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Sweet Thrift Store Finds


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  • 3 weeks later...

CDs Friday on the way to work

from a local sorority thrift store:

Maceo Parker -
Southern Exposure

from a garage sale ($1 each)

The Smithereens -

Yellowjackets -

Bob James -

David Benoit -
Letter To Evan

Pat Metheny -
Secret Story

Donald Fagen -

Shadofax -
Folksongs For A Nuclear Village

Najee -
Tokyo Blue

Talking Heads -
Popular Favorites 1976-1983 Sand In The Vaseline

Talking Heads -
Popular Favorites 1984-1992 Sand In The Vaseline

LPs Saturday from the local Goodwill ($1.06 each)

an unamed complete broadway company -
Porgy And Bess -
George Gershwin

on Coronet Records. Listed as a high fidelity monophonic recording recorded with Telefunken microphones on Ampex 350-2 and 300-3 magnetic tape recorders affording a frequency response of from 20 to 20,000 cycles per second. Oiginal master discs cut with a modified Grampion cutter on a Scully lathe using Audiotape Mastertape Type 255I M thoughout all phases of recording. All phases of recording, mastering, and quality control ar under the supervision of Preston Ford, Chief Engineer for Premier Albums Inc. in cooperation with Bellsound Studios

The Best Of Elvis Costello And The Attractions
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A single CD from a local sorority thrft store on the way to work

Three Piece Suite -

the CD is autographed... could not find any information on-line but found a different group called Three Piece Suit. On Helix Records from Noblesville Indiana. Websites listed for the band and studio no longer exist. Not expecting much for $1.07 but it could be fun

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Another posting from the rogue buyer of cheap CDs.

From a local thrift store, a bag of CDs for about the price or one. Most of the jewel boxes are beat to hell but the discs are in good shape. Picked up some new jewel boxes as well. Most of these will get a new one. A few need a good cleaning. A few of the discs looked a bit water spotted but otherwise appeared fine. Jewel boxes all cracked and scuffed - must have been used as floor tiles.

David Benoit - Letter To Evan (oops, recently got a minty copy, this one goes in the trade pile, probably in a new jewel box).

Gerald Albright - Dream Come True (in an Earl Klugh Peculiar Situation box... )

George Duke - Illusions

Newsboys - Step Up

Richard Elliot - Jumpin' Off

Richard Elliot - The Best Of Richard Elliot

Cassandra Wilson - Blue Light 'Til Dawn on Blue Note, read some comments about this one makin' me think by itself it's worth the price of the pile

Audio Adrenaline - Some Kind Of Zombie

DeGarmo & Key - Heat It Up (one of my favorite Christian Rock Bands from the mid to late '80s. This from 1993 so who knows)

Wynton Marsalis - The Majesty Of The Blues

Jaci Velasquez - Jacie Velasquez (the disc stuck to the booklet which is stuck together and must have been submerged...)

Point Of Grace - Steady On (in the Jacie Vellasquez box, only identifiable once the CD was peeled away from the booklet)

Susan Ashton - Susan Ashton

From the local Goodwill. A bit more than the 12 above but still pretty much 5 for 1 and jewel boxes are fine

Yolanda Adams - What A Wonderful Time (yet another Christmas album - Target often, at least used to have Christmas CDs really cheap right after Christmas)

Donald Fagen - Morph The Cat (from one of the branches of the county/city library)

Various - 20th Century Rocks Volume One '50's Rock 'n Roll At The Hop (20 Super Hits featuring 20 different artists I suppose? From Dominion and K-Tel - this may be my first K-Tel album. But it does have "Blue Suede Shoes" by Carl Perkins, "Great Balls Of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis, ok I've heard of some of the rest of the artists but not sure about the songs, the 50's was a bit before my time - could always contribute to the mother out law but suspect there'll be a couple of tracks worth keeping)

Solomon Burke - The Definition Of Soul

DC Talk - Supernatural (Still in original shrink wrap)

There is a pile of vinyl at the Goodwill I haven't looked through in a while and a pile at the other place though it looks really beat up but I've found ratty looking covers with the vinyl in good to very good shape but still haven't played all of my vinyl acquisitions from last spring and summer [:$] Kind of waiting now to get one of those steam cleaners and practice on a couple of my old beater albums before I try it on a very clean looking disc.

