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  1. AND: https://www.hifichoice.com/content/klipsch-introduces-austin-nashville-and-detroit-bluetooth-speakers
  2. Glad Marvel is helping you. I disappeared of a sudden.
  3. Cool... guess contact where you got it from. You are the first have seen here as we are unfamiliar with as new product. Someone here may help. Not too hip with. @wuzzzer
  4. Not sure that Klipsch will have but you can ask. Bumping this up as several members here can answer with information, I hope. @HenningO
  5. @Tunertroy...seller is in the forum jail at the moment and cannot respond. Thanks!
  6. Since they are new, contact Klipsch support and/or the store you purchased from meanwhile. Thanks
  7. New to me: https://www.hifichoice.com/content/klipsch-introduces-austin-nashville-and-detroit-bluetooth-speakers
  8. Welcome @Steve McPikeMcPike
  9. Welcome @OrangeDragon Please verify the name of the unit you are referring to. Austin, not familiar with. Thanks!
  10. Welcome @Kenpoguy Someone here will say.
  11. Would say generally speaking, they will work. Bumping this up for others.
  12. If noise/sound in an adjoining room behind your first speaker is a concern, there will be solutions.
  13. Welcome @KHG Usually recc. doing nothing until you find out about the behavior of the speakers first but, let's see what others think.
  14. Nice job, the both of you! Cool receiver...
  15. Deep fried venison backstrap Swamp cabbage Sweet potato fries Rice w/white gravy Baked beans Oooops
  16. Welcome @HenningO Bumping this dated thread up.
  17. Yes welcome @jpantig Can almost read the labels on those. Please let know or show closer pics. Thanks
  18. How about you @Vince1966 Any good fortune?
  19. Same with red roe...yum.
  20. Blind Faith...had that alt. Cover
  21. Yes...may as well let Roy go ahead with the 3.
  22. @Mycuff Page 1 schematic: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/113804-klipsch-crossovers/
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