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Another article on the return of vinyl - but for teens this time!!


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Didn't Al Gore want us all to stop using vinyl all together n just download music? Seems to go against the Global Warming youth movement?

That is what they preached at us, with countless comercials to not use Vinyl and just download music.....

hmmmmm Wonder if Al Gore ownes any Apple stock?

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So the .45 is indeed UK teen's favorite 7 incher? Wow the sexual revolution is indeed over in England.

Not to mention the average single being ~3minutes long. And to think that we found a 20 minute album side restrictive...

Looks like the influx of Muslim culture is indeed transforming the culture...and some worry about bombs!

Can non-contact sock hops, pleated skirts, saddle shoes, and hideous harlequin glasses be far behind?

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Although I can honestly say I was never taken with 45's I think it's great they are making a comeback. The ipod generation is where many of us were in the 50's and 60's buying songs instead of albums. Hell, I have guys my age bragging about how many songs they have on their ipod.I suspect that now, like back then, those who got into the music got into buying albums and many artists responded by producing thematic recordings or taking more time with their songs to produce music that wasn't tightly packed into a 3 minute format.

Anything that gets people enjoying music is just fine by me. Hope it isn't just some fad.

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