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  1. http://www.needledepot.com/listproductsofbrand.aspx?brand=SIGNET
  2. Dean, I'm in basic agreement with you on all points. Colt dropped the ball after the '70 series full frame. They haven't been the same since. My last Colt was the Gold Cup National Match '70 series and it took almost $1,100.00 to make it shoot up to it's capabilities. I was talked into buying a "plain jane" Kimber full size. Out of the box it was excellent. I had to set the sights on it but after 10 rounds it was a nail driver at 30 YDS not feet. (S&B ammo is my preferrence. Clean, uniform, dependable. Over 30,000 rds and never an issue. Clean. 5-7 boxes before the accuracy starts radically decaying. WAS cost effective also) I buy the Kimber now. Out of box I haven't seen a gun to beat them for dependability or accuracy. I had a custom Springfield built for competition shooting. High buck, superb accuracy, but nothing I would carry or depend on. The Sig 220 is a good gun. The handle "hump" and double action drop it down on my list of favorites. Also, I've had some finish problems (oxidation/rust) on the Sig. My main back up is the Sig 232 and it's very accurate out to about 15 yards. Dependable. I've got an 8 year old at home and safety is foremost in my mind. KEEP IT IN MIND!!!!!!! Full length guide rods are only as good as the smith installing them. Aftermarket "One size fits all" is NOT the way to go unless you're competent modifying firearms. It's a definite skilled trade. The 1911 is a great design. As good as it gets for a semi auto. Downside is every Tom, Dick, and Harry is making aftermarket "improvements" for them. Everyone is copying the disign and making their own "1911". Most are decent guns. Too many "pretenders" of questionable quality. Few have produced equal or surpassed quality over the original. Still, the 1911 is a gun I can pick up in the middle of the night, half asleep, and not worry. It's an extension of my hand I've carried for 41 years now and will rely on until they close the box on my carcass. Harry
  3. 45acp isn't any more expensive to shoot than 9mm. Think about this... Why has the 45acp survived the military needs since 1902? J.Browning was THE firearms designer. I know of no other designer that has two designs still used by the U.S. Military in the same basic configuration as the original design. 45 acp and .50 caliber Browning. If you buy a gun to shoot cans with, any model or caliber will do. If you buy a gun to defend yourself it's a whole different game. Again, it's all subjective but as a combat veteran I'll have nothing but a quality 45acp to depend on to protect my family, self, and property. Harry
  4. HarryO Harry is just an internet name, "0" stands for nothing. Old detective TV show name.
  5. You might want to touch base with BEC (Bob Crites) here on the forum. He's been doing a project of cleaning up and restoring old tapes. I didn't get much info about it but it may be a way to save a few bucks on good tape and reels. I use mine to put some old vinyl on so I can listen to a couple of hours of music I can't get on CD. With good tape the sq is amazing. It makes me wonder why I went digital at all. And yes, it's weird using the remote control with a 15' cord attached. Having a Turntable on top of my rack gets a lot of questions from locals that have never laid eyes on a turntable except for garage sale or thrift store. Then when I show off the reel to reel with cord remote, fire up the tubes with the lights dimmed, they think I've been time warped to the stone age of audio. Hit the play button and the sweet tubes and analog dispersed through the room you've made a convert that will start nailing cd's on the wall for looks. Yes, good analog is addicting and easy to obtain. Expensive? I don't have any hobbies that aren't expensive. Fishing, Golf, guns, books, old military memorabilia, etc. I've been watching Orange County Chopper again and stopped at Indy V Twin yesterday to look at chopper frames. About 2 grand for a decent frame. I got a general idea for the build and $25,000 grand would probably get it rolling down the street on it's own power. $35,000 would probably be a target dollar amount when finished. Hobbies? yea right. Harry
  6. Dean, I shoot and carry the 1911 models. I carry a Kimber Custom 2, shoot an Elite, and hunt/camp/fish with the Desert Warrior. I also have numerous Colt, Springfield, and a couple of various military models of different manufacturers. I won't depend on anything else. You can pick up a Kimber Custom 2 (Same model the U.S. Marines are using now) for around $700. It's already built with the custom goodies you have to buy and install with the other models. hand fitted barrel, link, full length guide rod, custom fully adjustable trigger assemble, and very good out of box sights. Deadly accurate. Blows my 220 Sig away as far as accuracy goes. Harry
