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My 2 channel setup (pic)


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Well, there wasn't any scientific way of going about it, that's for sure. [:)]

I knew I wanted to treat the upper corners to smooth out the boomy bass in the room. I simply made bass traps by using 1 corner block and 4 or 2 tiles depending on the space available in the corner.

Since my speakers are so close to the side walls I knew they were giving off some pretty intense first reflections so I had my wife place a mirror on the side wall until I could see the horn, then had her mark the spot on the wall. I then placed the foam on the wall in that spot.

The time that I notice the biggest improvement is when I turn the volume way up. Nothing sounds harsh anymore.

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One thing you might try is to play some bass heavy material and walk around the room. You'll be able to hear where the bass is building up and those are the only locations where bass traps will be effective. It doesn't always happen in the corners - though that is where it's normally an issue.

Also, if you feel things might be a bit dead after treatment, then you might consider moving the speakers around a bit. It's possible that the treatment shifted the ideal location for the speakers.

Trying to do it by ear is a double-edged sword and can take a very long time. Kinda like Edison and his lightbulbs [;)] Thankfully, the hard work is done and we now have modern tools that can help us design better lightbulbs...

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... Trying to do it by ear is a double-edged sword and can take a very long time...

It's so hard trying to 'tune' a room. I've moved my speakers to where I have at least one sweet spot - which is where I listen. If I move around my room I can identify several places where there are low frequency resonances or other anomolies. I'd like to try bass traps one day though...

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DR Who

Actually, I'm pretty happy with my music room at this point..I think the 3 bass traps in the one high ceiling corner actually do a great job! I have done the trick of walking around, etc, and that was where I found the most bass congestion, hence the traps. The others I just threw in, experimenting, thinking more is better, and again, they deadened the mids/highs to the point I had to remove them. As for moving the speakers, well..they ARE the Khorns, and where they are is pretty much where they'll stay!

All in all, with my recent tweaks, the room is the best I've heard it! I don't plan to change anything..well..I must admit I have my eye on a Wright AG-1000 tube preamp to replace my Adcom..(damn sickness!)

But other than that........


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