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  1. Oh man!! Just saw this thread. Brings back tons of memories from the 60' and 70's in my hometown. Sandi Cole's dad ran the theater. Used to have to use the phone in the ticket booth to call my mom to com get me when i was small!!! Watched many movies there since nothing else to do in Searcy (but get in trouble)! AVGUY we need to offer our services to build some big speakers if they redo it. Would be fun!
  2. $160 http://reconingspeakers.com/product/klipsch-rf7-k1089av-10-woofer/
  3. reconingspeakers.com has them last time I checked.
  4. Outstanding project young man!!! Glad you scored the ribbon mahogany veneer and plywood!!! Very "clean" build and great finish. Now you need a second pair but 2 way to compare!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good speaker!
  5. You could try to do a friction fit using some adhesive foam on the top (and maybe bottom) of the V to hold it in place. Might work
  6. PZ I think you're right. Brain issue. As Gilda Radner used to say "Never mind". The FR response looks good from PE. I'll try to post
  7. Anyone ever tried this setup. Looks like it has smooth FR and 95.5db spl. I've got two that I may experiment with. Anyone with experience with this baby let me know what you think.
  8. I've got a bridge I'll sell ya!!!! Actually a distant rich (not poor like me) relative of mine bought the London Bridge (I think?) and moved it to Lake Havasu, Arizona. He never invited me out???
  9. JJ are you going to reveneer/rebuild them? I've got an empty pair of 1977 cabinets (43R379 and 380) that I've been planning to reveneer and buy component parts (have the K700 and one K-77 tweeter). I've got some pretty sweet veneers (figured eucalyptus, ribbon mahogany, maybe olive burl, walnut etc. PM me if you're interested.
  10. Anyone travelling through Little Rock headed to Washington DC? I have a friend that I need to ship the WE 753C speaker cabinets to. Just checking in?
  11. Thanks guys. I guess I'm a retro guy at heart though sometimes the new age guy surfaces. I can see something like these sitting in my grandmothers front "parlor" in the old days. Heck, now I'm old!!
  12. I built a set of WE 753C for a forum member and another acquaintance asked me to make a pair for him. He will use the WEE 728B 12" woofer (goes for around $2,500.00??!!!) on ebay and will use a WE 32A horn and a driver he has. The motorboard is cut in half so he can experience with difference size/type mid/tw horn on the top. He will install the woofers, xover, insulation etc after receipt. I really like this retro look. By the way I'm going to ship this probably through Freighters and Craters from Little Rock to Washington DC. Anyone have good/bad/other expierence with F&C??? Thanks.
  13. Preferably in new or very good condition. Thanks
  14. Been there done that. My doc suggested non prescription Theralith high dose magnesium that helps prevent formation. Keep pain meds with me on all trips. Nurse knew what was wrong when I went into ER because I was doing kidney stone shuffle!!
  15. Making great progress young grasshopper!!! Keep up the good work. I am same way think I should be working on these like it's my day job! They will be special.
  16. Droogne, one suggest on LS build. I highly recommend using 1" baltic birch ply or mdg on the outside wall panels to reduce the resonance of those panels. Klipsch used 1" mdf in the Lascala 2. I recently built a pair using 1" BB ply everywhere per my friends request (plus 1/16" veneer on inside and out and 1/4" cherry face trim on sides). Helped reduce the resonance. They are very heavy. You will see several comments that the doghouse and back don't need to be thicker because the are braced and have short distances between joints but the two sides don't have any bracing at the termination of the horn at the front.
  17. Excellent work my young friend!! Looks great. Going to sound sweet when they're done. Jealous big time!!! Great skills.
  18. Dave, I don't any any definitive research on these other than the sides don't flex much (if at all). I think the added weight of the 1" material over 3/4" helps as well. My friend says he can tell the difference in the bass (cleaner).
  19. Most excellent project and work. Your shop seems to be cleaner than mine - I wonder why!??? You'll be jammin before long.
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