  7. Prayers especially for Barb and his family. They will be second guessing every decision they made about the treatment... I certainly miss his posts.If I had the money, I'd go to his funeral. There's no second guessing about treatment. Rob was a Viet Nam veteran and used the VA as his primary medical care. The VA did NOT cover his $2,500 a month meds for his "rare disease" associated with his brain issues. That was partially covered by the family's private insurance. Rob was a weekly regular like most vets to the VA when you start developing the common ailments associated with his service duty and exposures to certain items. There was less than a one month period between full scans that should have detected this. I'm not a doctor but I doubt it would have made much difference. Sadly, it happens. I've seen it a handfull of times the last few years. Some health concerns are NOT even discussed at the VA and even disputed simply because of lack of genuine testing and open results. It's a "head in the sand" issue that probably will go unacknowledged for another generation or so until the issues are actually documented and the commonalities are too great to ignore or "brush aside" Rob was adamant about his keeping his appointments, treatments, testing, and his meds went down like clockwork. It happens. I guess there's always second guessing, 20-20 hindsight etc, but in this case his standard VA treatments just missed it. It's the system he lived in and died in. It's all too common and has been going on for over 40 years and probably another 40 years before it changes. Hereditary weakness? who knows. Rob was an orphan and didn't know much about his real parents. He was raised by "good" parents he respected for taking him in. Rob worked hard for his family. A solid factory worker with values, ethics, honor code, and love of country. I don't know of anyone that loved his wife and kids anymore than he did. His words: "I'm a very lucky man to have a wife and family that loves me so much. I couldn't ask for better than what I've been given". He always counted his blessings and didn't complain even when given the word he would die fast and miserably. The only thing I heard from him was... "I've got too much to do still. I'm not ready to die" Many times he'd tell me how blown away he was about the Scott amp this forum helped him get. He was still amazed at the generosity from the Klipsch forum. It was tough on him not being able to sit at the PC and turn on the "OB" alter ego. Dammit, he loved this place and was his favorite escape once his health turned for the worse. He loved the Scott like it was the highest honor that could be bestowed on a man. Loved the CWs with it. You'll never know how appreciative he was over the Scott. He didn't know how to relay the "thanks to a bunch of strangers that turned out to be family" He was a tough old bird. He held on long enough for his family to be with him at the end. His kids and grandson finally got to the hospital to say their goodbyes. His best friend played "Wild Horses" for him and he was gone.
  8. In case you would like to send something to the family. Here's OB's name and address. Oldbuckster Robert E. Doane 77 NORTH GREENFIELD ROAD PORTER CORNERS, N.Y. 12859
  9. Old Buckster my friend I toast to you. I'll miss our conversations. If they've got a good nightclub in Heaven save me a seat. I'll see ya soon enough. We'll have a few cold longneckers and roll up a couple of fatties. Miss and love ya 'bro. Harry
  10. Rob's wife just got hold of me. OB is gone. He passed last night. Last update. Harry
  11. Rob's wife just called. Rob is back in the hospital and most likely isn't coming home. Too late for hospice. Horrific pain. Bodily functions shutting down. He can't move so he's decided to stay at the hospital for the remainder of his time which is anytime now. His kids are coming back in to see him off. It's all he's waiting for. He's not ready until they get there. It's hitting his wife now. I guess she's finally accepted it is going to happen. She's having a very hard time talking about it. She's a very gracious woman. With all that's going on, again she's relayed thanks to all and she's wished us all a Happy Thanksgiving. Harry
  12. This makes me feel sick. Listen, the Mrs needs some help, some real serious help experienced with this stuff. They should be able to get some kind of home health services in the home. This could be either a home nursing service or a hospice service. He is very sick and can do nothing for himself. Unless there are other family members involved she is on duty 24/7 and that is just not good for either of them. See if you can talk to another family member. They may not even be in the house but should be able to get this set-up. Just have them call the doctors office and ask about hospice or homecare and how to get it started. In a matter of less than a day help could be in place. Offers have made by many forum members. NOT lightly I may add. The generosity here is second to none. The family already has the essentials in place. Things are taken care of and the family has their preferences and their wishes should be observed. I'll pass on your thoughts. Tx, Harry
  13. I talked to Rob for about 2 minutes yesterday. He got home sunday afternoon best I could understand. He's on oxygen and can barely speak, his wife had to call 911 yesterday morning. I didn't get many details as his wife's voice was shaky and his was barely legible. Very weak. I asked about sending cards, or any help that may be needed. His reply: "Thank you to all, but nothing's needed" "Tell everyone thanks for thinking about me" He seemed very appreciative but he's tired, weak, and sick(could be from the chemotherapy). I don't know much at all. I tried to call a little while ago but no answer. Harry
  14. I talked to Rob's wife yesterday evening. He's still in the hospital as of last night. Chemo has started now. I asked about sending cards, etc, and was asked to hold off a bit. Our prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated. I was told to "keep it up" and don't give up hope. Harry EDIT: The only new info is his pain meds have been increased.
