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  1. Went to Haiti to do some surgery. Took my 16 year old son with me this time. Got to swim on a coral reef for an afternoon that I was there! Took boys on boat a lot. Now its over huh.
  2. Yeah, they don't look quite right. If they are real, they are certainly rough in appearance. Make u feel any better? Paul
  3. It is certainly darn good therapy too!
  4. I have just loved my Forte II's. I have had or heard most things Klipsch makes. To me, only my Jubs may beat them out. Had I never heard the Jubs, and had started with the Forte II, I would have been perfectly happy. dtel has an all Forte HT setup in addition to his Monster Huge Jubs. I always wondered, why mess with the Forte's when you can have the Jubs running? Now that I have some, I completely understand why he has them both available and ready to go. Paul
  5. I saw you are in Houston. I live in Waco, a bit of a drive but not too terrible. If you ever wanted to hear some before buying, I would be happy to let you have a listen to mine. Paul
  6. Wish you the best Trey! I have a very strong feeling I am oh, bout a year behind you on issues, whatever they may be. Nice to know nice comes back around though.
  7. Got quite a bit done today. My son was able to help me in surgery today. He is thinking about being a doctor. Said he was worried he might not be able to tolerate seeing surgery. Instead, he jumped right in there. Held retractors, cut stiches, and even closed the skin with the stapler! Did not get woozy at all! Also saw a 1 year old baby who was in the final stages of dying of AIDS, a lady with cervical cancer, and other difficult things that we simply cannot do much of anything about. They simply don't have the resourses to deal with those things down here. Makes it more difficult to practice, because I have had to learn about what there is to use equipment wise. Not as many meds are available either obviously. I then gave a talk to the nurses and doctors here on this island. They were so interested to be hearing about new things. This small island has just been forgotten about, long before the earthquake. The people here are so wonderful though. Unbelievably grateful and kind. Every time I come down here, I just remember that this is the reason I worked so hard through all those years of school. And leave feeling more rewarded than I do performing a surgery in the US for money. So, more surgery tomorrow. Always quite an adventure down here. Paul
  8. Yes, sadly the news cycle has moved on to other issues by now. But it still looks the same to me as it did the week after the quake. I cannot tell that much of any clean up has taken place. Still throngs of people wandering in the streets. News media and our Army have now gone. Still lots of very very poor and very sick people over here though. Just no longer is the 'cool cause' any longer. The world has already seemed to have forgotten. Oil spillage is the new earthquake now I suppose. Paul
  9. Well, I am back in Haiti for 3rd time since earthquake. Got in this morning. Have already been to hospital to see patients I will be operating on. It is so good to back over here. I have truly made some wonderful friends in the people that I am working with. This time, my son, Me Loves Heresy's, came with me. He wanted to come first time, but it was more chaotic the week right after the quake. Things seem rather safe enough now. So, the plane we will be flying out on from the island, a small prop plane, had an ooooopsies yesterday afternoon. The runway is nothing more than a gravel strip. And, as he was taking off, he did not pull up fast enough. Wheel crashed into tree, knocking the wheel off. He flew around for over and hour burning off the fuel. The pilot then brought the plane in and landed it without one of its back wheels! No one hurt, thank God. Will try to update any interesting stories as I can. My son and I are having a great time! Paul
  10. It really was a great time this year! Once again of course.
  11. The Natural finish. I like them all though! Paul
  12. Coytee, miss seeing you here this year! I live in Waco, and would love to go up to Dallas for a get together. Would be also happy to host if people in both Dallas and Austin wanted to meet in the middle. I have almost every classic Klipsch speaker, and plenty of room to set up other peoples too. We should plan on something in Texas. Can't have too many get togethers! Paul
  13. I could bring the Jubs. Not really. A bit big. I brought my Khorns the last time! That was quite a load! Paul
  14. So is there any interest at all in me bringing my Cornwalls to sell? Not impossible to load up but kinda a pain if no interest. Anyone else thinking of bringing anything? Anyone have some smaller speakers or Heresy's they would want to trade or sell?
  15. That really stinks! Will really miss seeing you this time! Paul
  16. I have been listening to it quite a bit! It really does match rather well w/ the big Jub's. Paul
  17. It is hard to describe... This center makes my Jubes sound even better!!!! I am listening / watching Journey Live in Milan on DVD. It. Sounds. So Good!
  18. I will put some up as soon as I can! I am presently doing damage to my ears! What an amazing sound!
  19. I just got my Palladium center in and hooked up. It is pulling duty w/ Jubs up front and Khorns in the back. With McIntosh Pre/pro and amps. I am listening to it right now, and it sounds simply wonderful. I have tried a Cornwall 2 and a Heresy 3 before. And the Palladium keeps up and matches w/ the big ole Jubes better than any other combo so far. And it truly is a beautiful thing to just look at.... Paul
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