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  1. I think I paid $30 for the 200 gram lp of TMonk with Coltrane live. I had no problems with that.
  2. I am not sure but the animals and war both did it? The common denominator was Eric Burdon? I did not guess the song so no challenge from me.
  3. So the fate of the next HT format rests with a game playing machine? (Smithers, release the hounds)
  4. Read Fortissimo's post on the Return to Klipsch thread. Then find some Forte II's or move on up the line. Try not to have them shipped, there are too many horror stories about damage.
  5. Er, well you know you can JB, just not with the same equipment.....
  6. Welcome! It's good to have another FII owner on board.
  7. Yes, for speaker cables, it's just for reference. At least that's what I've been told by one great manufacturer and a couple of dealers whom I consider to be very knowledgeable. So, I suggest doing what is most convenient. I have heard speaker cables not sound their best for a day or two if their direction is reversed. Interconnects seem to be a different story for the reason I described above. Although -- Siltech believes the opposite from what I described! I have reversed the direction of my Siltechs and can tell no difference whatever (after they settle in again). The main thing seems to be that, in I/C's whose shield is separate from the signal conductors, the shield is grounded at one end, not both. But even that directivity may not be a big deal. Larry So is it belief or do you take it as fact? I ask because you say you have heard a difference regarding speaker cables.
  8. Having seen neither demonstrated, I won't vote. I will say that I have been disappointed in Sony products due to quality and user-friendly (not) issues in recent years.
  9. Mike, you know you could never abandon your Hasselblads! Heresy!
  10. What's so funny about it? There's no story any anything behind it. It's just old and some of the varnish has worn off over the years. [:|] I guess it is the orange blossom print on what looks to be a granny type rocker. Maybe in Florida it's too common for the humor to be appreciated.
  11. What an animal! No one could dislike a rig like that. Colter, now I have to pull out my Matching tie and Handkerchief album and play the third side.....
  12. Chops, that chair is a riot! There has to be some kind of story behind it.
  13. Sorry to rain on the parade, but I am of the Soprano's school where Tony's guy from Italy tells the doctor on the course: golf is a stupid-a-f---ing game. Lol.
  14. if it was that old before being bottled it is a big deal. If the bottle is only old after being bought a long time ago then it means little. usually old whiskey which is aged at the distillery then bottled will tell you so on the label and will fetch a price accordingly.
  15. That's high to me. Quartets should go for around 400 and kg4's for a hundred or more less.
  16. Usually whatever I have at the time, but my favorites tend towards: Shiner, any variety (beer) Courvoissier single malt scotch red wine from cheap Italian to fabulous Burgundies vodka, usually Grey Goose or Absolut in an extremely dry martini Irish whiskey Well, those are the favorites anyway, I like champagne too but usually don't drink it while listening to music......
  17. Sympathetic and para-sympathetic vibrations? Is it worse at some speeds compared to others?
  18. Maine should start declining penalties....Two short-handed goals against in a row!
  19. Something like this was posted about a month ago in a spelling thread. Way more than 55 people can read it. Good one JT.
  20. You can't see the key or the time signature, and the notes are blurry.
  21. Is Zeppelin too obvious? Or not considered heavy metal? I'll throw in Whole Lotta Love.
  22. Hey, another Dentonite on the forum! (Denton Texas, it's more than just where Brad and Janet got married!)
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