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  1. I've done the mod, lived with it for several months, then took them off for a couple of weeks to judge the difference. I would definitely consider it an upgrade, having lost none of the "punchy bass" I loved with the stock LaScala. My next move, as soon as the opportunity arises, will be to build Claude's Q-Pie bin, which by all accounts is an even better "upgrade".
  2. Thanks for responding Craig. Yeah, I actually enjoy biasing the amp and checking it every once in a while to ensure that it's acting properly. So would you recommend that I mix the matched pairs or mate them together?
  3. So I ended up purchasing the quad of Sylvania 7189A for a good price. I had not noticed that the tubes are in fact two sets of matched pairs, both sets made in England. They are both labeled 7189A on the tubes, is there any reason this would not work in the 299B? Is there a preferred way of arranging the tubes?
  4. Ha! Yeah, it's surely an abused term. The seller told me that he'd test them in front of me to confirm that they all test NOS. Thanks for the reply Craig!
  5. Can somebody please confirm that the Scott 299B can use 7189A tubes? I've found a matched quad of NOS Sylvania 7189A locally for about the same price as the Russian EL84M that I'm currently using. Any opinions on the Sylvania 7189A? The gentleman also has cheap 6BL8 tubes for sale ($15 each), I think they are Marconi. Worth it? I would like to have a backup set of tubes for the future. Many thanks, Daniel
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    Oh, this hurts.
  7. So I purchased a pair of KG4 in Black over the weekend for the paltry sum of $180 CDN. Two of the woofer's dustcaps we slightly indented, only really visible with direct lighting. Enough to negotiate $70 off of the asking price though. The cabs are nice and airtight (pushing on the woofers makes the drone easily move) and have been well taken care of. I'm playing them now in the studio and am loving it! No problems pressurizing the space with great dynamics and clarity, solid center image with nice width. Listened all evening to all sorts of different music without any fatigue. My Heresy Is are currently being "housed" at a dear friend's place, so I can't directly compare them. Evidently they are a different beast with an obvious upper hand in the bass. They will surely make another friend very happy indeed! Daniel
  8. I had the pleasure of escaping the family for a few hours to attend the Montreal Audio Fest on Sunday. Not having read the list of companies that were present I had little hopes of hearing anything from Klipsch. My friends and I were on the hunt for horn speakers, which were few and far between. We eventually found the Klipsch room and it did not disappoint, at least not visually. I wasn't paying much attention to the source and amplification, suffice it to say that whatever amps were setup were HUGE! As in, I wasn't even aware such big amplifiers existed... They had setup the latest Klipschorns (pulled away from the corners by a couple of feet) and were displaying the entire Heritage lineup on the side wall. It was my first time hearing Khorns and I eagerly sat down expecting them to blow my Lascalas out of the water. Well... just as the music started playing they were plagued by internet streaming problems! The chap who was selecting the music on his Ipad tried his best to resolve the issue but every time the music started it would cut out shortly after. Attendees were patient for a little while, but eventually just left. I didn't even get a full song in before we had to move on. Hopefully this was the only time this happened to them. Maybe next time Klipsch should opt for more traditional (read stable) source material! In any case, from the short cuts of music I heard, there was more in common than differences between the KHorns and my Lascalas. It was hard to tell just how much lower they dig because of the lack of variety in musical choices, having essentially heard the intro to the same song 5 times or so. The festival ended shortly thereafter so I was unable to go back for a good listen, which is truly unfortunate. We saw and listened to dozens of other speakers and I have to say that the Heritage lineup doesn't look outclassed in the least by all the expensive newfangled speaker designs out there. Wish I had a picture to share, but alas...
  9. What are your room dimension, out of curiosity? I'm trying to visualize whether or not I could migrate to this type of setup in my studio, which is just under 16' wide. How hard was it to source the horns/drivers in Canada? I'm in Québec and imagine it's a little more complicated than our neighbours to the south. Maybe not.
  10. Yes, I got that. I think he meant he prefers 2ch for music, which, as I mentioned, will be the only application in my system. Thanks @garyrc for the historical accounts of the early uses of stereo. Sure makes me wish that I could have heard some of those great old cinemas! As it is now I've got a fantastic phantom center image, I've also got great sound everywhere in my room (which was important for me as I'm not always sitting in the listening chair), though this hasn't been corroborated with any type of measurements other than my ears and personal preferences. I guess what I'm wondering now is what more/less will adding the third channel bring to my system? There's got to be a reason PWK advocated such a setup. If I understand his reasoning it has to do with widening the sweet spot so that several listeners can enjoy a stereo image. In my other thread about the listening room itself, @Chris Asuggested that the center channel locks the center image in from everywhere in the room with the benefit increased clarity. Seems compelling!
  11. Interesting... can you please elaborate why you prefer 2ch for music? I'm counting on using it solely for music, as in... there is no chance of it ever being for movies. My motivation for trying the three channels for music stems from a desire to apply what PWK described as the best possible setup rather than any sort of dissatisfaction with my current system.
  12. I may soon acquire another pair of LaScalas in order to try the 3 channel setup as Klipsch and others have suggested was the ideal setup. I'm currently driving my pair with a Scott 299B, which has the center channel output. I've also got a small Trends TA-10 amp which can be made into a mono amp. Would this work well in this context? What are others using as center channel amplifiers? Is the volume control of the center channel independent from the main integrated, meaning when I adjust the volume will I need to fiddle with two knobs? Pretty nubey stuff... I know! Thanks for any help!
  13. Haven't been able to find the time to upload more pictures, trust me, they'll come! I've since repositioned the speakers tucked in at 45deg angles. They crossover a couple of feet in front of me, yes. They look a little funny (especially in photos with the forced perspective and all), yes. Yet, I think I prefer them like this. Now here is where my limited abilities to describe what I'm hearing become REALLY evident... I'll try my best. When I had them firing slightly behind me, the soundscape widened a little but it felt slightly thinner. Playing Ry Cooder's Paris, Texas soundtrack on vinyl (a go to album for me when testing new setups, especially good for MID/HIs, ambience, micro-dynamics and tone) all the detail was there, impeccable and exiting. Yet, even after several listens, it seemed to me like the guitar strings were, for lack of a better term, without body. Almost as though they were being plucked out of the ether (in and of itself and interesting effect, admittedly). Placed at 45deg angles I lose very little, if any, of the soundscape width. They still image beautifully with a steady, focused center image, but with the (subjective) sensation of the body of the guitar, which I feel is important. Now a question, I've applied as much of the PWK 8 card as well as lots of advice from the Dope from Hope articles as I feasibly could (can't set them up on the long wall, so that's out of the question). I'm so thrilled with the results thus far that I (blindly) trust Klipsch's insights, even if they appear a little... dogmatic, perhaps even antiquated. Now, before going any further inasmuch as upgrading to Jubscalas or stacked pro speakers (which I can easily see sometime in the future), how much better would my setup be with a bridged center LaScala (as per rule number 7)? Are my speakers far enough apart to warrant a center channel? Some sharp-eyed member doubted that they are 16ft appart, they are actually more like 183" appart . I may be able to get my hands on a pair locally, with the same AA xovers. The third one could serve as a mono speaker elsewhere, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Thoughts??
  14. I could probably upload pictures of the actual build if people want to see it. I'll start posting pictures sometime next week...
  15. Alright, so I tried aiming my speakers at the listening position last night, gotta put the pencil down at some point. I'm now looking right down the throat of the horns and it doesn't hurt any, if anything the soundscape gained a little width. The center image is still absolutely stable and it hasn't had any averse effects on the music elsewhere in the studio. Looks better too, thanks for the suggestion! Daniel
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