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  1. Try using a different grounding point other than the one on the wiring harness. Connect an extension wire from the back of the deck and try a few grounding points and see if one works. But since you said the noise goes away when you unplug the RCA's from the amplifier tells me it is being introduced through the RCA's. As previously stated get a set of twisted pair RCA's (GSI, Stinger, Phoenix Gold all make them) to run from the Head Unit to the Amplifier and you wont need an isolator or alternate grounding point. If you can't find any let me know, I just removed my system and am getting out of car audio and I have pair of 20' Stinger Dream Series Twisted Pair RCA's that I can sell you at a reasonable price. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  2. I have been in car audio for over twenty years and have troubleshot many an engine noise whine. Alot of it is due to grounding, sometimes the noise cannot be totally eliminated. It seems like you tried alot of the methods to eliminate the noise. First off I would run at least 8 gauge power and grounds to the amplifier. A simple solution to eliminating the noise is to use a set of twisted pair RCA's (Stinger Dream Series) as they have the best noise rejection ability and worked well in 1995 Buick Riviera that I could not eliminate the noise in due to the high volume of electronics and wiring in the car. But using the twisted pair RCA's removed it. Also make sure that the RCA's are run on the opposite side of the car that you have run the power, remote turn-on, and speaker leads on, also try grounding the deck and amplifier to the same grounding point, try to keep the grounds as short as you can. You mentioned an in-line noise filter from Radio Shack, you should have tried a Ground Loop Isolator (RCA version). I would definately try the twisted pair RCA's first I am almost certain they will eliminate the noise. Email me directly for more troubleshooting tips, I have competed in the IASCA 1-150W class for a few years awhile back and have alot of experience. Good Luck ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  3. Just thought I would pass this on, sorry the last lead turned out to be Cornwalls. Here is the link. http://www.audioreview.com/market/messages/72326.shtml ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  4. Oops forgot, here is the link. http://www.audioreview.com/market/messages/72002.shtml
  5. Hey Klipsch fans, stumbled across this ad browsing and thought I would pass it on. I'm sure someone out there is willing to pick these up.
  6. Hey Jeb, I have something that will get rid of it safely and easily. Get a can of Bissell Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner it has a fabric safe brush on it and dispenses a quick drying foam that will not harm plastics. I have used it many times on speaker grills and they come out looking and smelling like new. This stuff really works, try the grocery store or possibly Wal Mart or Kmart it comes in a blue can. This should effectively solve your problem. Take care. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  7. What can one possibly say to someone who has spent 97 years on this earth pursuing a passion, and passing it on for so many other individuals enjoyment. My most humble birthday wishes to you sir! I cannot put into words the joy that comes to mind everytime I push that power button knowing that my Klipsch speakers will never let me down due to the ingenious design and pursuit of excellence exhibited by Mr. Paul W. Klipsch please accept my sincerest birthday wishes on this your 97th birthday. What can I say other than, Thank You! ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  8. As a Belle Klipsch owner I would have to say that I am completely satisfied with their performance. Before I bought them I was using Forte's which are a good quality speaker as well with solid bass. The Belle's are stunning to look at and the dynamic's are very impressive. I picked up mine used for $1000 they are Oak Clear with the cane style grills. They sound good with every type of music and make DVD's come to life with startling realism. I have not listened to much of the newer stuff other than maybe the 5.5's a few years back. I am a true believer in the original Heritage line of products I use Heresy II's as rear surrounds a KV-4 center and a KSW-15 subwoofer. You will more than likely need a sub to reinforce the low end as the Belles are only solid to approximately 50Hz which leaves you missing an octave of bass. People that come over a watch movie are impressed with the incredible amount of detail at relatively low volume levels. If you happen upon a pair at a reasonable price pick them up I am sure you won't be disappointed. Check out my set up by clicking the little house icon in the top row of my post. If you have any direct questions please email me directly. Hope this helps a little. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  9. They are larger width wise, possibly around the same height. The tweeter and midrange in the Cornwall II's should be similar to your Forte's. They utilize a single foward firing 15" woofer and are ported if I am not mistaken, efficiency runs about 101db @ 1W @ i Meter. Very nice speakers, you will not be disappointed if you can get them for a decent price and if they are in good shape. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  10. Getting back to the original question, the reason that when you are running the Denon 3300 in DTS that most of the sound comes from the center is because that is what is supposed to happen. ~ 85% of the signal comes through the center in 5.1 channel (DD & DTS) the other speakers play at a lower level until they they are called upon when the signal level to those channels increases. You will notice that during periods of dialogue the sound will eminate more from the center, but when action picks up or music is played in the background output to these channels is increased and becomes louder. I sometimes enjoy watching a DVD in the 5-channel stereo mode (Analog) using my DBX gear and a time delay unit rather than in Dolby Digital 5.1 for the very reason that all the channels are more balanced or equal. Alot of DVD's are heavily compressed and have to be turned up considerably to get to the enjoyment level this is where my 3BX-DS Dynamic Range Controller with Impact Restoration comes into play, it will enhance playback to the point of stunning realism but unfortunately it only works in the Analog domain. I have tried a few DTS encoded discs and do find them superior sounding to the DD ones, it all depends on how well the DVD recording was mixed. Hope this satisfactorily sums up the original question. