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Digitizing vinyl *shudder*


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Yes, MR-1. I don't leave anything on it, as it only has 20gb. Plenty for a session whether live or vinyl, but not enough (nor secure enough) for long term. You get a nice piece of software called Audiogate with it that does a lot of nice things, the most important being the ability to play these files directly through your soundcard from the server/PC. Downside is that the Korg acts a dongle and the software don't work unless it is physically present. This MAY be some issue with the idiots that hold rights to the SACD format or it may be just cheesy bastards. If you mainly leave it connected not a real problem. Also, you CAN transcode to any PCM format (to my ears) losslessly except for what the lower PCM rates can't handle.

I think it's the best thing ever to happen in digital and opens the way for the diehard analog guys to get along with the devil.

I love it!


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Soooo...as I understand it ,A great Korg MR-1 based workflow to digitize vinyl would be

1. Turntable to preamp with a DBX 4BX in the tape loop

2. preamp out to Korg MR-1....to record

3. sync Korg MR-1 to computer via USB and transfer files to an external dedicated drive.

4. use software such as soundforge or adobe whatever...to clean up any hiss, clicks pops...and convert to whichever format pleases and save as separate file.

5. Pull "clean converted" files into organizing software such as itunes or whatever

6. Burn to disk if desired

The korg sounds like a great little solution that would bypass the need for a high end sound card/dac etc..and the hard drive in the korg would act as a back up drive temporarily until you are sure your files are safe and secure on another server/drive.....

watch out if this catches on someone will try to market a $3000 gold tipped audiophile grade USB cord [6]

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You got it, chief. Only hitch is that you have to transcode to PCM for Sound Forge or whatever, as I am not aware of anything us common folk can afford that will handle 1 bit, 2.8mhz native.

I've always felt that keeping an unprocessed master was a good idea anyway.


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