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DTS vs DD5.1 ?


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I hear alot of people post about stuff like

"Did you see bla bla bla in DTS mode?" Whats

the main diffrences between DTS and DD5.1 I just

got planet of the apes and watched the DTS Track

and it was awesome i didnt rewatch it in 5.1 but

maybe that will answer my question but I wanted

to hear what you guys had to say. I do see that

not many movies offer a DTS Track but it did

sound awesome.



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just tested the bitrates of DTS versus DD in the 5.1 mode.

DD 5.1= 448Kbps

DTS 5.1= 768kbps (note, durng the intro to Gladiator, the DTS introduction, the bitrate was at 1536 KBPS)

So, going by bitrates, DTS wins hands down. I guess they hav eto lower the DTS bitrate on DVD's so they can fit it. I was testing both on Gladiater which has like 4 different sound tracks on it, or more including the commentary, so they have to compromise sometimes!

you can get more info from another thread in teh HT BB. here is the link.

hope this helps! Smile.gif



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Justin's information illustrates the big difference in DTS and DD. DTS is less compressed than DD, so it requires a higher bit rate to get the same amount of useful information off the disk and to the decoders in a given period of time. The thought is that the less compression is done on an audio stream, the more accurate it is when it is decompressed which could give DTS an edge in reproduction accuracy.

I think I like the sound of DTS better, but it could be because their trailer is cool and it has tainted my ears. Pretty scientific, huh?



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Have you ever heared the trailer for DTS that zooms around and then crashes to extreme bass.? My system used to sound awesome on my sony str-de545. But now in my Kenwood vr-4080b it sounds all distorted and sounds horrible. Do you have aby idea whats up. I havent changed anything but the receiver and it has dts.???





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I have to chime in on this subject as always...

I do NOT debate the superior AUDIO quality of DTS over DD...less compression = more good.


Less compression takes up more disc space leaving less room for other cool features and extras.

Does anyone question whether the folks at Dolby Labs could create a system that uses less compression? They pretty much invented muti-channel playback for movies while DTS rides their coat tails by taking their ideas and trying to one-up them.

Does anyone wonder why DD is THE industry supported standard for Theaters, DVD's, Digital Cable, etc...

I for one think most people would have a hard time hearing the difference between DTS and DD...There's alot of people out there who swear they can't hear the differences between music they download off the internet and CD's they buy at the store...Think these folks will spend the extra $$$ for DVD Audio or SACD?

Stepping down frpm my soap-box


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ACK yuck bose ewww my girlfriends dad has a Denon AVR3802 running an acoustimass 15 setup 5 of those double cubes and the sub and my system for way way less money blows it away.

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dd more common than dts in theaters!?! U sure about that? digital THEATER systems (dts)... i think they sound similar, but there are some receivers/pre-amps that have more flexible bass management for dts than dd, less compression may mean better sound, and besides...the dts intro sounds REALLY COOL! avman.


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Well, it's been a while since we've all had a good catharsis by Bose bashing, so I'll throw some gas on the fire.

I was reflecting (to my wife) the other day about how Bose has infiltrated the collective subconscious of America. Nearly everyone I know has heard of them, but hardly anyone I know (in real life) has heard of Klipsch. You have to admire their marketing ability! But, that's where the admiration ends for me.

In case any of you would like Bose-logo items in your home, without actually having Bose speakers, check out these auctions (they are not my auctions, BTW):



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You make an interesting point regarding advertising...are you refering to advertising directed to theater owners or theater customers?

You also single out "theaters" as opposed to DVD's, Digital Cable, or Satellite..Do you feel there are different reasons for DD's (no I don't mean DougDrake 1 or 2 Smile.gif dominance in these areas?

I really think that comparing Dolby Labs to Bose is a bit extreme, but hey marketing and advertising are all important factors to most businesses.

I should also state for the record that I am really glad that DTS is out there competeting w/ Dolby, if for no other reason than it will help keep Dolby from becomming complacent with it's market leading technologies.

Finally...since so many threads seem to evolve from exchanging ideas to debate to heated debate to all out mud-slinging...I'd just like to say that my questions above are legit not merely rhetorical. I really am curious to what your (or anyone else's) ideas are on this subject.


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My 2 cents -

Yes DTS is supposed to have an edge. However I think that this debate will come to the same conclusion as the SACD vs. DVD-A or Stereo vs multichannel debate which is that the recording engineer has more to do with the final sound of the soundtrack or album than the format or compression.

I agree that one format has the potenial to sound better but it is the mastering process that really will determine how it will sound in our homes.

I have listened to awesome DD and DTS tracks but I take it on a case by case basis. When a DVD offers both I sample each and decide which I like better.

The main reason that DD is included on every DVD (at least 2 channel) is that Dolby was included in the DVD standard when it was created by all the companies and DTS was not. DTS tried to get included also but their propsal was not ready in time (some say that Dobly Labs pulled some strings to close the standard process knowing DTS was not ready yet...different debate).

As far as Dolby Labs vs. Bose is concerned I don't think that it is a fair comparision. Basically DD and DTS are standards or encoding processes. These either work or they don't. Bose is lo-fi the people think is hi-fi due to marketing. Personally I think that is a big difference. Also I think that you find DD in more theaters because they were first in the marketplace and just like everywhere else this gives you a huge advantage in install base.



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