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Klipsch in the Family


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Just wondering how many of your family/friends also own Klipsch? We are a Klipsch family! Here's my list:

Oldest son: SF2's, SF1's, KSW12, SC1

Middle son: SF1's

Youngest son: KG 3.5's


Yamaha RX-V620 receiver

1976 Klipsch La Scala's

Klipsch KSW12 Sub.

Klipsch SC1 Center

Klipsch KG 3.5 rears

Panasonic RV31 DVD

Sharp 32" TV

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Father: Cornwalls and Chorus (this guy was into audio back in the 50's and lived the Golden Age of HiFi - always a Klipsch fan)

Brother: Cornwalls (He couldn't resist after listening to mine. His walnut cabinets look almost like rosewood - very nice.)

Sister: Heresys and KG4's (she paid $100 for those lovely Heresys)

Other Sister: 3.2's (or something like that)

Uncle: Cornwalls (Suh-weet with his MacIntosh equip)

Another Uncle: Heresys (old ones from the sixties)

Friend: Khorns and Heresys (my first exposure to Khorns - WOW!)

Friend: La Scalas (convinced him to buy, rocked 'em hard when we were in our 20's)

Friend: Heresys (new to horns, beats his old M&K cone and domes)

Myself: Cornwalls and Heresys

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