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I can't hear what you hear....


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Interesting indeed.

It is well known that the neural connectivity structures of the left brain are more suited for supporting sequential processing strategies (language) whereas the right brain is more designed for integrating spatial concepts (math).

My guess would be that the analytic listeners are the vinyl, tubes and horns crowd; the synthetic listeners are the direct radiator (bass hog) crowd that prefers higher power amps.

Now I guess everyone need to update their profile to include their listening type.

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Could any other article be more pertinent to this hobby?  Extremely interesting and explanatory.  I wondered if the researchers looked at right handed versus left handed traits as a possible correlative.  It has been shown that being either R or L handed has decidedly different brain use patterns with L handers using more of both sides of their brains.   R handers seemed to focus functions in either the R or L brain hemisphere.  Consequently when R handed people suffered strokes on one side of their brain they suffered the complete loss of certain functions like speech for example.  Whereas unilateral brain damage in L handers may diminish function but still they will retain some access to just about every function.  

This work would also explain how certain people can discern the higher frequencies.  What also came to mind is the AK4 crossover.  It was tuned to the hearing preference of a small, select group of listeners with supposedly excellent ears.  Some people really, really like the AK4 while others find it extremely disappointing.  Could be that this group sits on the outer realm of either the fundamental or analytical range.  If so the AK4 is tailored to one extreme which would explain the rather black and white preference for it.  For me the AK4 is way too bright.

I would like to see the detailed breakdown of their analysis of the stereo gear.  I wonder if one group preferred vinyl to digital so that this conundrum could have some new controversial dimensions.

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Hey John,

Not very near now - all the fires around Athens were put out sometime around Saturday I think - even then they were several miles from the suburb I live in.

Brown skies though - and the air quality is not good. All very depressing.

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Very interesting indeed. As a trained percussionist, and with a degree in education, and one who always listened to the rhythm section, rhythm guitars, then lead instruments, and vocals last, probably puts me in the synthetic listener range, ya think? I find it interesting about the arrangement of the orchestra too. Now, as for preference in choosing dates from the orchestra, well, back in the day I played'em all. That is of course another topic altogether...

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