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  1. Anyone want a pair of 1980 Belle Klipsch in Oak Clear w/Cane Grills and the K-55V's with soldered type terminals if I win the K-Horns (doubtful) as they about 3000 miles from me as well. They will be under my watchful eye!
  2. The tinsel leads are the leads that run from the connection terminals on the back of the speaker to the speakers voice coil. They are thin flexible wires and should be plainly visible from the back side of the woofer.
  3. Look for leakage around the oil filled caps on the crossover, see if any leads are touching or disconnected/unsoldered, tighten down all the screws on the crossover as well. Remove any dust with a small paintbrush or with a can of compressed air. Get some Caig's D5 DeOxit to spray on the spade lugs and contact points. Check the polarity of the squawker and tweeter as connected to the crossover + (red stripe) to +, - (solid white) to - usually when drivers blow they emit no sound at all. Try moving the speaker that sounds bad over and connect it to the leads where the other speaker is hooked up. Perhaps it is not the amp, but the preamp or source that is generating the bad sound out of that particular channel. See if any of these suggestions work for you. The squawkers unscrew and you probably have spring terminals on them, try swapping the midrange drivers and see if the sound in the one speaker improves any. Let us know how you make out.
  4. Unfortunately Trey, they were displaying the photo and specifications detail of the newer unit. If this is not what they are selling, then the item description provided should match what they are indeed selling so that potential buyers don't expect something else.
  5. Ah! Good ole' Ubid strikes again! I purchased, or won the auction on what was supposed to be a new Klipsch KSC-C1 Center Channel with the newer tractix horn and updated grill, what I got was the 1999 version of the KSC-C1 I like it none the less but feel that I was defrauded since I did not actucally receive what I won the auction for. I have complained, but I am sure it will fall on dead ears and stall tactics. The price was good and certainly better than I could have done locally but the bottom line is I was sent something different than what I thought I was bidding on and that makes me angry. Perhaps Klipsch should rethink their relationship with them since they are lying to customers. I want the version of Klipsch KSC-C1 Center Channel that I paid for! I won't purchase anything else from them until they make it right.
  6. I have an AVR-4800 and a AVR-3300 and have not noticed this phenomenon at all. Sounds like sonic artifacts in the digital volume control, I have noticed something similar on my Kenwood KDC-PS909 Hi-End Car CD Player while raising or lowering the volume while the CD is playing. Does it happen with non-digital sources say television, cassette tapes, or vinyl. I think I would have noticed it by now if it was happening, perhaps I need to listen a little closer and see.
  7. I would go with Heresy's or Heresy II's if that is not feasible (size) why not KG2's or KG 2.2's or 2.5's. Two Academys at todays going rate would be much to expensive you could get a pair of Cornwalls for what you would spend on a couple of Academy's. Forte's or Forte II's would also work well if you have the room for them. Don't go too small, you will be dissapointed.
  8. Well I can tell you that when I upgraded to a newer Direct TV receiver with Component outputs and Dolby Digital capability I did notice an increase in picture clarity and probably some sonic improvements as well. The RF remote control is a nice improvement as well. Not to mention improved menu options and more capability than my previous receiver, it was certainly worth the $150 upgrade, I then sold my old receiver on eBay for about $50.
  9. I have a pair of some of the rarest speakers on the planet, the Acoustron LWE-IA's hand built by Louis W. Erath in his Texas plant back in the late sixties or early seventies. These speakers have a unique motion feedback circuit that can utilize your amplifier's negative feedback loop to reinforce the low end bass. This allows you to put a larger woofer in a smaller box but still reach into the 20Hz range. Louis Erath's speciality was seismograph testing which led him to this idea. These speakers have a 15" CTS woofer, a 6" CTS midrange and an EV T-35 tweeter. There are controls for the midrange and tweeter on the back and a room gain control as well. I would like to offer these to someone that may make better use of them than I am, I think they were designed to work with tube amplifiers. This was accomplished with 6-pin Cinch-Jones connectors with two leads going to the amp and two returning on each speaker plus the standard connections. I believe they are at least 96db efficient and have more bass output than the Heresy for sure, they can easily compare with a Cornwall (minus the horn midrange of course) and are significantly smaller. They are in excellent condition with very minor wear and include the original stands. I am unsure of the finish, walnut perhaps? They are tremendously heavy. I am willing to trade them for a pair of original Heresy's in equal condition if anyone is interested in these rare gems please let me know. Preferably someone in the NorthEast as I said these babies are HEAVY! I have a digitized copy of a review on them that was done in the 70's, they were highly praised and solid across the entire audible spectrum. Please just email me for more info, information on these speakers is very limited.
  10. No need to get hasty, I have a Belle directly on one side of my Sony 43" HD-RPTV and then it is sitting right on top of a La Scala and I had not had any problems or picture distortions at all. I would not part with your Forte II's, the build quality and sound of those speakers will be hard to match even with Klipsch's newer designs. Chances are you will have no trouble at all with them butted up against the TV. Lets us know first if you are planning to still sell them anyway, as I am sure there are many interested parties here that would take them off your hands. The older Klipsch speakers are truly hard to beat and will last forever and not fall apart, guaranteed not to rust, bust or collect dust.
  11. I have a pair of Light Oak Clear Belle's with the Cane Grills, I can send you a photo this evening to show you what they would look like. Although, yours look very nice as they are, but I think it would be easier to sell yours and purchase another pair with the finish and grill work you desire because the amount of work, effort and material to do what you are contemplating is mind-boggling.
