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Entertainment Center With Room For a Center Channel Spkr.


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I have been trying to find a well built (solid wood) ent. center that has room for a big center channel (22"x9"x 13") and possibly upgradeable. What do you guys use?

Speaker stands are the preferred method of mounting a center channel. Entertainment centers are not a speakers best friend.

An anology would be to take the speaker with you into the shower (skip turning on the water). Now that is an exageration but the same effects occur when you place a speaker inside another enclosure.

I would also suggest that you place it on the same axis as the left and right channel drivers, or as close as possible. Higher is better than lower.

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i had that problem too, so i designed one myself (autocad) and had a local builder build it. it cost me $200 and i still have it today. works great and my center speaker is the ksf-c5. i keep the center flush with the et center so i don't get any of booming sound. it is also open in the back to help prevent that. i have some posts here in the architecture section about this et center and a few others i have designed. here is the link to my current et center. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/storage/7/882174/entertainment%20center.pdf if it suits your needs, just print it out and have a builder build it for you.

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I could not find anything that fit the way I liked. So I had to build something.

That's a nice looking center you built Wrench !


I also built boxes for under the RWS-15's. So they would get a good slam on the wall. It made a big diffrents.

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