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Building a LB76 - any advice?

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according to hornresp, I could flatten LB76's response by using one of my M151 15s.   LB76 would need 1 pi and a sub.  Still could be a fun project.


Reducing the back chamber volume to 25L would flatten response a bit further plus allow 200W into M151 without ever exceeding  5mm excursion.


What size throat opening  did PWK use on LB76?  if 3" x 13" - would that be best with a driver like M151 ?  - the patent IIRC indicated larger than 3" in the narrow dimension and look 6 inches






here's a comparison between a 0.83 scale Belle with 12pe32 and LB76 with M151



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it appears LB could be vented when using some lower Q 15 - here's an example with a JBL M151 using 44L for the vented case and 25L for the sealed back chamber - how the vented version would sound vs sealed back chamber = ? - any guesses in home use?


Here's a comparison of a stock Belle/K33E to LB loaded with JBL M151 and vented


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