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  1. I am switching from a titanium diaphram back to an original one. The original one has 3 white dots painted on one side. Would that be positive or negative?
  2. I think getting out of buying it was the right move. Seems like it would be almost impossible to find another one. Why did he have only one?
  3. I think he got out of buying it. This one has the same serial number.
  4. I have a pair that currently have Klipsch titanium diaphrams in them for 120 plus shipping or I could put the original phenolic ones in for 100.
  5. OK. I have The original Klipsch phenolic, Crites poly and Klipsch titanium. Someday I will sell them. I got Lmahl's from DaveA and don't need them anymore.
  6. If your repair doesn't work I have a pair to sell. I also have a pair of titainium ones.
  7. RIP Christine. What a lo vely voice.
  8. I really like Sailing to Philadelphia. It has a song with James Taylor and another one with Van Morrison. I also have The Ragpickers Dream and Shrangri-La but haven't listened to them much yet.
  9. You might be able to get ahold of Cut Throat on Audio Asylum.
  10. I have a pair I was going to keep but I might as well get rid of them. They currently have titanium diaphrams in them and I have the original ones also. How about 110 plus shipping?
  11. They make some called Pestblock that is supposed to work. It has a bitter taste.
  12. That reminds me of my first concert. My cousin and I went to see Aerosmith in about the same time as you. A band we had never heard of called AC/DC opened and they were awesome. Bon Scott went out over the crowd. We were thinking as good as they were Aerosmith is really going to be good. They came out and were just a bunch of drugged out zombies who totally sucked.
  13. No. This was in Rapid City SD.
  14. I always loved cranking the album side that had Great White Buffalo and Hibernation. "Shit, We're gonna melt this fuckin place tonight". I won tickets to see Ted when I was a sophomore in high school. I had never been to a concert before. When I went to the radio station to pick them up the DJ named Jack Daniels told me someone picked them up already. He didn't have any extras. This kid who sat beside me in typing class had asked me if I picked them up a couple times so I figured it was him. He admitted it and his mom gave him some money, so I got that. It would have been better to see the concert.
  15. justonemore

    YouTube TV.....

    Have you tried 4k on YouTube TV? I did and it was real herky jerky for me. My download speed was 190.6 and up 20.9. I don't know if that is too slow or what.
  16. I'm interested in the R-115 if you would be willing to ship it.
  17. McIntosh cabinets.com makes some real nice ones, but they aren't cheap.
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