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  1. yea, sounds exactly like what I heard, i.e. Rodger Waters has a pair, he also mentioned a couple other high profile clients, which of course raised my interest. But it also raises my BS alert system too.
  2. My hearing's been getting increasingly worse and as of lately I've been thinking it's about time a try a pair. Damage is mostly to my left ear, I blame shooting but have been known to play my music loud on occassion... usually when driving alone long distances. Anyway, some years back I had a client who was also a dr. who recommended the brand "Starkey". He also sold them so I think he could be a tad bit bias. We didn't discuss the subject in depth, only in passing and out of my interest in his work. I have tinnitus (high pitch ringing), been that way all my life, though the level or degree has not always been constant... I assume it varies with the environment I'm in... don't really know, don't think about it too much, never had..... use to assume it was normal for everybody, but what the hell do I know. Anyone have experience with different hearing aids brands, types, etc..... What kind did you find most comfortable, e.g. in-ear, semi-in-ear, behind ear. My biggest concern is amplifying unwanted sounds, want to zero-in on normal conversations. Lately I've been asking "What ?", "How's that ?" too often during normal convesation.
  3. Those are very nice paintings indeed, I like them both.... and I think you're over due on the visit with your friend. San Diego's a long haul, but it's Spring time and that makes for good road trip weather and sight seeing. Father time waits for no one, give your buddy a shout.
  4. I think she traveled over there to get laid... that's what some of the paintings would indicate to me that she did special for the sucker, I mean new boyfriend.
  5. I have a client that flew me to Villahermosa, Mx 3 yrs ago. He owns a talapia farm with the plan to convert to single axis solar farm. The smeling the water and the surrounding conditions surrounded/isolated by jungle with Banana plantations not too far away (they used the processed scraps for fertilizer) I wouldn't eat farm raised anything. Absolutely disgusting, and the processing plant made me want to puke, could last 3 min. in that place, and the owner just laughed. I've been in some nasty-*** places like East Texas chicken farms (egg producers) to inspect semi-collapsed metal bldg's.... I use to think that was the nastiest job until the trip to Mexico...... those egg farms are not even close to what I saw. Just fk'ing gross as hell.
  6. Gilbert

    Beechcraft desk

    Ha, that's my kind of doctor... he's clearly got a sense of humor. The V-tail Bonanza's share a dubious distinction with the 930 Turbo's.... they're both referred to as "Flying Doctor Killers". Curious, but does he have a piece of furniture made from the whale-tail from on old 930 Turbo?
  7. BAD SANTA, but only the family friendly version; uncut, unfiltered, non-pasturized, non-homoginized and unshaved like a good Italian woman's armpits.
  8. that's just brutal.... it's not wonder S. Tex gets so many snow birds. They stack-up around the lakes, and coastal hot-spots, the RV parks are filled.
  9. Another cold one for South Texas, but at least there's some good news reported down in Port Mansfield....
  10. Yea, it hit Dave hard...... the lost of a child will wreak havoc on family..... My sister lost one of her daughter's,... darling Krista, she was only 8 or 9 yrs. old at the time.... my sister's marriage lasted less than 10 yrs before things ended in divorce. The circumstances were horrible, she accidently ran over her own daughter while at the ranch..... 45 or 50 rough as hell country road miles from the nearest hospital.... it wouldn't have mattered if the hospital was 5 sec. away.... it was bad.
  11. Exactly.... I engoy a good scotch... neat or with the classic round boulder (per McCallan's recommendation)..... blended or single malt, depending on mood. I also enjoy cigars (cheap rum punches or my fav. go-to padron), but usually when I'm fishing / at camp during a hunting trip / or on the links. I rarely smoke at home, unless I'm on the riding mower.
  12. She's from reportedly from Colombia and spent quite a bit of time in Europe before coming back to the states (she had married an American early in life, who passed away, after which she hauled *** to Europe). she's sleeping with a former client (no current projects going on), who's also extremely wealty. His family owns a pharmaceutical co...... funny story, to me and the contractor atleast.... he divorced his ex (who was/is a lawyer) and reportedly had to shell out over $20 mil. He's now shaked up with the artist (she's actually at his place), so I think that's were the $$$ for her art goes crazy.... but in all honesty I really don't know for certain. She's got a pretty serious gallery, but nothing is marked. You have to ask about the price, at which point I think they look at what kind of car your drove up in. I've never given a tinker's damn (as my late pop would say) about anyone's opinion when it comes to buying something. I'm your typical anal engineer and research the crap out of anything and everything I buy that's of value. My research of course will sometimes involve asking questions of others, but in the end, if I spend the coins, you can bet it's because I love it.
  13. Gilbert


    It was sooooo close, but no cigar. 😉
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