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  1. Well, I went ahead and spent a whopping $7.44 including shipping for a 3 foot DVI-D to HDMI cable from monoprice.com I guess I'm not out much even if the pic quality looks the same. []
  2. Got my refund through PayPal already. Good thing, I was really peeved thinking that I got screwed with a bootleg DVD.
  3. Try connecting your Cable box directly to your TV. If it still doesn't work you might have a faulty cable or the wrong DVI type (There's DVI-D and DVI-A I believe) Do you get sound from your Cable box? How many HDMI inputs does your TV have? Have you tried swapping HDMI inputs on the Onkyo?
  4. I've been looking in to ways to get better pic quality through my cable TV's High-Def DVR. The DVR has a DVI output. I know you can get cables that are DVI on one end and HDMI at the other. Think it would be a noticeable upgrade in pic quality compared to component cables? Don't worry, I won't be buying overpriced cables from the big box stores. I'll probably buy mine from monoPrice.com for $5.03!
  5. It was down to -7 last night and the high today was only 10. Its 8 right now. We usually keep the house at 60 at night but last night my wife went to bed and forgot to turn the thermostat down so the furnace was trying to keep the house at 68 all night while it was -7 out. That's always good for the old gas bill. []
  6. I'd advise for either 3 or 4. Your current sub is light years ahead in output of any Panasonic speaker ever made. If you have a decent HDTV I'd say go for the PS3. If you don't, option 4 (save your $$) is always good. I think that you'd love a pair of RF-62s to go with that RSW-10 of yours.
  7. Well surprisingly the seller said they'd refund my money within 24 hours. I hope it turns out well and I can get a legit copy of Ep 3 for the new Oppo DVD player I'm getting!
  8. WOW. There's a lot more bass on this disc compared to the first Animusic. Much more upbeat, songs that I could listen to several times over and over without getting bored. In retrospect, the first Animusic seems more of a novelty disc with cool animation. The second one appears to have much more time and forethought put in to the animations and the music itself. I'm sitting here listening to it at -25 on my HK and its LOUD but it sounds sooooo nice. Good thing my wife isn't home or I'd be listening to it at -50 if at all! This is without a doubt a great demo DVD to show off your system. I'd love to hear a multi-channel system with this.
  9. The Sub-12 has been recommended as a superb value if you'd like to stick with Klipsch for a sub. I absolutely love my SVS, especially as I sit here listening to Animusic 2 and the unbelievable bass its putting out!
  10. For II WO = Forte 2 Walnut Oiled. A great speaker!!
  11. I emailed the seller and they haven't responded yet. I just checked their feedback and they got their 1st negative from someone else stating: "The DVD case was cracked and it was an obvious copy. Don't buy from this user!" So, looks like I'm not the only person to get scammed. [8o|]
  12. Here's what it says under details: DTS_Star Wars 3_Disc1 File System: UDF Free Space: 0 bytes Total Size: 4.36 GB As opposed to what it says under details on my Ep III full screen DVD: CHARLOTTE_DISC1_4X3 File System: UDF Free Space: 0 bytes Total Size: 7.69 GB
  13. I know there's a separate DVD section down below but this section has the most traffic so I thought I'd get the most responses here. I won a Star Wars Episode III DVD on eBay for a wide screen DVD. When I got the DVD in the mail, the outer artwork on the box looked nothing like the photo in the auction. I checked the auction and the UPC code in the auction and on the box itself don't match. The DVD has a 'Region 9' stamping on the front and on the disc itself. I emailed the seller to ask what was up with that. It plays ok in my DVD player but the pic quality really looks bad. Also, when I try and go to the THX setup screen in the options menu, all it does is play the THX title screen that you'd see before the movie starts and it won't go in to the audio/video THX adjustment area. Anyone have any insight as to what the deal is??
  14. If your subwoofer has an 'Auto' setting for power, turn it to 'On' instead. The Auto setting waits until the sub senses a bass signal and then turns itself on, causing the delay that you describe. Low pass will adjust at what point the subwoofer stops playing bass sound. Most subs can be adjusted from 40Hz to 120Hz. The number you select on the dial will cause the subwoofer to not play anything above that point. Since your can control the subwoofer's low pass crossover from your receiver, you're better off just turning the low pass on the subwoofer itself as high as it can go, which is probably around the 120Hz range. Then you can make adjustments to the crossover frequency on the fly if you choose to.
  15. If the price difference is only $20, go for the RS-35s. You can always use your receiver to adjust the output level of the surround speakers to match your other speakers.
  16. Well, I checked out the Oppo website tonight only to find that the DV-981HD is backordered. [] But...what's this...factory refurbished players for only $183? And they're in stock?? Dang, where's my credit card!! [] Needless to say, my Oppo is ordered and on its way. [Y]
  17. Either way you describe will work fine, although some subwoofers have an increased output when using a y-splitter (A good thing!).
  18. Its the JVC 1080p 56" model HD-56FN97. That's why I'm thinking their new 1080p player for $229 is the way to go.
  19. I don't think the difference in sound would be huge, but considering the speakers you currently have I think the RS-25s will work perfectly for you!
  20. So does anyone think it would be smart of me to get the 1080p upscaling DVD player for $229, or should I just get the DVD-970HD player for $149?
  21. Very cool to hear. One question...does HDMI output video and audio or video only? I thought it was just video but I wasn't sure.
  22. Since I got my new TV last weekend I'm looking in to getting an upconverting DVD player. I also am concerned with the sound quality on audio CDs. I would probably sell both my Harman/Kardon DVD player and my Cambridge Audio CD player to get a new DVD player, as long as the DVD player played audio CDs well. I really want to get an Oppo after reading all the reviews but I was curious as to anyone's personal experience with them. {edit} I just was looking at their site and I see that they have a new player, model DV-981HD 1080p High Definition Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI. Its only $229.
  23. I've left my SVS sub plugged in and turned on ever since I got it a few months ago. No problems at all. Also, I personally would rather plug the sub directly into the wall than into the receiver. The receiver's outlets might not be rated to draw that much extra power.
  24. I'm at $550 not including my sub for my Forte IIs ($275) H/K receiver ($175) and Cambridge Audio CD player ($100)
  25. Are you looking to have speakers that you'll listen to in addition to your KLF-30s? I'm not sure what you mean by "Would they work good with the klf-30"? Are you going to use them in a surround system? If you're simply looking to add another pair of speakers to listen to at the same time, I can think of many people on here that would discourage you from doing that. There's many reasons why it usually doesn't sound very good. Now, if you're looking to get more speakers to use as surround speakers that's a different story.
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