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  1. 9 hours ago, moxmonkey said:

    Now my dilemma.  There is a pair of vintage untouched Cornwall I's for sale locally for $1300USD with some minor cosmetic issues or the floor model Cornwall IIIs I listened to for $2450 USD.  While the difference in price isn't massive, it's enough that its forcing me to think twice.  

    I say think twice because $2450 is a good price for new Cornwall III speakers even though they are floor models.


    On the other hand $1300.00 is an average price for the Cornwall I but if you did decide to move up the chain, you could probably get that $1300.00 back if you were to sell them, if still in good condition.


    Welcome to the forum.



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  2. 15 minutes ago, Han Wedge said:

    So regarding to the impact of an upgrade on overall sound :

    - 1st choice: adding a 2nd SPL-150----------------------------------yes

    - 2nd choice: switching from RP-402s to RP-502s-----------probably

    - 3rd choice: switching from RP6000 to RP8000-------------maybe



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  3. 13 minutes ago, Han Wedge said:


    According to you, should I go for the RP502s instead of RP402s or save money and buy another SPL-150 later?

    I was specifically saying go for the RP6000F's and another subwoofer over the RP8000F's and a single subwoofer.  Of course if budget($$$) allows.


    Yes the RP502s would be better but have the least amount of immediate impact on your overall sound.



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  4. 19 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

    The system you have listed would sound excellent. Going to the RP8000 might help slightly, and would eliminate any decision whether to go bigger or not. It's always a decision on upgrading or not, the 502s is definitely an upgrade. I'm not very familiar with atmos. 

    Totally agree with all of this.


    To save a tad of money, get the setup you stated above but, get a second subwoofer now or in the future.  I personally think a second SPL-15 with have more impact than going a little bigger with the RP8000F's.


    Welcome to the forum.



  5. 6 hours ago, MortenTS said:

    Thanks, just upgraded from PJ to 85" tv so after redoing placement and stuff you always get the idea to upgrade something else.

    I am indeed happy with my setup and i think it's good/powerfull enough for the room.

    I get it.  It can be contagious.


    My current main speaker setup, RF-63's/RC-64, RS-35's, has been in place for the most part since the fall of 2008.  Never have I thought seriously in "upgrading" my speakers except for adding/subtracting a few subwoofers through the years.  Many good deals have been local to me on "upgrading" to RS-52's or RS-62's for surrounds but opted out every time.  Are there "better" speakers out there, sure but when I am so pleased with my speakers I see no need.



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  6. Man, it's dead out there, this should be gone.


    This CA CXA60 is 3 generations newer than my CA 640Av2 and I am sure a noticeable improvement(refinement).  The 640A plays beautifully with my Heresy IIs as well as any other speaker I have demoed it with.  Very punchy, neutral and balanced.


    I don't think you could go wrong with the CXA60.



  7. @Norbok,


    Welcome to the forum.


    21 hours ago, Norbok said:

    Sony - 725W 5.2-Ch. Hi-Res 4K Ultra HD A/


    Klipsch r34c center



    Klipsch - Reference Series 5-1/4" 340-Watt Passive 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers


    Klipsch - Reference Series 12" 400W


    What rear speakers should I get? 


    The R-41SA's are the matching surrounds.



  8. @J.D.,


    Welcome to the forum.


    I think the RP-504C will mate very well with a pair of RP-8000F's.


    What are the dimensions of your room?

    Is it an open room(family room/kitchen/nook) with high ceilings?

    How loud do you play?

    What is the ultimate goal of this system?  3.1, 5.1, 7.1, Atmos, etc.?


    IMO, without any answers to these questions, get an upper mid-level or higher AVR that also has multichannel preouts if you want to add an outboard amp to the mix in the future.




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  9. 4 hours ago, knucklehead said:

    I've had a Yamaha A-S1000 for 6-7 years now, bought it used. Even though I've replaced it in the audio rack I won't sell it.

    Love mine and it is still in place when I first bought it.


    5 hours ago, knucklehead said:

    Some things are more difficult to let go of than other things.

    Very true.


    5 hours ago, knucklehead said:

    Internally I think it's the same amp as the S1100/1200/S2000/S2100/S2200, but not positive about that.

    It's not the same, more off the shelf parts than the other ones but still a rock solid build.




  10. 3 hours ago, Gunnar Bjorklund said:

     I would like to get a three channel if possible. I’m located in Vancouver in Washington state.

    These monoblocks are great amps.  I once owned a pair as well as the bigger brother MA700s and they were excellent performers.




    Triplets across the front.


    Disclosure: First link is for a single MA500, second link for a pair.  Photos below are of the same amp.








    Also the "cool" factor thing.




  11. 32 minutes ago, DizRotus said:

    How about a day with a healthy Trevor Lawrence?

    He was healthy against LSU last January.:ohmy:


    Sorry, I could not resist.  My best friend of 50 years is a Clemson alumnus as well as most of his family on his Dad's side and he was just heart broken.  He said that LSU gave them a plain ole A$$ whooping.


    I know he is sick about last night's game.



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  12. @drysideshooter,


    Welcome to the forum.


    I don't think floorstanders will overwhelm an almost 2000ft3 room unless they are the size of refrigerators.  Maybe look at the RP-6000Fs instead if you have concerns.  Also, you control the volume knob so even if you opted for the larger RP-8000Fs, I do think room placement, toe-in, EQ(optional) will factor in.



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  13. @gregory,


    Welcome to the forum.


    If the R-625Fs were my mains then my center channel would come from the Reference line and would most likely be the R-34C, though I may would consider the R-52C because of it's larger woofers.  I(me) would not mix and match between product lines.


    With all that said, I(me) would skip right over the Reference line and get all from the Reference Premiere line.  Better built, better sounding.



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  14. Your AVR is rated at 95w/ch@8ohms(20Hz to 20kHz) with 2 channels driven.  If I had to guess, that would equate to maybe 55 to 60w/ch with all channels driven.  Pure direct bypasses all processing/filters so you are getting an unadulterated signal which may explain the beefier sound.



  15. @ksb916826,


    Welcome to the forum.


    11 hours ago, ksb916826 said:

    I plugged in the new 440c and ran Onkyo's room correction wizard.  To my surprise, it calculated the crossover to 200hz.

    A bit messed up in my opinion.


    11 hours ago, ksb916826 said:

    Now I know these room correction tools are sometimes way off, but when the test tones are played from each speaker, the 440c just seems like it does not produce much low end.

    You may have a large bass "suck out" at the 440C's location causing the Onkyo's software to go awry.  

    I would run the auto setup as normal again and if the 440C gets set at that high crossover again, just manually set it to maybe 1/4 octave or so above it's -3dB spec(-59Hz) which should be around 75 to 80Hz.   Experiment from there if desired raising in 5Hz increments.



  16. 3 minutes ago, mprowland said:

    If this is the case, is there even a reason to get an Emotiva or Monolith or does the sensitivity of Klipsch in general make large amps pointless?

    I would not say pointless but not really necessary either.  With that said, I have been driving my RF-63/RC-64/RS-35 combo with 200w/ch Acurus amps for over 9 years.



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