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My 2 channel setup (pic)


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It really helped out all aspects of the sound. Biggest difference is now when I crank it, I don't have incredibly overemphasized treble. As you can see in the pic my basement consists of many funny angles. When I clap my hands now there are much less echoes.

Bass response has increased greatly. The corners of my room used to be really boomy. The foam I put in the upper corners has taken away the boominess and replaced it with a tighter more controlled sounding bass.

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Is that your youngin'................Men of Honor, the world needs a few more of them....is that a basement room too?

Yes, one of five kids... My music room is a basement too. It's about 18 feet by 22 feet. Double brick construction. I used to run my Klipschorns in this room.

How big is your room, wuzzzer?

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My basement theater room is 10 feet wide, 23 feet long, 7 foot ceiling. I had the speakers set up along the long wall for quite a while. It sounded great, except I had to sit so close to the speakers and TV that it was annoying.

Our main floor living room is wider than the basement room by about 2 feet. My wife doesn't like the idea of a big stereo in that room and especially not the big TV either.

I'm really happy with how everything turned out. As you can see in the pics a pretty minimal amount of foam, especialy on the side walls, makes an amazing improvement in sound quality. Every CD that I've listened to in the past that wasn't recorded too well sounds 100% better.

I think I might look at getting a subwoofer, maybe a Sub-12 now that the bass is less boomy and tighter.

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So Mark

how did you come up with the placement of the foam? Just curious, as I have tried many different configurations of my LERND bass traps, and I am down to 3 in the corner behind my listening position, on the high wall end..(sloped ceiling) I have tried more, (up to 8 at one time) along the back wall to ceiling joints, but that was too much, and actually deadened (if that's a word!) the room too much..I'm pretty happy with just three..but now I feel the other 5 are wasted! So again..how'd you come up with the placement?



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