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Attn: Reel to Reel Owners, music exchange

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I too hope he posts here. I would love to see what he has. Swapping tapes has really revived my love for tapes. As for feeling old, during a production meeting yesterday (I'm the Operations Manager) only one other guy in the room had ever hear of "Davey and Goliath".



He actually wants to sell the tapes and reel to reel.

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Luther, Don and I have heard your tape and Travis' tape. Don and I have heard each others tape as well(prior to sending to you and Travis).If you have not exchanged with Travis then do so at your conveinence. Then return the tapes to the owner.

Hope this clears it up a bit


Chuck and Don,

Luther and I are in the process of swapping your tapes and then will send back to the original owner. We are in the process of getting everything finalized on the large tape swap group. Looks like we are going to have a lot of tapes to listen to this next round.


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My favorite Maron thread.

Post numbers 30 to about 57, he discusses his recording of the St. Louis Symphony.

He sent me a master tape and lp he recorded.

I miss you Maron, I will try to convert some of your recording to High Rez digital so your legacy will survive in that regard.

Your character will always be remembered as long as this place exists.


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