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Ping Ray Garrison


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oopps, false ping -

first anthrax was discovered down the street from me, in the National Enquirer bldg. in Boca, now that I am up in Worcester for Thanksgiving, the anthrax is up here! Bad news follows you everywhere - good news you have to search for ...

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To all,

I have received several emails from all y'all asking about me, my family, and the antrax case here in the "small rural farming community" of Oxford, CT.

Yes, unfortunately, a 94 year old woman contracted inhilation antrax. She died this morning. No one knows how she got it. The gov thinks the most likely cause was cross contamination from a central US post office facility somewhere.

She lived about two miles from me. As you can imagine, we're not used to the kind of activity this has engendered... news media people from CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, UPN and every local channel are swarming all over our little town. The road aren't big enough for the satellite uplink trucks, so they're parking in people's lawns all over town. My wife, baby and I were at a local restaurant for lunch a few hours ago, and you could hear the buzz at every table. Everyone here is scared. I got my new Stereophile in the mail this morning, and I must admit a bit of a twinge when I opened the poly bag to take it out.

I can only pray that whomever is responsible for these attacks is found quickly and stopped. In the meantime, please say a prayer for our little community when you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner - perhaps in no other year have we, as a nation, had so much cause to say thanks for our health, our liberty, and our friends and loved ones.

And I count every person who posts, or reads posts, on this board amoung my friends. May you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Ray, Mary, Kate and Nick Garrison


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Look at the numbers-->17 people have died from confirmed naturally occuring Anthrax between 1945-1978. Most of them were elderly living in rural, agricultural communities. Since "complications" associated with pneumonia is a leading cause of death for most Americans in their 90s, it is likely that hundreds of cases of Anthrax death in farming communities have gone unrecorded since (remember pneumonia was the first diagnosis).

The "cross contamination" argument is plausible since statisitically, at 94, the immune systems response to a bacterium is about 1/18th as potent as that of an 18 year old. And, now that the CDC is testing "everybody" for Anthrax, when in the past no one was tested, means that the occasional naturally occuring hit will be registered.

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I've been thinking the exact same thing for awhile now. How many people have actually died from 'anthrax' but was attributed to the flu,pnemonia or other respiratory infections. I have been called all sorts of names for even thinking of such a thing,but I still contend that it is entirely possible.

All you folks take care!

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To Ray & the Garrison Family, I'm very pleased that you are all fairing well in light of dreadful event that occurred in your community. I too will utter a special prayer for your families continued safe keeping, as well as prayers for us all.

May God Bless us and all mankind.




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