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  1. I know nothing of Bob Lazar and very little of Joe Rogan. I watched about 25 minutes of the video. What a waste.
  2. Welcome to the Banana Republic! Just so we're clear, I am not taking sides in any of that crud. It is what it is, and people will believe what they want to believe. What I am referring to is that confidence in democracy is probably at an all-time low in the U.S. That's not a good thing.
  3. It is. I was trying to go back to watch the Mormon episode, but now everything is for pay.
  4. Yes, it's getting crazy. This epidemic will go down in history as the Great Economic Consolidation.
  5. I've seen a few episodes long ago. They have some great stuff mixed in with mindless idiocy. I was looking for an older episode and saw they are only showing recent seasons for free. The Covid video has some clever humor in it, but it's way more crude than the older episodes seemed to be. It's just a little too much for me, if that's a reflection of all recent episodes (I didn't even know they were still making new ones).
  6. A blast from the past! Good to hear from you! I had no idea of all the stuff you went through, but I am glad you are doing alright. Welcome back!
  7. I always wanted a $4,500 stove. I look at those big, fat, round knobs, and ohhhhhh.... "I want one!" I just know my eggs will scramble better with one of those. I'm honestly a little disappointed in my $6,000 refrigerator. For some reason, water still freezes at 32 degrees.
  8. Jeff Matthews


    Those mp4's aren't working in my Chrome browser.
  9. There's no secret. Your rate might be higher than mine, but I currently bill at $250. At 40 hours a week, this would be $500,000 annually. I don't make nearly that kind of dough. Never did. 4 hours a day is $250k - a very good living (in my mind). 3 hours a day is $187,500 (still very good in my mind). You get the idea. If a lawyer needs or wants to earn $500k, then, I can see why there might be time management issues. If a lawyer is making half that or less while putting in a long week, he might be giving away too much time by doing work and not billing for it (maybe research, for example). I bill for almost all my time. It's very manageable. It works even better now that I practice from home, rather than using part of my day to drive to and from an office. I have almost $0 overhead. Everything I earn goes to moi. I work any time I feel like it. Often, it includes weekends and evenings. I spread it out over 7 days. 15 hours a week over 7 days is barely 2 hours a day. One of the important things in my opinion is also not to procrastinate. When I get an assignment, I do it. I don't put it off. For example, a client asked me by email last night to prepare a deed. I did it first thing this morning. I stay away from family law. Family law can be a sure path to doing a lot of free work.
  10. Not a bad gig. I've been a lawyer for almost 30 years. My undergrad degree was in accounting. I love being a solo attorney. I pretty much work when or where I want, subject only to the need to complete the work I take. It's extremely flexible, and of course, the hourly rate means I don't have to put in even close to 40 hours a week. Sometimes, I get really busy for a short spell, and then I can return back to normal or skip a day or 2 if I want a break. If I was building a career from scratch, I would strongly consider tax/law. With tax returns, you have a growing and very predictable source of income, year over year. You know who your clients will be, and you know about how much they are going to pay you. You don't need a dedicated office or any overhead, and you don't have to choke payments out of insurance companies. All you need is a computer, a phone, the internet and your knowledge and skill. By supplementing the tax practice with law, you get the other stuff, such as real estate transactions, wills, probates, contracts, etc. It's really good-paying filler work that gives you a break from tax returns. Real estate appraisers seem to be doing well, too. A combined broker's license, appraiser's license and/or surveyor's license could add up to a very good gig.
  11. If med school admissions works like law school admissions, it goes like this: 1. Automatic acceptance. If your combined GPA and LSAT score exceeds a certain number, you are in. Extracurricular activities mean nothing. Prior work means nothing. 2. Automatic rejection. The opposite. 3. Stand-by. If you are not automatically rejected, and if there is room after all the auto-accepts, they start looking at resumes. A 3.8 GPA is really good! Summa cum laude. Unless he bombs the graduate admissions test, he's very likely in. I had a 3.75 GPA and a 90th percentile score on the LSAT (score of 40 out of 48), and I easily made it in at UT Law. Your son's best bet is to go the dean of admissions and ask what are the criteria for auto-acceptance.
  12. Jeff Matthews


    Ha ha! He had to loosen it up if he's going to be sitting that long.
  13. Jeff Matthews


    That took me a second.
  14. You'll never amount to anything!
  15. I'll slap you naked and burn your clothes!
  16. Always remember... Whoever smelt it dealt it.
  17. Prayers your way, Travis! Are they doing okay at the moment?
  18. With all the "pulling" of so-called "fake news" these days, I am wondering if Big Brother found a vulnerability which allows it to accomplish its objectives on 3rd-party sites, such as this one.
  19. You guys are barking up the wrong tree. This isn't a complaint.
  20. I'm not sure any mods had anything to do with this. In fact, I kind of doubt it. Maybe what happened is that since the video was pulled from Youtube, the forum software failed to render the entire post. I'd like to know.
  21. Other members and I were discussing politics in a PM. I posted a Youtube video containing recent election information. FB, Twitter, etc. have been removing the video on their platforms. Just this morning, it was removed from the KIipsch PM thread. In addition, my comments on the video (in the same post) were also removed. How did this happen?
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