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I've been scammed...Agon BBX w/Cream!...


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As I said before, this guy had me on the hook for the BBX for about 5 hours before telling me he had made a mistake and the preamp was going to Jorgen. I was ready to mail him a check the next day, he could have easily ripped me off also like he did with 2 buyers for his cartridge. This is very strange, maybe this guy is just mentally imbalanced or he has a drug habit that dictates this behaviour, if he was a pure thief you would imagine he would have just kept all the money. After he told me that there was a mistake and I was not getting the BBX I E-Mailed him several times with some choice words, he replied saying he could not understand why I was pissed off, well when you think you have closed a deal on a BBX which I have been patiently waiting for then it is snatched out from under you, you get a little pissed off. As I said, at the time I did not feel it was an honest mistake, my gut feeling was that this guy has a screw loose or was up to no good. As a result of this situation I will never purchase anything with a check unless I know the person, I'll only use Paypal for whatever protection they provide.

We have all lost money in one way or another through the stock market, reselling a piece of equipment, a piece of equipment giving up the ghost etc.. The sick feeling Jorgen feels is from being conned by this scumbag, similar to having your house broken into. An idea would be to start a fund to help replace the $300.00 lost, if we all chipped in $10.00 or $20.00 a piece we could make up the outstanding balance, if Jorgen would supply an address of where to send the money I'll gladly start this off with a donation. What do you think?


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Hey there Mr. 5'8", 140 lbs soaking wet. You know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover! Larry can be one mean SOB ;)

You gotta point about Larry. [;)]

BTW, I only wished I weighed 140 lbs. Unfortunately, I'm a bit on the portly side. Something I'm not really proud of at the moment.


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well good news. Micheal called me and told me he has been in the hospital and his wife has not been taking care of things properly. I asked about Jordan's money and he said his wife just didn't mail the other money order and he will get it back. He says he will mail me my cartridge today and the reason that he took money from more than one person for the cartridge is because he has 4 of them. We'll see how fast all this happens, but I don't think he intends on screwing anyone, he is just preoccupied with his medical condition and not taking care of audio business the way he should. I suggested maybe he shouldn't be dealing audio at all right now and just concentrating on his health.

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Well here is an update on the situation. Michael said that his wife had sent me my cartridge Fed Ex, that was 8 days ago. I have since been unable to reach him by phone email or text messages. He said I would have a tracking number, but since then no contact no tracking number and most of all no cartridge. This guy is unreal!!!!!!!

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