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Where do YOU place your center channel?


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I have 2 x RF-82s for fronts, 1 x RC-62 for center.

I have a Sony 60" XBR2 Rear Projection LCD. It is quite large. It sits on a 23" high TV stand made for 60" DLP/LCDs. There are 2 shelves on this stand which contains my equipment and I put the center channel on the highest shelf. That puts my center channel at about knee level or foot level depending or not if we are reclined. I also have a coffee table in the living room obstructing the sound.

What do you guys do? Do you make some kind of shelf above the tv and aim the center downwards?

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I recall reading somewhere (here) that having voices coming from above

a TV screen is perceived as more natural than from below, so hopefully

there is an above-TV solution for you. It's unlikely that your TV, even

if it were deep enough to be a "shelf," would support a center as heavy

as yours. There aren't many options other than some type of shelf, and

it will

need to be a sturdy one to support a 32-lb center. That window will

likely create even more difficulty, although if you go the route

of installing a shelf bolted to the wall, at least you know the frame

around the window is solid. Check out www.standsandmounts.com and

www.racksandstands.com for every conceivable stand, shelf, and mount

possible. If you are in a rental and can't bolt anything to the wall,

an option may be to use those chrome or black welded-wire kitchen

shelves, with the sides or uprights on the floor on either side of the

TV and center shelf across the top. I think they can be customized to

fit your exact needs. Another option, of course, is to

get a taller TV stand so that the speaker will clear the coffee table.

A variation of that solution is to raise the TV a bit higher on its

current shelf (wood blocks, etc.), then put the RC-62 on a dedicated

center speaker stand in front of the current shelf that places it

higher than it is now.

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My RC62 sits on top of my TV at 4' 6" to the top of TV. My couch is a low rider so it seems to me that it was missing something. Like the sound is going over my head. But then again I've been questioning my '62 for about a month or two,so I took it to the place I bought it and the tweeter has gone out. They suspect the crossover is or has gone out. I can only hear sound coming out of the left speaker. Maybe when I get it back it will sound really good sitting on top of my of my TV. But like you, the placement of my center channel is limited. I would like to have it about 3' 6" high but then, where would I set my TV.

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This is an older pic, but the setup remains the same... everything blends really well and it sounds great IMHO. Hopefully in the next 6 months or so, a large plasma or projector screen will fill the area above the center Forte II (please no wisecracks about the ancient 32" Sony).


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I ended up mounting a wood shelf above my plasma to put my Academy on. The center of the speaker is 12" from the top of the tv. I like the way it sounds when listening to multi channel music and it sounds good with movies as well. I may mount the shelf a little lower when I move into my new house, but I think I'll be keeping it above the TV.

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My best advice...

In the middle.. (dugh) Close in height to your left and right channels..

If you use the same speaker as your left n right... even better...

I would not agree with the speaker near the ceiling is best at all.. Reflection placement problems.. esp. if a big screen (projector this should seem obvious..)

Now on say a plasma or 61 incher on a stand.. not that much of a biggie... (as long again as your left n rights are not smaller speakers on the floor and your center is wayyy up high on top....)

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