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  1. My bet is that he is getting hitched and the to be wife says that it has to go. Could you imagine setting that up before she gets home LOL...... Wonder how much they want for the horns?
  2. Yeah this was on ebay a while back I have seen this link off and on for a while and yeah where are the bloody klipsch : ) but at least there are horns..... I would think they would have been better off splitting it up and selling it on ebay if they really think it's worth 21K. Finding someone to purchase all at once would be a hell of a chore...
  3. ---------------- On 9/13/2004 5:54:19 PM Speedball wrote: Really interesting dude...... I hear tubes go well if not fantastic with the Klipsch. Gosh I'm really tempted to try something like that..maybe I should spill soda in one of my recievers to show the Mrs. we really need something like that. ..... ---------------- No no no you've got it all wrong. Take the receiver out one morning before she wakes up put it in your trunk of your car or something. Then leave the front door open run up to your wife and say that you have been robbed but all that they took was your receiver at his point you act distraught and say how will I ever replace it it it was priceless! Hopefully she will feel sorry for you and you can buy some tubes and also sell the receiver to help pay for the new gear. The only problem is that I'm not married so I am not sure if this scenerio would work but it sounds better than the soda
  4. I remember listening to some early aerosmith a while back that sounded incredible but can't remember which albums they were. I am not a huge fan of their latest work but I remember the harmonica work on the early stuff was amazing. Which of their early works do you guys think were the best?
  5. wow those are wicked! Looks like it could help keep the little lady from complaining about those big ugly boxes : )
  6. ---------------- On 9/12/2004 2:00:07 PM Klipschfoot wrote: go to www.minidisc.org for more info. I have a couple of deck and a portable unit. I am also mp3 challenged. ---------------- thanks the only mp3s i have are of recordings that i could find in no other format. the mp3 cds i first listened to just sounded terrible but it could have been the sample rate.
  7. I have several friends that collect bootlegs but for some reason they are usually in minidisc format. The sound quality is pretty decent but I was wondering if minidisc are going to fade away or stick around for a while longer. How do they compare to cdps and is the quality worth giving it a try? Just curious, Seti
  8. I managed to pick up Sgt Peppers with all the cutouts and I found the Sgt Peppers picture disc included as well for $2 : )
  9. seti


    I wonder what Kerry & Bush have in their cd/lp collection ?
  10. Tom Petty Wildflowers forgot how much I liked this cd : )
  11. Is your name flamebait LOL. SET threads on this forum are fun to watch I like this article by Steve Deckert of Decware called Why The SET And Efficient Loudspeaker Approach Works . http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/manufacture/0703/ http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/viewpoint/1099/setamplifiers.htm
  12. I used to have a 280zx and I walked out of a restauraunt to find it setting in the middle university avenue a very busy street fortunately it was ok but it was very unsettling indeed. It turns out the 280zx was famous for this problem. Glad no one was hurt!
  13. I would call it "Schizophrenic Ironing Board On Acid" ! I like it.
  14. As soon as I have the cash I am buying his phono pre http://www.wright-sound.com/specs/2 . Will pimp self out for audiogear : ) Seti
  15. Look around on audiogon.com in the tube integrated section http://buy.audiogon.com/cgia/fsb.pl?intatube there are always great deals listed. I usually find something that looks quality and then research here and audioasylum http://www.audioasylum.com/index.html before purchasing. I tend to trust the people that own the equipment to those selling/reviewing the equipment. imho seti
  16. I come across this pretty often I get all the info I need to make purchases from this forum, audio asylum, and then purchase off of AG. I won't even walk into our aleged audio store for this very reason. It must be some kind of sales psycosis : )
  17. You want one of these. I had one once very resiliant did all I could to make it loose data but it always survived. The snapshots are great and such a simple process. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=44994&item=5718570618&rd=1 A little expensive : )
  18. My friends don't believe me when I tell them I am only running 8 watts per channel. I had to show them the spec sheet that came with my gear lol. I don't know how loud most people listen to music but for me 8watts with my wright pre volume knob at about 12-2 o'clock it is just what I want. I really want to listen to some vintage quad II's on my system. Has anyone tried the new quad forty ?
  19. I was listening to tunes last night had all lights off and I noticed that one of my sylvania 6SN7's in my wright preamp had alot more of a blue glow than the other actually i didn't notice any blue glow to the other. I rolled to my sovtek 6SN7's which I hadn't really listened to yet and they had no blue glow at all and after listening to them this morning I find I actually liked the sound better although I couldn't tell exactly what the difference was. I am acustomed to seeing a blue glow in my 300b's but this is the first I've noticed it in any other tube I have. I suppose my questions are 1) Why is one tube glowing blue? 2) Why do the sovteks not glow blue at all? Thanks, Seti
  20. Seti, That's a good reason to be poor! Better than using the AH! to hold up a tent pole! ---------------- True but i wonder what kind of room treatments i would need to get my belles to sound good in a tent/box. I moved in behind midtown and juanitas live music everyweekend and don't have to pay just sit on back porch lol....I'm not sure who played last night but it was pretty bad.
  21. ---------------- On 9/3/2004 2:58:55 PM Daddy Dee wrote: SETI, BTW, went out and looked at those two 4000's on Audiogon. If that's what you want, jump on it. It is unusual to see two really nice units for sale at the same time. They aren't out there every week. ---------------- AH! DAMM! I just bought a house and am very poor . I need a couple months to regroup before I can spend money on audiogon. It's been really hard to stay off AG especially $775obo for an AH!4000. All I need to complete my system is a better cdp and a phonostage. ARG! I've felt like getting a sign that says "need more audio gear and beer" and sitting on the offramp of the freeway
  22. I plan on picking up one of the AH! 4000 cdp's wich has been getting great reviews just do a search on audio asylum for the AH! 4000. Since I don't have a decent audio shop in town I do alot of research and when reviewers like it and users on most of the forums give positive feedback it makes me feel more comfortable about dropping a wad of cash. I have seen it on audiogon for $600 and completely upgrade for about 700 or 800. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0501/tjoeb4000.htm http://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/tjoeb4000_e.html http://www.upscaleaudio.com/AH!/ahcd.htm Has anyone in this forum heard this cdp I would love to know how it mates with the klipsch.
  23. I pretty much thought it was a scam from day 1 but a friend did give me a bunch of medical grade power cords to hook up my gear with and while I'm not sure if it made a difference in sound they certainly look good Seti
  24. I am not trying to be flamebait here but I have a question for you tweakers and diyers. My brother is buying a nice lathe so he can build some wooden horns for his own system based on some jbl designs. He has offered to build me some wooden horns for my belle's. Has anyone here heard such a critter? If so is it a change for the better or worse? Has this been done before with the heritage line? I wasn't considering this as an option until I saw the jubilee pic with a wooden horn and thought if PWK finally ended up with a wooden horn it may not be such a bad idea. Thanks, Seti
  25. Just curious but how many speakers have been in production as long as the khorns? Any? Seems like you don't need much of a review in some hi-fi rag if that is the case : )
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