Still kicking myself for not buying the whole bag of CDs from the yard sale a few weeks ago. All in very good condition. Could add ones I don't like to the trade pile but sometimes find some real musical gems.... though I did pretty much empty my wallet. Might've taken a lot less than a $1 a pop if I'd have bought the whole bag. They are all minty, maybe one cracked jewel box.

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Must be the season! Last weekend I picked up about forty LPs at a library book sale (I was the first one through the boxes---always on the floor--ouch!). I scored about 5 Jimmy Smith records (one a Blue Note), some Brubeck, Grateful Dead, Art Farmer, JJ Johnson (Blue Trombone), John Hiatt, Chet Baker, Mulligan, Getz, a Horace Silver Blue Note (Cape Verdean Blues), Dizzy, Shearing, etc. 50¢ a pop! Decent, listenable shape.

I used to check out quit a few LPs back in late high school college from our local library.

The pop and rock ones were often beat up pretty bad but jazz and other lesser loved genres were often minty and in many cases virgin vinyl. First to check out, brand spankin' new, unwrapped, tagged, and put on the shelf. Those were the days.

A few were different things, such as a disc of Klezmir music by the Klezmiran (mispelled for sure and maybe not even close) and a 2 disc set titled something like Indiana Ragtime. Both a lot of fun. Got some Stan Getz, maybe Gerry Mulligan, some John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, and a few other jazz greats and probably some lesser known. Most if not all the jazz albums were minty or virgin. Gave up on the pop / rock ones unless they were new or only checked out a few times as otherwise they were all scratched up and too doggone noisy. Though I think I did get to a few before the abusers got ahold of them.

And why I don't check out CD's from the local library? I'm sure most libraries have unloaded their vinyl by now... but need to check those library sales, never know what kind of gems they may practically give away that's been setting in a store room. Or some CDs such as the copy of Donald Fagen's "Morph The Cat" I just got from the local Goodwill from the local library. I think it was 1/2 price, $1.49. (maybe I should check with the library? maybe someone "borrowed" from the library and donated to the Goodwill? - I would think the libary would remove most of their tags? but it does have what looks to be discarded stamped in red on the disc so probably is legit)

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Librarys around here gave away their LPs years ago. When someone mentions library sales now, they are most likely referring to donated used books and records. They aren't records that the library used to lend out although a few do turn up now and then in those heavy plastic covers. They're almost always beat to death. We have one local library that sells these donated books and records out of their basement to raise money. All us record hounds know each other and I've made a few friends down in that basement over the years.

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Some CDs at a Pawn shop November 1st in Greensburg IN visiting the mother-out-law.

Eric Clapton - Unplugged

Various - Sounds Of The Eighties, The Rolling Stone Collection, 1980-1981 (A Time Life Compilation)

Various - Sounds Of The Eighties, The Rolling Stone Collection, 1982-1983 (A Time Life Compilation)

Various - Sounds Of The Eighties, The Rolling Stone Collection, 1987-1988 (A Time Life Compilation)

(the sounds of the 80's discs looked like too much fun to pass up.... too bad they didn't have the complete set - or maybe they did and I just dind't dig deep enough)

Also went back later with our youngest daughter after a stop at the bank machine as they had a nice (cosmetically dinged up but in good playable condition except the mouthpiece shank was pretty bad shape and just nasty) King Cleveland 605 trombone tagged for $89 - she is learning to play the baritone but wants to learn to play the trombone for jazz band and maybe even switch. She had stopped in and saw it when she and my wife went out for a walk and missed each other on the way back and started working me to go buy it before I even mentioned I found a trombone that looked to be playable. So figuring cash in hand is better than plastic we walked to the ATM and then to the pawn shop. Come back and said how much for cash and left with a trombone. The case needs some work also as it had been submerged. But it was an added bonus as we weren't even sure it had one.

