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  1. Now you are just speaking a foreign language.
  2. Well, that may be just perception. Actually, there are fewer sub-forums now than there were before the migration. There really hasn't been THAT much change in forum structure otherwise. And, I'm looking at the stats and new topics/posting numbers are at the highest since April 2013. Always gotta consider ebb-flow. I'll be keeping my eyes on the stats over the next few months to see how things work out. Thanks for your concern though!
  3. I'm investigating some edge cases of forum search results being incomplete. Wanted everyone to be aware.
  4. I think maybe that's an over-reaction, but I already did, kinda. No worries everyone. I'm going to take a step back and work more "behind the scenes", and less "in your face".
  5. Chad

    Thanks, Chad!

    Thanks guys. I'm going to lock this thread because I feel a little weird about it. I appreciate the appreciation though.
  6. I can see this all the way at the bottom. Unless it's an admin thing only? It's not an admin only thing. I think what he's talking about is showing the online tag right next to the member name everywhere, which frankly would just clutter everything up. There are already other ways to see who is currently online. Yes this is how it always was and it was much nicer to know who was ONLINE without having to search to find out Not next to the members name but somewhere under the members avatar like at the bottom below the number of posts for that member. Now I understand. You got it.
  7. I thank everyone for their input. I'm nothing if not fair (yeah I'm a programmer, but I like to think I'm a little different from most )... My request wasn't meant as a law or anything like that. Merely a suggestion by someone who has managed large forum communities in the past and knows what is likely to work well. Not all online communities are identical (thank heavens), and we love ours. Carry on, y'all.
  8. Spoooooky iPad and Glasses! And iPad Cover Flipping Action!
  9. I get it. But consider this: A random visitor who has never been to the Klipsch Forums before lands here. He has a general question about a Klipsch product that he can't remember the name of, only vaguely the timeframe of when it was on the market. First thing he does is go to the General Klipsch Questions & Info forum, to see if anyone might be talking about something similar, maybe he can learn something. Imagine his confusion when, while expecting a bunch of topics about Klipsch products/history/what-have-you, he sees: And immediately gets turned off to the forums and leaves. So, instead of a potential thread and conversation about something relevant to the sub-forum (where others would benefit), we get nothing. Or, we could just keep things noisy, thereby reducing the chance of forum growth.
  10. Here's a tip, the forums are divided into categories. Announcements Klipsch Home Audio Klipsch Personal Audio Klipsch Pro Audio & Touring Electronics Other Areas of Interest Klipsch Website Use the categories as guidelines for what is in the forums contained within. This is really how most good forum communities (avsforum.com for a familiar example) work. And as Amy said, nothing is set into stone. Some forums may be combined over time, or separated out, depending on how things go organically. For instance, this morning I combined the Computer and Gaming forums.
  11. http://www.nsa.gov/public_info/contacts/
  12. neither have I... but it's definitely not coming from our server. You may want to scan for malware.
  13. Hi gang, You may have noticed a bunch of topics here and in some of the other forums with a left arrow next to them. That means the topic has been moved. Most of the threads like that have been moved to the Off Topic forum, because that's where they belong. The left-arrow threads are temporary placeholders that link to the thread in its new home. (The placeholders disappear after 14 days to keep things tidy) You can help your fellow Audio nut by keeping your topics here and in the other forum relevant to the Forum Title. This particular forum is for general Klipsch questions that don't fit in the other, more specific forums. It helps us by not having to move so many. Thanks for your help. Chad EDIT: Since this seems to be a controversial subject to some (I'm not really sure why it's SO controversial, but I digress), I though I'd open it up to a poll to get a general consensus. It's an unscientific poll, mind you.... So vote away!
  14. the answer to this question (in regards to Parrot at least) is no.
  15. When posting a new Topic, you can use Topic Tags to help categorize things. This helps you and others easily find similar posts by clicking tags in the sidebar on the forum index page. It also helps with searching. You can add a little more awesomeness by making the first tag entered on the topic be the topic tile prefix, like I've done in this very topic. That prefix shows up on topic lists. Pretty cool, huh?
  16. If you find you cannot log in even after following the instructions on the Login form about resetting your password, here's what you can try (in this order): Check your email spam folder. Add "forums-no-reply@klipsch.com" to your email contacts Try again and wait at least an hour. If all else fails, email me directly at chad(dot)wells (at) klipsch (dot) com from the email account you used to sign up with.
  17. I suspect there is a version-feature compatibility mismatch between Windows and Outlook. What a pain. Windows 7 was and still is very stable. Are you able to upgrade to that? I think you can still buy that at various places online such as Newegg.com. http://www.newegg.com/Operating-Systems/SubCategory/ID-368
  18. I can see this all the way at the bottom. Unless it's an admin thing only? It's not an admin only thing. I think what he's talking about is showing the online tag right next to the member name everywhere, which frankly would just clutter everything up. There are already other ways to see who is currently online.
  19. Guys, he's not banned. Not sure why you think he is.
  20. I've just added this gallery category. Show off your Home Theater setups! As an experiment, I've also added a preview section just below the "Home theater" forum on the main index.
  21. Make sure Firefox is set as your default web browser In firefox, choose Tools>Options>Advanced and click the button that says "Make Firefox the default browser" . You can also fine-tune what it opens by default by going into your Control Panel in Windows and Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Default Programs. Choose Firefox from the left column and choose "Choose Defaults for this program". From there you can change the settings. IMO, Google Chrome seems to be the best of the 3 major browsers in terms of speed and stability. YMMV though. As far as IE, the web developer in me HATES IE for many reasons. However, they really have improved it with version 10+.
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