deck

Technics direct drive turntable

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 digital cable box

rock on!

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Judging from my old Stereo Review buyers guide it appears that 1990 was the last year of the Cornwall.It was replaced for the more "current"look of the Chorus.The Cornwall was really a "retro"looking speaker,almost a square box with the older woven grill design.The price was $1638.00 on up depending on finish.I really like mine- but not to the tune of $3000.00 dollars which Klipsch said would be the asking price if reissued.I could buy 3-4 sets of mint used Cornwalls at that price!I would keep checking the used audio market for a nice set and go hear them and pick them up yourself(which is exactly what I did-too many horror tales on the shipping)Good luck in your search.


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I also love the retro look,unlike my wife who comments "They don't go with the Furniture!" Your correct about not losing money on them...its like money in the bank.I am constantly scanning the used market for gear so if I come across any nice sounding Cornwalls I will keep you in mind.


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If the wife complains, do what I did.

I found a pair in raw birch unfinished. Drove to Florida from Cincinnati to pick them up. Then I finished them the same color as my hardwood floors and the furniture.

No way she was gonna pull that one. She still says our great room looks like a bachelor pad, but she can't say they don't match the furniture. ;-)


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  • Klipsch Employees

I too would get another pr.

my pr are a little miss matched in age.

67 & 74 but same parts and sound just fine.

I have the start and finish dates and prices at work. I will try to remember to post them.

started in 1959 as a center for the Khorns

Pauls dream of 3 ch stereo in 1958 and before.

You never know, it may happen some day.


Trey Cannon

Technical Support

Klipsch Audio Technologies

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another great thing for me is w/ the size I could stack the new rs-7 on top of mine (they're in the rear due to my ^% room layout). then use the corn's as a+b only for music & get guys like trey off my back for my set-up biggrin.gif

point being even if u don't stack speakers on top, they also make great tables for putting things on. smile.gif

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Was doing some research for a friend and discovered that the LS and Cornwall are almost identical in height and width.The LS is deeper.

The one thing I discovered was,I believe,is that the Cornwall and Heresy would be an almost perfect match as mains and center for an HT.They cross over at almost the same and the squawker size appears to be almost the same.Tonal balance should be right on.

SPL is also very close,98.5 to the Heresy's 96.

Yes please bring the Cornwall back,please,please,s>please!s>

The pair at Paul and Valerie's home are wonderful and beautiful!I had forgotten how big they were. biggrin.gif

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Being a Cornwall II owner, I totally agree with a move to put Cornies back into production, they have a wonderful sound!!!

I found a report about Cornwalls on a Belgian site: http://www.belgaudio.com/kcmap.htm





Originally posted by INKlipschFan:

PLEASE, bring back the Cornwall speakers!! I know I would be very interested in a new pair thank you. Maybe if we all asked for it they (Klipsch) might consider it too? If you think this would be a good move, add your comment.



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