  15. Thank you for the update on smoking. Horrible death sticks. YES, they should be banned from the planet. You should be mad. You've brought up Old Buckster. There are more issues here than tobacco. There is/was a product called "Agent Orange". It's one of 3 defoliants used to clear foliage that the military used long long ago in a land far far away. Blue, white, orange. D245T I believe was the designation on the barrels they were loading onto the aircraft. It's been over 40 years now for me so my memory isn't as sharp as it was. Old ROB, myself, and tens of thousands or our youth walked through thousands of acres of terrain sprayed heavily with this stuff. They flew over us and sprayed it directly on us. It blinded us, burned any areas on our bodies not fully covered, made us sick on the spot, and made our skin look like chicken pox or a large rash. So many of our 'Nam Vets have died, and are dying of cancers and many other factors directly related to the defoliants. Most likely you can thank the chemical companies for this one guys and gals. I won't mention the name but if I'm not mistaken the company's initials are D.O.W. If you're into crusades, you could always get on the bandwagon to get our government off their a$$ and take care of the Veterans of our country instead of running them through miles and miles of "Red Tape" delays, paper shuffling, and denials. This could have been caught sooner. He complained for a long time about his back hurting. He had to follow the "standard procedures" set forth by the system. Smoking sure didn't help Rob but there are factors that contributed as much if not more than tobacco here. Rob has had multiple issues many not associated with cigarettes. I hate cigarettes as much as anyone does but if you're gonna post this comment please put all the factors in here and not just one you're familiar with. There's a lot more to it. I don't wish to offend. Please don't take it as such. I just saw your comments as limited in your knowledge as far as the "Old Buckster" is concerned. Maybe I'm just a bit sensitive right now. You are TOTALLY correct IMHO about cigarettes though. Harry
  16. I'm thinking on the best way to do this. I'm trying to get hold of them to find out their wishes and preferences on this.I'm not one to "Just Give Up" and I know Rob won't give up either. He will fight to the end with everything he has. Don't be surprised if he doesn't get back on here "Raisin' Heck" and being the same OB. Maybe I'm just an optomist but I DO expect it. I still have faith he can/will be healed. Bad news from the doctors sure, but I haven't given up and I'm still asking for all the goodwill you have in asking for a recovery for him. It won't cost nothing to take a moment and "ask for help" for the 'buckster. Harry
  17. Time to get back to basics. Check all connections, RE-clean the switches and controls. Who knows how good he cleaned these. I'm not saying anything negative about the guy or his work ethics but these old controls may need to be cleaned two or three times. Harry
  18. The first place I would start with is a good cleaning of the switches and controls on the old HK. You could just have a dirty balance control or tape monitor or any control in the HK. You'd be surprised how much a good cleaning will do for the sound quality and functioning of an old receiver/amp etc. Harry
  19. I am blessed and in God's good graces but my unworthy voice isn't good enough for my friend. I've asked and prayed for such a miracle in every way I know but more help is needed. Harry
  20. I haven't been able to get a hold of Oldbuckster for a couple of days but this morning when I called I reached his wife. I have the "OK" to let everyone know what's going on now. Rob has lung cancer and it spread to his spine and now his liver. He's in the hospital with a lung infection and he's undergoing radiation therapy and next week he will probably start the Chemotherapy. Here's how it is... There's nothing that they can do for him except to try to make him comfortable and hopefully be able to extend life a little bit for him. Rob can't walk or get to the PC or go downstairs to listen to the old Scott and Cornwalls. He just can't get around. If he hasn't returned your email best wishes or answered the phone to anyone you now have the reason. Please keep up the prayers and good thoughts for "OB". Harry
  21. Happy Veterans Day. To past, present, and future. God Bless America and it's faithful. As a Veteran I thank you all for loving this country and supporting all who serve. Never forget what it takes to keep our country safe, strong, and free. Harry
  22. HarryO

    for Fini

    Same ex-wife got me a pair of shoes and 'tail for xmas. They were both too big.
  23. HarryO

    for Fini

    My ex wife was a screamer during sex. She screamed so loud the neighbors complained. I had to quit letting her go over there.
  24. KLIPSCH S/N FORMATS DATES DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE 1946-1947 ### 001 (ending #021) 1948-1961 ?? #### 0121 (starting #0121) 1962-1983 ##letter#### 20Y1234 1984-1989(?) YY WW #### 89281234 1990-1997(?) DOY Y2Y1 #### 135791234 1998-2000 YY WW #### 00281234 1962-1983 Letter format A = 1962 F = 1967 K = 1972 R = 1977 X = 1982 B = 1963 G = 1968 L = 1973 S = 1978 Y = 1983 C = 1964 H = 1969 M = 1974 T = 1979 D = 1965 I = 1970 N = 1975 U = 1980 E = 1966 J = 1971 P = 1976 W = 1981 NOTES 1946-1961 dates can only be found in log book (eng. Library) DOY= day of the year YY=year (i.e. 99,00..) Y2Y1=2nd digit of year, 1st digit of yearWW=week of the year
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