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Picked up a couple of fun looking compilations from the Goodwill on the way home from picking up our Grand Caravan from the shop

Various - Billboard Top Hits - 1980 (I graduated high school in 1980 so this seemed like something I should have) on Rhino

Various - Living In Oblivion The 80's Greatest Hits Volume 2

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got a bag full of CDs from a local thrift shop returning to the office after getting a haircut Thursday. Most in really nasty boxes but the discs are in pretty good shape.

Various - Kohl's Cares for Kids Songs Of The Season 2001

George Benson - Big Boss Band (I already have this one so bought to put in the trade pile)

Spyro Gyra - Road Scholars

Various - 17 Frontline Classics

George Duke - After Hours

Barbra Streisand - The Concert

Various - The Best Of 2001 Dove Awards

Perry Como - Christmas With Pery Como (got this one for the mother out law)

Margaret Becker - Grace (another dup, for the mother out law or trade)

Will Downing & Gerald Albright - Pleasures Of The Night

Elton John - Made In England

Point of Grace - Life Love & Other Mysteries

Bebe & Cece - First Christmas

Various - 17 Frontline Rock Classics

Philip Bailey - Philip Bailey

Susan Ashton - A Distant Call

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A bag of CDs from the local Goodwill today... shopping for a business suit for our daughter for her Jr High play and killing time waiting on our older daughter to meet us for lunch...

A couple I'm sure that'll get more than a few plays or at least I think so... Passed on a copy of Bonnie Raitt's Longing In Their Hearts but I already have a copy.... doh... should be smart enough to pick up for trading or in case one of our girls wants a copy. A high percentage of the used CD's I've bought are like new though many need a new box and most of those are in good shape with a jewel case that's been beat to crap.

Neville Brothers - Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin / All My Relations

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot - The Swingin' Hits Of The Cherry Poppin' Daddies

John Mellencamp - The Lonesome Jubilee

Shelby Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne (after reading the comments in RIght This Minute and the link to the Shelby Lynne web site I'll be dissapointed if I don't really like it)

Don Henley - Inside Job

The Who - Tommy DOH! Only half the score I thought it was - Disc 1 of a 2 Disc set... [:'(] but still a score .. .now just to find disc 2 as cheap (yep, I'm cheap)

Harry Connick Jr - To See You (this one for the mother out law)

Anita Baker - Compositions

Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody

Kim Hill - Hope No Matter What

Dang. Don't have enough new jewel boxes. I almost ordered some in bulk when ordering some rice paper sleeves the other day but they're cheaper at the local Meijer though they only have the ones with the clear inserts. Not a problem as usually that part is in good shape.

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3 CDs today from the local Salvation Army. Visits to the local Goodwill Store has been much better lately.

Michael W Smith - Go West Young Man

Michael W Smith - Christmas ( I think this is a duplicate so will probably end up in the trade / gift pile)

Manhatten Transfer - Spirit Of St Louis

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Last week, got the out-of-print EP "Rude Girls Ride Free" by the Taxis at the local Goodwill

They were a ska band out of Portland, Maine ten years ago.

$1.99 at half of, turned out to be $1.05 with sales tax.

There was some interesting items at the Goodwill, I'll have to check in on occasion.

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A couple from a local pawn shop on the way home from work.

Patti Scialfa - Rumble Doll

Various Windham Hill Artists - The White Album A Windham Hill Collection (naturally I first saw The White Album before the Windham Hill part) should be good to mellow out to ... "The White Album is a musical celebration of snow ... " so music to make snow angels to I guess

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A few CDS from the Goodwill in my mother-out-laws town on the eve of Thanksgiving on the way to Wally World to get a couple of ethernet cables and some batteries Thanksgiving eve...

Boccherini - Four Symphonies G515, 517, 518, 520 - London Festival Orchestra, Ross Pople on Hyperion (not at all familiar with Boccherini....)

