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Vynal to Digital


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wife wants to convert her vynals to digital on her new iMac. will accept pre-amp out. She has a bunch(hundreds) of records from the early and late 60's. I have an antique Dual 701 with a high end Shure of some kind in it.

I have a bunch of old teac, kenwood, pioneer and sony receivers laying around. None have pre-amp out. they all have tape out. will tape out work? if not, what is a good econo choice for pre-amp out?

What is a good and easy(comparing 2 variables) analog to digital converter program? or should I get her some piece of hardware to do the job? we also have a few computers laying around, so I could dedicate one of them to this task.

If this is posted in the wrong place, please move it.

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If your old receivers have a phono stage on them then it should be no problem to connect the tape out via a 2 RCA to single din plug into your sound card on your computer (these cables are quite common with computer speakers for example).

The tape out bypasses the volume control on the receiver (or it should) so no problem there - you can control the sound level on the computer (just make sure it is low enough not to clip on the peaks). After that there are any number of sound recording softwares that can do the job as the vinyl source will appear like any other. Most sound cards some with software that will do the job. Last time I bought a Soundblaster it came with many recording options upto 96/24 for 2 channel (although you won't need that for an iPod).

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The "expensive" option, assuming you have an old turntable, is the TASCAM CC-222 units. They have the direct RCA input for the turntable and the built in RIAA phono pre-amp. No amps necessary. Direct record to CD's and/or cassettes. Unit can copy cassettes to CD and CD's to cassettes. It's a rack mount unit, easy to use, and does avery good job. Does not, however, include any scratch processing. Has Dolby, etc. TASCAM.com for info on the unit. They can be found, if you look around, for less than the $600-$700 MSRP. I found one a year ago for $450 from a TASCAM distributor (overstock). Hope that is of some assistance.

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Another option .. on the very inexpensive side is .... Grifffin's product called .... iMic ... running Final Vinyl ... very easy and about $30.

I am sure your giving up quality ... but it works . I use it daily .. streaming AAC's from itunes thru my USB thru the iMic....to a preamp ... it has in and out for USB.


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I agree with maxg's recomendation. Just make sure the DIN adapter is stereo and not mono. Plug it into the preamp in or line in on your soundcard and you should be good to go. Nero soundtrax is a good program to use for transfering but there are others out there as well that will work. I have been transfering my LP's to listen to in the car with great results...they sound waaaay better than most store bought cd's. Good luck.


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