  12. Why not have the original driver reconed, (i.e. coil, spider & tinsels replaced) then you would have it restored to original specifications. Contact Simply Speakers in Florida they are a very competent speaker repair facility. They were able to recone my very rare DBX SW-3830 15" Subwoofer driver and return it to original specifications for about $67 total with shipping and everything. An 8" woofer would be much less I'm sure, give them a call or go visit their site online.
  13. The K-43 woofer is actually $300 vs. $100 for the K-33 but that would hardly justify a $1200 price tag. The speaker is built identically internally with maybe some reinforcement to the outer portion of the cabinet. His does not even have the aluminum reinforced edges that came with some of the Pro versions. Nonetheless, they do cost more than an averaage pair but certainly no where near double the cost. In addition, having the K-43 in it will actually rob some of the low end output in favor of more power handling or so I have read and heard. I got my beautiful Oak Clear/w cane grill Belle Klipsch in very nice shape for $1100 the pair, plus I just picked up a nice single La Scala in plain birch in very good shape for $300. Bottom line I think $1200 is a little much, hey you never know someone may buy it, good luck though!
  14. A '78 La Scala for use as a center channel - all drivers working! A Denon AVR-4800 and the Austin Powers Trilogy - Yeah Baby! Ho, Ho, Ho!
  15. I would like to buy a pair of older Klipsch bookshelf speakers, (i.e. KG1, 1.2, 1.5 etc.) or equivalent. A KG2 would be too big, preferably ones with a 6.5" woofer & tweeter and no taller than 15". I have scoured eBay, there are some but they are being offered as packages I only need one pair.
  16. I got myself a La Scala center a few weeks ago, and a Denon AVR 4800 that arrived last Friday. Santa has been more than gracious to me this year. Truly a time for me to give thanks.
  17. Thanks for the link but that auction closed on 12/10?
  18. I am currently using a Klipsch KV-4 as my rear center, and my better half is upset since it takes up too much room. Unfortunately, I have to agree so I need something a little smaller to perform as my rear center channel between my Heresy II's. So I am looking for a KG 2.2V or 2.5V to fill that role. I would prefer one in excellent to near mint condition with all original drivers, original box and packing a real plus. Darker finishes preferred but all considered. Anyone looking to trade up, I have a KV-4 in near mint shape with original box and packing and would take the KG 2.2V or 2.5V as partial trade. I thought about an Academy as well, but I think that it would be too big. Dilemmas, dilemmas.
  19. Hey Ear, your in or near Montreal! Cool I mean Brrrrr. I am right across the border from you in Burlington, VT. The Audio/Video shops in this area and over in Plattsburgh, NY across the pond are lame to say the least. What are some good Audio stores to visit in the Montreal area? I try and visit Canada every once in awhile, I love the European style flair and the fantastic beer ehh. Please let me know thw names of some of the nicer Audio shops in the Montreal area, are there many of them? Have a Merry Christmas! Looks like we will be getting some snow in the next couple of days.
  20. I managed to find a La Scala for $300 in really good shape about 15 miles from me, that had been stored upstairs in a barn for three years, a little dusting & wiping and brushing off the crossover and treating the contacts with Caig's DeOxit and violah! I laid it on its side and actually heaved my 43" RPTV on top of this thing, it worked perfect the TV is almost identical to the La Scala's width laying on its side. It made a tremendous difference, it is similar in vintage to my Belle's '78 vs. '80 with AA X'over. The front is now seamless and the imaging is great the horn in the La Scala is large and disperses the mids well. I have since relegated my KV-4 which did work well with the Belle's with some adjusting of the channel levels to rear center channel duty. The dual Heresy idea sounds like a good one. An Academy is only 96db @ 1W aren't the Cornwalls 101db @ 1W? The KV-4 worked well since it is 99db @ 1W and has a 2" tweeter & tractix horn in addition to higher power handling. Perhaps a third Cornwall?
  21. How will you be crossing over the subwoofer? With passive coils at a set frequency or routing the power into an electronic crossover and then to an amplifier to feed it. You could use a DBX 120X-DS that has a continuously variable (50-210Hz @ 12db) crossover built into it, or the Audio Control Phase Coupled Activator (PCA) that has a sub crossover in it, however it is not continuously variable you have to purchase additional chips for different crossover points but it is a steep 24db Linkwitz/Riley design. Just a couple of suggestions.
  22. Oh almost forgot, using your rule of thumb $600 - 40% = $360.
  23. The KV-4 is not a common center channel they had a very limited production, and with Academy's selling in $500-$600 range I did not feel that a mint boxed KV-4 was too outrageous at $350 o.b.o. P.S. they go for around $300 on eBay or more when they do pop up, and believe me it is not that often. Anyway I have decided to keep it and use it as a rear center channel between my Heresy II's while the La Scala now takes over front center duty. Talk about accurate dialogue - Wow!
  24. Nobody has mentioned some of the older Denon turntables, Denon used to build some of the nicest turntables back in '80's and early 90's. The model that had the three backlight square buttons on the side of the table was super nice, DP-62L? Anyway, I would give them a look.
  25. I have my Heresy II's that I use as my rear speakers on end tables that places them about two feet off the ground and with the angled risers in place it places the rear soundstage nicely. Sometimes experimentation in placement and angles can go a long way.
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