John Knight and Andy Street - Gypsy Nights - Gypsy Music For The New Millenium (I thought this was by the Gypsy Kings - anyway, it sounds interesting)

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (has a 3b with an e in the b, all in a circle) - My oldest daughter said she'd like it so may be for the girls

Marvin Chandler & The Jack Gilfoy Quartet - When A Child Is Born - Christmas Jazz in a Spiritual Mode

Reverend (retired) Marvin Chandler - Piano & Vocals

Jack Gilfoy - Leader, Drums, & Percussion

Jon Block & Steve Dokken - Bass

Dan Hughey - Trombone

Everett Greene and the 2nd Baptist Church Choir of Bloomington Indiana

Produced & Engineered by Jack Gilfoy

Design & Production by Sue Gilfoy

Recorded in 2002 at Zion Evengelical United Church of Christ, Witherspoon Presbyterian Church, and Second Presbyterian Church, all in Indianapolis.

(included the musicians in case any of the Indy folks have seen any of the performers live.... )

Liner quote by Reverend Marvin Chandler (please forgive typos...)

I believe that Christmas is for everyone, and while the Christmas story is a beautiful story, within the context of Christian theology and Christian history it becomes exclusionary. That bothers me because I feel the birth of a child is a univeresal experiencee and its message affirms all people. Whether their eyes are blue, brown or black or have folds at the corners, whether their skins are brown, white or black: they all hold the promise and possibility of innocense and purity. This innocense and its potential for a better tomorrow inspires the title & theme of this album and the words and music of its title song -
When A Child Is Born

additional rambling..... getting past my bed time

.And yet another Christmas CD ... we've got a pile and pretty
eclectic, espcially if include the LPs...and I"ve picked up 2 to 4 "new" for this year.

A favorite tradition is to
pop in Amy Grant's A Christmas Album when we hit Tennessee, the
first track being "Tender Tennessee Christmas" when we drive to vist
the father-out-law in Florida... that began when one Christmas morning
we decided why not go to Florida as the in laws were flying on the 26th
and the lived in Indiana. We were eating breakfast and thought out loud maybe we should go, why not, could pick up some underwear and some warm weather clothes the girls would need for spring anyway. We didn't have to be back to work or the kids back to school until
after New Year's day. Piled the gifts in the corner and hit the road
... finally called our neighbor from I think it was Calhoun Georgia
along I-75, uh could y'all check up on the pets.... as we chowed down
on some of the best cheeseburgers at a truck stop we still recognize or
have recently - understaffed, the dirty dishes piling up, but manythose were good cheeseburgers (it was 7:30 or later and we hadn't eaten since breakfast ).
One of the best trips we ever had - no pretrip stressing over packing
and everyone was giddy at least half of the way there.... ) so "Tender
Tennessee Christmas" hits the CD player as soon as we're in Tennessee
and previous disc has completed.... and has every year since... which is most years as Pap as the girls call their grandfather has lived in Florida full time for several years now. Jimmy Buffet's Songs You Know By Heart is
cued up when we hit Florida when travelin south...T

Time to hit the sack but I'm not too tired and SWMBO and St
Ruth (SWMBO's mother) pretty much don't allow me in the kitchen.... so no need to get up too early Thanksgiving morning.

We (myself with assitance from Alea our youngest daugher)
grilled the turkey on the Weber (indirect heat with drip pan full of water / broth maybe some spices so more like roasting) 2 or maybe three years - but it was a lot prettier,
and tastier, and got more compliments than St Ruth's anemic, by comparison, oven roasted bird so that was stopped ..... even left our old Weber at their
house with a new grate to get rid of the excuse of dragging it with us
on our 2-1/2 hour trip was too much trouble and still haven't been
allowed to grill the turkey. Her grandaughter practically begged. She even fixed one in one of those little electric
roasters one year along with the oven and uses that every year since though down to one bird. Guess I shouldn't have fixed it for her but she probably would've just bought a new one.

I'm sure the ancient Swedish
tradition of boiling the mesquite cooking wood in her expensive
cookware didn't go over too welll... (no one ever questioned that
tradition lol ... and I'm the nut case?) though it smells really good
and I'm thinking that boiling the mesquite may get some of the
tarry goo out of it.. We normally cook the bird with mixture of
charcoal briquettes and mesquite (boiled of course). Oil it up, inject it full of chicken broth and let it roast. Fire
always started with a chimney starter and/or parafiin starters once I discover the chimney starter. Can't stand the petroleum based stuff as it leaves a nasty after taste and really ruins
any leftovers - I think we did one that way before I discovered the
chimney starter - that may have been the 20 lb beast my brother and I
grilled when we lived in TX. Just wasn't good cold. (I do miss the, um, pyrotechnic aspects for charcoal lighter fluid...)

