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What is a fair price for Heresy I in good condition?


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...wood finish with Raw Birch usually at the bottom (if finished) to Walnut and Oak to the more rare finishes like Zebrawood or Rambling Rose...have they had the crossovers freshened???...this will all factor in to price with of course condition being important too for price...OB gave you a very good thumbnail price range in my opinion...


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You can always start at $300 and "negotiate", but everyone is right about the price "spread", $350 - $360 is about the max with chips in the veneer. Try to get the seller to demonstrate them if possible before you buy them.

If you can live with the chips, great. Of course, filling the chips and applying new veneer would bring them back to the "minty" look. Good luck!!

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I see a pair of heresy ii's for sale. The guy is asking $300. He said the veneer is in decent with some wear and a few small scratches. He said the numbers are not consecutive, but I'm not sure if he definitely knows for sure. The speakers and grills are in good shape, original crossovers. And he's moving tomorrow, I'm not sure how badly he wants to sell them cause he said he would throw them into storage if he doesn't get the right price.

I do have a pair of Cornwalls already, I'm just curious about the heresys and would use them if I ever plan to move out to my own place. Think $300 is a good price in that condition?

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Think $300 is a good price in that condition?

for some reason Heresy prices on ebay have been climbing . If you can get a pair local to you for 300 and all the drivers work...thats a deal. use a rolled up piece of paper to listen to the tweeters to make sure they are good. They cost quite a bit to repair or replace.

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