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  1. Wow, just realized Wildblue was acquired by Viasat, a company delivering commercial internet pre home sat internet,data, facsimile. Wildblue then uses spotbeam technology platform technology. Certified back then yet, the manager wanted to treat contractor as employee. Oh well...
  2. Yes welcome...you will get more chance of an answer in the technical section below, even the subwoofer section. Good luck...
  3. Yes welcome...You would be better off in the correct place to ask this. Garage Sale section here down below. Thanks and good hunting!
  4. Yes , whatever works. Bargain price. Thanks!
  5. https://www.klipsch.com/flexus-sound-system?autocompletequery=Flexus In spring...
  6. Welcome @philip maniscalcomaniscalco If you want to, downsize some pics of those and add a price. Thanks!
  7. billybob


    Brother has to buy me beers for a while...oh well, lol
  8. Imagine the possibility. Would ask and look. Even a b-stock. Maybe ask the dealers. Good hunting...
  9. Would like that Dave, and tell Mark, howdy for me...😎
  10. Lol, man alive a highly likely no...😂
  11. Wow, you say we and have done some decent research. I would say, good progress. While waiting, I would look in our archive, using the search engine. Guess you are doing home theater, movies and music. And yes, you will want a subwoofer, either way. How big is your listening room? Thanks!
  12. Ain't no use to hide, ain't no use to run, cause I got you in the sights of my, love gun...
  13. I'm talking bout the midnight rambler... everybody's got to go... The one you've never seen before...
  14. Likely done by now, pair in Florida for 400, down from 450. Craigslist... Welcome @audiophileincolombia
  15. Yes @Lennco... you are correct. A strap for each speaker should be in your box. If not, use a jumper wire paying attention to the red bottom to top red. Any questions? Welcome!
  16. Cool... That Mac SS should work well. Let us know.
  17. If sat only available, would prefer Viasat or Hughesnet myself as a more stable platform. Starband may no longer exist, not caring now. Got certified for 3.
  18. Yes welcome @ArtPeers Alot of centers by Klipsch will work. Would use the extra odd speaker for a center across the front, until you can sort it. May work beautifully. Thanks!
  19. Cannot recall now but, fast. Especially if nothing else. Typically: https://www.starlink.com/legal/documents/DOC-1400-28829-70
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