My youngest daugher says her grandfather
said we could grill a turkey
for Christmas though he only has a gas grilll so he may be getting a
Weber for Christmas... and I've still yet to try smoking a turky (how
do you light it?). Getting the urge to boil some mesquite. May have to for my brother's New Year's eve party but we're usually doing pretty well to get there (northern Indiana) having spent a few days after Christmas in Florida. Been a party in our family's home probably every year since it was built in 1950 except New Years Eve 1997 when everyone was sick. Dad passed away in February of 1998 so it's not quite the same but I'll go if I can as long as Mike keeps having them. Pretty boring. Sit around and eat, play some cards or a few games, eat, watch some TV, and talk, eat, and mostly talk though many of the old neighbors have passed away or just don't make it anymore - and the traditional ringing of the church bell at midnight though forgot to get the key, and then the wrong key the last couple of years. Kind of fun now that I'm older to watch the kids do it and the surprise of people who are hearing a bell rang rather than clanged for the first time is always a lot of fun... (those old church bells really ring if you allow them to ....)

(rivaling Coytee for book length posts though I think his usually stay on topic or have a topic...)

Happy Thanksgiving All!

My prayers are that Rob and his family can enjoy this Thanksgiving together, if not many more, at least this one.

Thinking of OB makes the quote from the new Christmas CD liner all the more meaningful... we are all God's children.

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A bag of CDs from a pawn shop in the mother-out-law's town on Black Friday (I'm starting to think I'm the only one buying music on the cheap anymore or at least admitting it.....)

Freddy Mercury - The Great Pretender

Eric Clapton - The Cream Of Eric Clapton

Jim Brickman - Picture This

Picked this one up for my mother-out-law as I thought she'd like it, she did though it had issues on 1 track which is a little surprised as it was still wrapped in cellophane

Patti LaBelle - Gems

Luciano Pavarotti - Pavarotti In Hyde Park

Ted Nugent - The Best Of Ted Nugent Great Gonzos

Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars The Best Of Enya

Various - Woman To Woman My Mother My Friend - Another one for my mother-out-law or maybe my wife or maybe my wife to give to her mother

Led Zeppelin - 4 Compact Disc Set (don't see a title really other than 4 Compact Disc Set following Led Zeppelin)

4 Discs in a box with an LP sized booklet with a double sided poster

The lady wworking there brought over a handful of CDs to put out, including the Enya one above. Then she came with this and a Nirvan set in a metal box. Guess I'm getting cheap but I'm not as familiar with Nirvana as I should be and I'm not sure I wanted to plunk down $20 for 4 CDs (their normal price is 4 for $10) but couldn't pass on the Led Zeppelin as only 2 or 3 albums on LP and none on CD

Then after I get home I was reading a link I think Seti had posted in which he had posted Oldbuckster's avatar to a thread titled CDs sound better than vinyl...

Here's OB's reply to a post by DizRotus mentioning his Led Zeppelin boxed set.


also let vinyl horse escape. Vinyl is a pain in the butt,to short, to

noisey, and I am to old to play Disc Jockey. You pay top dollar for an

albumn that is warped, won't track, and everytime you play it, you are

wearing it down, no matter how light you set the tracking pressure. You

will never prove to me that LP's sound better than CD's. In my younger

days I had hundreds of LP's untill I bought a CD player, and the Led

Zeppelin box set, GOODBYE LP's. No tics, No pops, just Music the way it

should be, and was intended to be. Don't you hate it when an Lp skips,

or better yet taking back a warped record only to get another record,

and it's warped too?

I have many friends that just love vinyl, and I

know I'll get beat up on this forum about it, because I don't. It's all

about choice, and if vinyl happens to be yours, Rock on brothers, and

every time your record skips, tics ,or pops, think kindly of me.

... I'm sure Rob'll be smilin' if one could look down on us left behind everytime my eyes well up when my record skips (mine typically don't), tics or pops ...

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