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  1. I have a problem. My favorite Klipsch speakers I have owned are way more than just three. Cornwall's,Lascala's, Belle's, Forte's, Rf7's, Klf20's, KG5.5's, KG4's. It kind of depends what amp/preamp or receiver and what room. Tom
  2. I am in University Place, which boarders Tacoma to the West. Do you need help with something? Go ahead and pm me. Tom
  3. Just wanted to publicly thank Noah for providing me with the NOS RF-7 grills. I was surprised to be able to find NOS grills as easily as I did. One post in the garage sale forum and Noah came to the rescue. Noah is a great guy to deal with and I am fortunate to have hooked up with him at this time. I know he has been a member of the Klipsch community for quite some time. I'm sure others have had successful dealings with him in the past. Thanks again Noah. Tom
  4. I picked up a pair of RF-7's version 1 back before Xmas. They had no feet or grills. HudsonvalleyNoah was good enough to sell me some grills and provided one set of feet for the RF-7'S. Still needing a set of feet for the other speaker, I contacted Klipsch today and they have graciously committed to provide two nos sets of feet with hardware and spikes for free. You got to love these guys. Thank you Klipsch, you're awesome! Tom
  5. I guess I'll swap them out and see what they sound like. Tom
  6. tom b. 57


    I picked up an RC-7 with the RF-7's I purchased. Seller threw it in. One woofer cracked and the other has a bit of a wrinkle in the cone. I bought a replacement woofer for the cracked one, but not sure if the wrinkled one will need replacement. When I listened to it at the seller's home it sounded OK. I on!y picked up the replacement woofer because I have no intention of keeping it as I am strictly two channel. I intend to sell it. Cabinet OK with some scuffs here and there. Will that wrinkled woofer need to be replaced to get a decent amount for it? Is three hundred a fair price? Tom
  7. I landed some Eminence 15" woofers (K48's). They are new old stock and according to my research, they were used in the ChorusI and II's. I am pondering the idea of replacing the woofers in my 75' Cornwall's with them. My Cornwall's have a K33 and a K43 in them. I have wanted to put like woofers in them since my purchase of them in 2006, but have never picked up woofers until recently. The deal on the woofers was too good to pass on, so I got them. Will these woofers work well in the Cornwall's? The difference in total cabinet size between Chorus and Cornwall is not much. I am hoping that these woofers will work well in the Cornwall cabinets. Any thoughts or ideas? Tom
  8. I am powering my RF-7's with my trusty old Marantz 2275 and they seem to be doing just fine.
  9. I have owned MG1.4s for about three years now and they are my everyday main system speakers. In my room I get bass down to 40hz maybe lower. I love these things. I also love my Cornwall's, KG4's and newly acquired RF7's. Tom
  10. I picked up a used Musical Surroundings Nova Phenomena, (original version), about a year and a half ago for $500.00 and have been very happy with it. Tom
  11. Noah, did you get my pm? Get back to me when you can. Thanks, Tom
  12. Noah, message sent. I'll take the feet too. Forgot to put that in my message. Tom
  13. I just picked up a pair of original RF-7's and need two grills, two dust caps for the woofers and the feet for the darn things. Anybody out there have any of these items laying around? Hit me up with an email if you want to sell any of these. Thank you, Tom
  14. On a budget and looking for a good, cheap, used K-33E. Tom
  15. Jon,I sent you another email. Tom
  16. Amen to that! You guys do realize that I was trying to be humorous, right?
  17. I made an offer.Please check sold listings on ebay to get an idea of what they go for in good working condition. Please get back to me when possible. Thanks, Tom
  18. Welcome to the forum. My experience with the Klipsch Heritage line of speakers, is that they sound great with vintage ss gear or tube gear. If you have the room, (or even if you don't) I suggest buying many more examples of Klipsch Heritage speakers. Many of us have and some still do. Enjoy the Cornwalls. I think you will be happy with them. And, by the way, G-9000? How cool is that? Tom
  19. I owned one for about two years and other than replacing a light in one of the meters, I had no issues. I sold it when I bought my MC-2105 and wished I hadn't. As for price in the condition it is in, I don't have a clue. Let me know when you figure out how much you want for it. If you don't want much, I may think about taking it off your hands. I hate buying things with issues, because you never know what the cost will be, if it is repairable. Tom
  20. Looking for a pair of K-55"s for a Cornwall project. Need to be in great working condition, closely matched output, and at least good cosmetic condition. All for a reasonable price. Thank you, Tom
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