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  11. I am a vintage DBX component user, the old consumer group made some the best processors on the market prior to their demise in 1990. Although the 3BX Series II was not one of their better units it tends to break up and cause breathing when run at high threshold levels. The final version the 3BX-DS was much more refined and offered three separate bands of impact restoration, compression ability and an ambience circuit to widen or narrow the soundstage. They even made a 5BX-DS which was the 'coup de gras' offering five separate bands of expansion/compression, five bands of independently adjustable impact restoration, was remote controllable and visually stunning. As fas as Eq's go their 14/10 was the best ever produced and was far superior to the 20/20 or 10/20, offering 14 bands and constant Q topology, the ability to measure line voltage and SPL and Eq any room in 40 seconds or less generating it's own pink noise and using a calibrated mic. You can store 10 memory settings for different seating positions and the display is definately very impressive as it functions in real-time. The newer pro gear products are so-so their older units are still preferred by home and pro users alike especially the 120X-DS Subharmonic Synthesizer. If you decide to pick up one of their processors go for the -DS "Digital Series" units you will not be disappointed. Just my 2 cents worth. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  12. Isn't the Odds & Mods section of this forum intended to be used for the very thing that you are talking about. I realize it's not the easiest place to post photo's though. Anyway if you want to view my set up just click the little house in the top rom of my post. Take care ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  13. I have Belle's that I use as my mains, I just don't have the room for a third one to use as a center channel so I use a KV-4. Although I just found a single La Scala for $300 in real nice shape that I am going to refinish and attempt to use as a center. If I can't I will store it until I buy a house and make a spot for it. I truly love the elegant cabinets and excellent sound. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  14. There is an individual on eBay auctioning some supposedly K43E Woofers but the rear view photo shows a steel stamped frame and what appears to be a standard size round magnet, they look like a K33E with a round magnet, not the usual cast frame and huge magnet associated with the K43E Woofers. Are these possibly some earlier versions without the cast frames? Or is the guy confused? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  15. I have Belle's and enjoy them for the far more elegant cabinets and very nice sound , I previously had Forte's. I even thought of trading them for Chorus II's at one point thinking the bass response would be considerably better but the Chorus II's roll off at 39Hz vs 45Hz for the Belle so I stuck with them since the difference was not that drastic. I do use a 15" powered sub along with them too. I plan to pick up a La Scala to use as a Center replacing my KV-4 I found a single one in really good shape for $250. I would really like to get a pair of ALK crossovers for them, I have deadend the horns with dynamat and sealed the bass chamber door with butyl rubber strips, replaced all the old wiring on the speakers & crossover and added all gold plated spade lugs. I have also removed the brass screw from the tweeter inductor. They are Oak Clear with the cane grills, very sharp. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  16. Just click on the "little house" icon on the top row to view my set-up. Using Belle's, Heresy II's, KV-4, and KSW-15 will add La Scala center this summer and move KV-4 to rear. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  17. I was able to locate gold plated spade lugs that could accept 10-12 gauge wire with colorful red and black sleeves that fit perfectly in the terminal blocks. I am using 12 gauge Phoenix Gold wire. I got them at Parts Express, part #095-820 no bending required. Hope this helps the dilemma. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  18. A friend of mine had Pro Heresy's with a slot along the bottom on the front of the speaker. It also had aluminum edging and a protective metal grill over the woofer circa late 70's early 80's. With a 120W X 2 luxman power amp the ports could launch a full beer can a few feet into a room. They were aewsome. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  19. I am using a KV-4 Center and Heresy II's for rears between my Belle Klipsch. I found a single La Scala for $300 but could not figure a way to get it under or above the Projection Television feasibly. I also use a pair of a/d/s L300C' for additional rears. The KV-4 works well as it's sensitivity rating is 99db which is actually higher than a single Heresy I or II at 96db. Depends on what you can get cheaper I suppose, I bought my KV-4 on eBay for $275. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  20. Al, as he stated in the first post the woofer is a dual voice coil hence 2 inputs, one set for each coil. ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
  21. QMan, Love the set-up! I thought I had a fairly impressive set-up, but yours is incredible. What components are you using to drive all your speakers? I need to get some updated photos but here is my web page showing the components that I am using. http://www.together.net/~cab I will eventually move the Belle's to the Rear, put K'horns up front and use the Heresy II's as additional rear surrounds and add another Yamaha M-80 250W/Channel amplifier. Nice Job! ------------------ If it's too loud, your too old
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