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  1. My first cd player was very similar, it was a Magnavox 6 disc with the cartridge for the discs, maybe mid 80s, worked great, till it was stolen.
  2. "I would love to spit some Beechnut in that dudes eye and shoot em with my old 45, a country boy can survive... Hank Jr.
  3. All seriousness, a freind of mine has the JW/scout combo, it is a world class performer, great choice. I kind of wish I had spent the extra 700.00 for it when I purchased my MH MMF-7. Oil-er up!
  4. Sweet burban! I had a nice 83 white burb on 44" swampers with a big block 2 years back, had alot of fun with my kids going to the mud hole on sundays, now I waste my money on this audio stuff.
  5. Congrats on a great deal! Are they the 1 or 2s?
  6. Current listenig room. I demo'd the Manley stuff And am back to solid state, these speakers need HUGE amounts of current.
  7. Try a tube pre amp, your soundstage will open up. Have a turntable?
  8. Try a tube pre amp, your soundstage will open up. Have a turntable?
  9. If you want do do alot of finishing in a hurry, check into a Graco Hydromax 350, 4.0 Gal min @3900 psi.
  10. ---------------- On 9/30/2004 3:45:05 PM bclarke421 wrote: Having just committed to an almost-new Scout, I'm trying to get a jump on the thought process of placement issues. Any experiences you guys may have had would be appreciated. My initial idea is wall mount to studs on outside wall, with a layer of sorbothane under each spike and the motor assembly. Also, a layer of granite or wood or something between the sorbo and the mount itself, just for mass. I'm also thinking that it might be a good idea to place something hard between the cones and the soft sorbothane, but that would defeat the function of the cones, too... Boy, they're purty, though... http://www.vpiindustries.com/images/ariesscout_main.gif" border=0> ---------------- I would treat your wood floor with Boiled Linseed Oil, no question about it!
  11. Nice setup! I would be afraid to turn it up though, to many fancy collecables that could break if they shake.
  12. ---------------- On 9/15/2004 8:52:54 PM MrMcGoo wrote: Expensive cables and interconnects are usually a waste of money. The advice to go with plain 12 ga. copper speaker wire is good advice. It is better than 16 ga. due to the impedance dips exhibited by many speakers. As the impedance goes lower, the larger ga. copper speaker wire makes it easier for an amp to supply the needed current. The one interconnect that benefits the most from better quality is a component video cable. The bandwidth that must be transmitted is measured in megahertz. Hence, up to a point, better cables will give a better picture. Bill ---------------- LOL!
  13. Spades are the best. They have the MOST contact area, and you can really tourque them down.
  14. radiob

    Monster amps?

    Are they built by Sully and Googly Bear?
  15. ---------------- On 9/27/2004 9:36:18 PM Wardsweb wrote: Not only do the speakers sound great with a 2A3 SET amp but they make a nice display pedestal too. http://wardsweb.org/misc/2A3_Klipsch.jpg"> ---------------- Nice bottleheads, Have the CS upgrade in them? How about the TJ meshplates?
  16. ---------------- On 9/27/2004 10:39:38 PM mike stehr wrote: Anyone have some Sovtek 2A3's they may wanna part with? ---------------- I have a pairIll part with, however the TJ meshplates or NOS blackplates sound waaaay better.
  17. ---------------- On 9/24/2004 5:21:03 PM nicholtl wrote: Yeah, one of my friends runs a Polk setup and it rocks till 6 in the morn. ---------------- Do they still play after 6 in the morning? or do they stop working?
  18. Where is the Divorced Fat Women going to be? Its been awhile......
  19. A-B-A comparison the sattelite radio to a Music Hall MMf-7 or a VPI Scout turntable sometime, youll hear the music your missing in the "New Technology"
  20. ---------------- On 9/26/2004 9:51:31 PM Shaggy and Scooby wrote: Well I'm sure they are klf 20's because I looked at the back. I think they are later models because of the serial number tag. I forgot to look at the serial itself. I put them on layaway no truck to haul them at the time. And they will be hauled home in a fiberglass covered bed on blankets. For you guys who were worried. The guy gave me a 7 day money back warranty. I'll be getting rid of my promedia 4.1's now. Letting my ksb's take there place. Any takers on the promedias pm me. One has a missing grill and a dented cone. I made 18 gauge wires for them also. Now how to sneak these past the wife ---------------- Congrats! You will not be disapointed upgrading to the KLF 20 from the 4.1s. Now look for a tube intergraded amp or tube pre with tube amp, youll be on your way to a wonderful sound.
  21. ---------------- On 9/27/2004 3:50:32 AM 007 wrote: Well, I’m glad to see everyone here interested in cutting edge music technology.... WTF guys, you have like $10k systems and you don’t care about sat radio? What is this, the house of 8-tracks and record albums you ****ing dinosaurs! Just remember your klipschies wont be allowed in your nursing homes. ---------------- You have never heard a high end turntable. cd,shcd,dvd,hdcd, sirus,virus,xm,WTF? The LP kills them all in sonic quality, and the media can be had from .99 cents.
  22. Buy a use sunfire cinima grand and be done with it.
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