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  1. What's most impressive about DrWho's posts are that they are almost always detailed, well-thought, and chock-full of fact and valuable information. They're also almost always quite long and verbose... =P
  2. Jay, make sure you post your thoughts. I'm ultra-curious as to know how the new Reference flagships sound. Kinda bittersweet, since I own 2 pairs of RF7's...
  3. I know for a fact that Skonopa (Steven) is.
  4. Hey THXSubwoofers, I didn't know you lived in Hawaii. I was just there a week ago, visiting my family since I am originally from there. Oahu, that is. In Manoa, 5 minutes from Punahou School (where I attended). Where do you live?
  5. The action scenes we boys will like are all of David Cronenberg's classically relentless, no-holds-barred, in-your-face sequences of brutal violence. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and felt that it carried a lot of weight in terms of its examination of the human psyche and how intertwined, positively and negatively, it can become with your family and those close to you when under sudden, extreme circumstances.
  6. How do you post a picture so that it shows up in the thread? And how did the thread go from pictures of people to houses full of dogs? (not that I mind, I love them and own a Border Collie myself)
  7. In Atlanta, you say? Hmm...that might be in the cards then, since it'll give me an excuse to visit my brother who now works at Emory Hospital down there, along with dropping in on my ex who now hates my guts...
  8. I've been out of it recently, and I can't suggest anything I've bought recently this week either, because I've been out of the "music-buying phase" as of late. Trying to save up the funds for a rainy day, you know? Although there is a mighty interesting article about Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" recording in the latest issue of Stereophile that, if read, would help you gain a much deeper appreciation for the record.
  9. Layer Cake is a GREAT MOVIE. I've rarely seen a "beat-up" scene (involving Morty) that so accurately reflected what it's like to get the living hell knocked out of you. The editor certainly edits from experience... By the way, "Swingers" was directed by Doug Liman, not Guy Ritchie (Madonna's husband).
  10. That is awesome! I love NIN! Especially the song "starf__kers!" Take any sweet pics?
  11. Hey Steve, having just come out of a Dream Theater concert last night, I'm MOS DEF in the mood for more prog. metal! But...where will this concert be held? Somewhere in the midwest? South? East coast? I seem to remember it wasn't on the West coast...?
  12. MEAGAIN - glad you liked my Depeche Mode rec. Anytime you need suggestions for good music, I'm all ears. ROCKBOBMEI - You would've loved the show. The entire 3-song encore set was from the album "Images and Worlds."
  13. Believe me, the sound was even more earth-shaking than the light show.
  14. It was also funny how, when it came "encore time," instead of everyone holding out lighters, everyone busted out their cell phones to illuminate the otherwise cavernous-black auditorium. The place lit up from all those tiny LCD screens like a flame-thrower in a dungeon! THAT'S how you know we're in the 21st century...
  15. All taken with my camera-phone, unfortunately. They didn't allow cameras, so I had to sneak these in.
  16. The show was amazing. 3 straight hours (well ok, not counting a 15 minute intermission where the men's bathroom line was out the door! There were only like, 2 women at the whole show!) of a progressive journey from their humble beginnings in 1992 all the way to 2005. During each song they'd flash (on the 3 HUGE projection monitor behind them) images of that particular year, album cover, and their band photos at the time. Everyone from Derek Sherinian to Jordan Ruddess, John Petrucci to James LaBrie all in their full, leather-clad metal glory... The sound system at the Hollywood Pantages theater was amazing, the booze was flowing, and the crowd was as diverse as candy is at The Sweet Factory. Skater high-schoolers, collegiate prepsters, middle-aged hippies, Nascar-cap-touting families from Houston, clubgoers from Vegas... ...All walks of life. It was awesome stuff.
  17. At the Hollywood Pantages Theater. Just thought y'all prog metalheads would like to know. =)
  18. I actually haven't upgraded or touched a single thing in my system for over a year now. It used to be I couldn't go a month without swapping something out. I'm amazed with myself.
  19. Nothing too fancy. A Graham's Six Grapes, bout $20 a bottle.
  20. Dried mango and 10-year port.
  21. Portishead, Muse, Radiohead, Dream Theater, Interpol, Queens of the Stone Age, My Morning Jacket. By the way, Keith... Checked out your website... VERY SLICK.
  22. i don't know if it's because I'm currently on my herbal medicine, but that brief conversational tangent from food to weight to chainsaws to tractors was absorbing.
  23. Hey Karl, I see you're on here as well as Club Parasound... You ARE the Kyle from Club Parasound, right...? Just thought I'd say wassup. And yes. THe RF5's are a significantly better speaker.
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