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    Are you sure you didn't confuse Likes with warning points?
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    If someone Likes a post it shows on the post that was liked who Liked it. Also in your profile it shows the number of Likes you have and if you put your curser over a username a popup comes up which contains different info that number just above Find content is the number of Likes that user has, right now you have 5 Likes.
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    yes. that is exactly what it is.
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    What does this do? Does it add to a posters reputation for a good post or something?
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    Amy would be in trouble if I was 50 years younger but yes.......the girlfriend is a sweetheart to put up with me. Good point Rich_Guy
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    This guy has obviously spent a great deal of time and effort on these, but it's too bad he used cheap drivers and who knows what other components. The crossovers sure look pretty elaborate, though. Over 500 lbs each, wow!! He's been trying to sell them for a month or so, and I seriously doubt anyone is going to pay 5 grand for them... http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/4188399292.html
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    With all the craziness in the world, this inspires me for some reason. People on both sides, musicians and spectators, seen to be truly enjoying themselves. The girl that dropped the first coins is almost dumbstruck. If you have your computer hooked up to your system, turn it up LOUD. http://www.amazingoasis.org/2013/11/best-coin-ever-spent.html
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    better not let the girlfriend &/or wife know about that 'heel
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    Amy gave me my first one. Think she is kinda sweet on me
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    I gave one to every post here...
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    Thank you for explaining it to me.
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    Where does it show someones reputation?
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    You are correct but thats not a big deal. This can easily happen when the tophats are removed for easy transport and them being put back on the wrong bass cabinet. The first pic doesnt appear to be an 81 Khorn. The grill is wrong and the tophat just doesnt look right. I am going to say this pic is of a 50's Prima Vera Khorn. There was one for sale here on the forum awhile back.
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    Has anyone heard anything out of Ben, or know how to contact him? I know he lives in or near Kokomo, Indiana, and he hasn't posted since a couple days before the hurricane hit that area hard. I'd like to know that he and his family are OK...
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    Thank you very much, that's great to hear!!
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    Well, we have folks here doing strange and interesting things with their loudspeakers. It's nice to know where you need to lift or drop if you're applying PEQ or playing with an LCR in a passive - tough to do if the only thing you have is a curve from the marketing department. But then I guess the right way should be with in-room measurements anyway.
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    Do you have the wire chart, or graphs, that are correct? Your statement is worthless as is. Inertion Loss = 20* log [ (Rload / (Rload + Rcable) ] Damping Factor = ZL / Zs Speaker Impedance 8 Ohm Load 4 Ohm Load Wire Gauge Distance (ft) Distance (ft) 18 AWG 10 5 16 AWG 20 10 14 AWG 35 18 12 AWG 60 30 10 AWG 100 50
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    I finally found it. The Klipsch cartridge doc. http://itishifi.blogspot.com/2013/11/pwk-and-hiroaki-hibino-phono-cartridges.html
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    You can get vintage spec sheets here: http://www.klipsch.com/product-literature Here's the 1978 KHorn Spec Sheet (We don't have one from '77 on file) - sorry, no graphs on it though... http://images.klipsch.com/Spec_780300_KH_635164929750160000.pdf
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    Cuban Coffee, Cigars & RUM All Around!!!
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