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  1. Hard to follow @Dave1291 that. Lost flops dancing. Hot cat. No men magnet:
  2. That's right. I use semi-gloss goth on mine. And, an hard enamel finish. First trim them...
  3. Going to want pics and price. Is expected by forum. Not an auction site. Thanks!
  4. Mentioned earlier about trying another tweeter...
  5. Pretty sure I texted with simply, maybe talked too. They like others did not have Palladium diaphragms was looking for.
  6. Not a question of better but the 3s are decent if in good condition including drivers. Both made typically for HT yet music too of course. Welcome @Gusss
  7. Welcome @POROSCO... Not hip to those. Do you have a link to both? Thanks!
  8. Yes get the ones from simply. Talk I've read, go ahead and get a pair if available an just replace the one and listen. Ferrofluid maybe just to have on hand. Others here may chime in further. Would chat with simply about the situation also about the diaphragm. They sell Klipsch parts.@gheth
  9. Thinking the ones I used to post is in studio in Canada. Lot's of back and forth. Born under a bad sign was first after opening, IIRC...yes long.
  10. Meanwhile while trying to diagnose, look at this for clues to your problem: https://www.tapeheads.net/threads/nakamichi-482-tape-transport-problems.84361/
  11. Sometimes you find a belt off of its drive motor. If belt looks okay, turn back on to see dc motor is actually turning. May be wiring connection not making contact. If burnt smelling inside, try to determine if motor or burnt belt smell.
  12. Likely a drivebelt broken over that length of time. If comfortable would pull cover to verify unplugged. ToReplace from a belt kit. A hair tie or better replacement found at local Ace. Clean any belt residue and make certain belt not too loose or tight.
  13. billybob

    Car Thread

    And some basic tools, water, flashlight, and tranny fluid. Have a great trip... @wuzzzer
  14. billybob

    Car Thread

    Without comment, some information: https://www.jeepcherokeeclub.com/threads/did-the-dealership-break-my-oil-cooler-should-i-pay-for-it.239184/
  15. billybob

    Car Thread

    @wuzzzer... makes me wonder why now, just after oil change. Are you going to have a problem getting Jeep to the repair dealership with an oil leak, without damaging engine. Ran into a problem with a transmission cooler which usually resides in radiator on my Volvo. Placed cooler outside near in front of engine fan for cooling. Yes, rentals crazy higher.
  16. That is one cool looking bass!
  17. I have a fairly good imagination. Which do think you have by the choices you are making. Thanks for a little more information. Without knowing more, can only go with your suggestions. Feel you are on the correct path. The door is still open for others here more familiar with those products to weigh in, and get specific. Hoping whoever at Klipsch you are wanting to hear from does not delay. For other opportunities, there is this forum to answer/deliver a response, apart from Klipsch proper. Good fortune @ArtPeers
  18. Dang straight it's a deal. Predict someone as will leave the Klipsch bash and pickup unless by this weekend.
  19. https://www.klipsch.com/flexus-sound-system?autocompletequery=Flexus
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