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I've been scammed...Agon BBX w/Cream!...


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i agree that it is probably a seller a little lax on his shipping practices time will tell,

on the other hand dont put alot of stock in the fact that it is a fed. deal because you sent the guy a postal money order and it was across state lines etc... it is illegal, it is a federal crime, but mail fraud including this type is hard to get the cops to do anything, (how do i know you may be asking) well i got ripped off a year ago, i sent a postal money order, guy cashed it i waited for weeks never received my items i had all the guys e-mails and all his contact info as you do and i informed the local police where he lived, told them i was willing to travel to prosecute the guy in short i told them i will go to court, i e-mailed all the info to the local detective, he fed me a bunch of BS, long story short they didnt do $#!T, and i wasted another 4 weeks of my time trying to get them to do something...........................

i did hear from another guy that he had cops visit a seller and the guy came thru after that........................

i would try to contact the guy thru e-mail explain that 1300 is alot of money to you and that not hearing from him is making you ver nervous and all you need to know is has he shipped your item or planning to soon, i would also tell him that if you do-not receive a response you will be forced to contact the authorities


Joe .. and I have had a similar experience ..

don't count on local law enforcement ... don't be foolish enuff to think the fed's are interested in yer $1300, either..

the only thing they will prosecute is massive mail fraud

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It was my understanding one could cancel/reverse a debit much like a credit card. I'd call the number on the back of the card.

BUT - if it 'was' a scam.... You'd think he would've tried with with Mcintosh or something. a BB is a bit on the fringe. I had this happen to me once and it turned out the person actually had a real issue. An accident. I was even able to look up the story on the net. You never know what could be happening here - could be a real issue going on with him. Hopefully. It's still a bit early to call this one yet. Actually, once I ordered some orchids from a guy who died waiting for a liver. I didn't pay yet though. I'm just skeptical it's a scam with a blueberry.

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I'm not sure the best move would be to have 2 or 3 forum geeks packing zerostats kicking in the guy's door.

Good luck my friend.

- Gary

I would pay good money to watch that on a reality TV show. An angry mob of Klipschster's wheeling their flashy red Zerostat guns. OMG, I love this place.

Jordan, sorry to hear your troubles with Agon, and I do hope things end up okay. But in all honesty, after reading through this thread, I would not expect to receive anything from this guy. Start looking for some way to get your money back.

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I responded to the same add at about the same time you did, I made an offer, he E-Mailed back and said mine was the only offer he had received and the BBX was mine. We E-Mailed back and forth a few times to complete the sale, then I came on the Klipsch Forum and read the on the add for the BBX, I read your post stating that the BBX was yours, I contacted Michael Mathews asking what the hell was going on (@ 7:00 PM), I thought the preamp was mine. He then E-Mailed back stating that he had made a big mistake and confused me with you and that yes the BBX was yours for the taking. My thoughts were that something is wrong with this guy, you don't just make a mistake like that. I am sorry to hear what has happened to you, it could have been me. Contact the Postmaster General, this is considered interstate mail fraud as far as I know, they should be able to help.

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This really sucks and honestly doesn't sound good. I can totally feel your pain. I got scammed on a Mac amp a couple of years ago for 1500. At that point, I had literally hundreds of great internet transactions. I let my guard down for a minute and got smacked in the nose.

The most painful thing is that I had his address and all documentation and nobody would lift a finger - not as much as a single phone call or visit. Your best bet will be with the postmaster.

Good luck.

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What's with the gloom and doom?...Give it a little longer, keep your fingers crossed he's just slow with shipping........Me, I'll never use E-bay, just because of things like this........I'd rather buy from Forum People !!!!!!!!!

Philtubes............Nice Bull Dog.............Yours ?????

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Yes, she was about 6 months old in the picture. My wife and I have shown and breed bulldogs for many years, kind of got out of it and jumped back into it with "Gracie", she is already 1/3 of the way to her championship. Great dogs but they can be high maintenance, sort of like a tube amp with a 100 tubes in it.


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