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I've been scammed...Agon BBX w/Cream!...


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I guess we have to get back on the SOB. Time for a bunch of calls and letters to the local constabulary about the crook. I'll bet he watches the forums. It may be why the BBX got some refund. I'm Calling the cops on him again. This all needs to be on file at the very least. As many Law enforcement as we have on this forum maybe some calls to the local detectives to make them aware of this scam bag.

I'd take the stub from the Money Order and report it not delivered or stolen. They Do investigate in that case. You can cancel them you know.


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Here is a copy of the email he sent me on 08/09/07 when he supposedly got out of the hospital. I replied that I wanted the rest of my money back($300.00) and have had no response from him since. No contact, no money, nada.


Health is a good thing! I kept getting winded and talking became hard to do without constant coughing. I saw a doc and he says I have bronc problems. A few antibiotics later- I'm feeling fine. But it kept coming back. So after a hospital visit- they say pnuemonia. I get treated for it but nothing gets better. A chest Xray revealed a partially colapsed lung caused by an unknown growth. Fluid was depositing in the pocket of the collapsed lung and causing all sorts of issues. I had to have a chest tube in there to pump it out. I'm on loan for a few days but I go back in for a procedure to get the growth biopsied. They think maybe cancer. I try not to think. I'm not out of the woods yet- not by any stretch. It may have just begun. Already, breathing is getting hard to do again and it's only been a couple of days. I've always eaten healthy, never smoked, and worked out. Crazy thing this stuff is. It targets anyone and everyone. I'm nervous about the procedure and even more nervous about the results of the biopsy.

Ok, on to other things. You need not apologize- I thought about the reversed role scenario and I would have been equally upset and even a bit angry. The nature of dealing online is exactly what kept me away from the action for so many years. I completely understand your position.

The pre is boxed with your name on it. It was mostly packaged when Beth tried to deal with it, but she erred on the side of caution and opted for a refund. Partial one... ;-) Sorry, bud. If you want it- you know the drill. If you don't- I know the drill. Either way- I'm sorry about it all and I will try to make it up to you in any way I can.

Take Care.


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