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  1. Looking for a pair of K-55"s for a Cornwall project. Need to be in great working condition, closely matched output, and at least good cosmetic condition. All for a reasonable price. Thank you, Tom
  2. I've owned three different 430's, but the allure of the big brother 930 got the better of me and I own one now. I sold all of the 430's, but I still keep my eyes open for the chance to steal one from some unsuspecting Craigslist seller. The first one I ever bought I paid $10.00 for it. The second one $25.00 and the last one $40.00. Had fun with all of them and sold them for $100.00 to $150.00. Great investments and they pair well with Heresys, KG4's, Fortes and many other Klipsch. I really like the 930. I think this is my favorite of the two models I have owned. Tom
  3. Larry and Travis, thank you for the input. I am listening to the TASCAM right now as my friend had me list it on Craigslist for him. The Revox I haven't had the chance to listen or examine as of yet. My friend that owns these is very particular about the cleaning and adjustments on everything he owns and I can take him at his word. He says the Revox is in beautiful shape and the sonics are spectacular. I may be going for the Revox, that way I can get rid of the TEAC and Sony decks I have. I don't need them all. I just want one that will bring me aural pleasure for a very long trouble free time. Tom
  4. I have been contemplating buying a good reliable reel to reel that will acoomodate 10"reels as well as my library of 7" reels. The opportunity to purchase either a 34B or A77 MK IV, both in near mint condition and recently serviced inside and out has presented itself to me and I am not sure which way to go. They both cost the same amount. My only problem with the 34B is, it won't play the many 7" tapes I have that are recorded at 33/4ips as it will only play 71/2ips or 15ips. I can always keep either my TEAC or Sony deck for those tapes. I am curious as to what you guys think is the best deck for reliability and sonic performance of the two, or should I be looking for something else? I have a limited budget for this purchase. Around $400.00, take or give a few bucks. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  5. Unfortunately what is a fair price to me may not be a fair price to someone else. I would think that in very good condition $300.00 to $350.00 would be a fair price. Tom
  6. Does anybody have experience and/or ideas about aftermarket fix for Sota Saphire internal springs? Sota wants a small fortune for their set of springs.
  7. Thank you guys for all the help. The JBL document and pictures of the Plane Wave Tube are very helpful in my learning. I actually now know and understand the testing method for the drivers. This is why I love this place. Tom
  8. Thank you guys for the information. This certainly helps me understand how these measurements are achieved and used for applications. Tom
  9. I know what 10db down means, but the 6' air column threw me. Thank you for enlightening me on this. I have very limited technical experience, practical or acedemical. Forgive me my ignorance. Tom
  10. Please interpret. I am not sure what this statement means.
  11. I have been given a pair of these drivers mounted on metal horns from a friend who wishes to sell them. They are 16 ohm 20 watt drivers. I can't find any info. on them. I am hoping that someone here can shed some light on what speakers they were used in, what years they were manufactured and some specs. Anybody have any experience with these? You guys have always came through for me when I have asked questions about drivers and speakers before, and I am very appreciative of that. Thanks in advance, Tom
  12. The check is in the mail. Keep an eye out for it. Tom
  13. I just visited that site and had no trouble seeing ads. I did see that for auctions, that page said, "coming soon." Is this where you were having trouble? If so, it's because they haven't got it setup yet. Tom
  14. Good to hear from you again. Am happy that you have bounced back from the hosing. Life can certainly throw some curve balls at you. Tom
  15. Thank you for the enlightenment. I liked his posts too.
  16. I just revisited an old thread and seen Duke Spinner's post to it and remembered that I used to look forward to his posts. Anyone know where he has gone? Tom
  17. I never did get a 4000 Series II. I do however still have my PL 400 amp and it is a very good sounding amp and very quiet. I have it teamed with an Audio Refinement Pre 2-dsp. Seem to be a very synergistic match. I'm happy, and that's all that matters. Tom
  18. I've owned both and to my ears the sound is so similar, that for me, either one works as well as the other. I paid $400.00 for very good condition Fortes and $100.00 for the Forte II's in beat up cabinets. I still own the Fortes. Tom
  19. I have owned all three of the models you are talking about. I still own two of the three. Forte's and KG4's. The Forte's are doing duty in the bedroom and the KG4's are standing ready in reserve in the closet. All boxed up and ready for action if needed. The only reason I kept the Forte's over the Forte II's, was the condition of the cabinets. They sounded very similar. In fact, to my ears, there was not enough difference to say one was better than the other. I second the suggestion from moray james about the KLF 20's. A very different animal from the Forte's, but, very good speakers. I have owned them before as well. Tom
  20. Mine is plugged into an extension cord which is plugged into my neighbor's outlet on their deck. I like the sound of lower electric bills. Tom
  21. I have a rotation system when it comes to amps/preamps, but, the Cornwalls are pretty much mainstay for the main two channel system. I do have a seperate system for dvds and such which is still two channel. It consists of an HK 3480, Pioneer Elite DV-46AV, HK EQ8 equalizer and at the moment ADS L710's. I do switch speakers out from time to time in this system. I have several different makes and models of speakers. No two speakers are the same and they all have something to offer. Tom
  22. I sort of remember my first stereo system. It was the early 70's and I was 16. Things were a bit hazy back then, (I started early). I had a job as a janitor at the Bon Marche and on the second floor were the stereos. They stocked Sony systems and I had to have one. I saved my hard earned cash and bought a low power Sony receiver and speaker package. That's when it all started. Lots of details surrounding the enjoyment of said stereo are shrouded in a cloud of smoke. Before that I would comandeer my older brothers portable record player and play the crap out of Chubby Checker, The Box Tops, The Animals, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones. Of course when he would catch me, I would get a butt kicking, but, that never deterred me, (hard headed I guess). My 5 year old granddaughter, (courtesy of Grandpa) has had her first system for a year now. Tom
  23. You must have been a very good boy this year for Santa to make you a deal like that. Congrats and Merry Christmas. Tom
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