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  1. The woofers are original alnico which appear to have been repaired as there was a service sticker on one of them. By all accounts the original foam on these woofers were prone to rotting completely. Mine are in good condition so I presume the surrounds had been replaced. Here is a photo from the net which are identical to mine.
  2. A quick mockup I drew just to be clear, as I don't have much working electronics knowledge, according to the gentleman's calculation over on audio asylum. Does this look correct?
  3. A fellow over on the audio asylum high efficiency forum suggest I wire a 24 ohm resistor in parrallel to bring the 12 ohm driver down to 8 ohm. Shouldn't bee too hard a fix, I believe.
  4. Oops, my bad. The A55G is 12ohm rather than 16. In any case, I went ahead and installed them but haven't had time to listen just yet.
  5. I apologize for resuscitating such an old thread, but I've posed my question elsewhere and haven't had any answers. Can I substitute the 8ohm EV 1823M with 16ohm A-55-G in my Electro Voice Sentry IV-B without modifying the crossover? Here is a schematic if it can be helpful.
  6. They are made of coroplast, and I installed them before even installing my system. What I can say, without any hesitation as even my kids could hear it, is that it greatly reduced reverb in my room. The walls and ceiling are very rigid 5/8" plywood, built out of SIP panels, so no 2x4 framing. When my studio was finished being built, the reverb was just outrageous. I could hear a clap springing back and forth in the room for what seemed like a few seconds. After having installed the poly diffusors it has essentially vanished. I've got some on all four walls, along with 4" thick rockwool absorbers are strategic locations, following @Chris A advice in his very informative corner horn imaging thread.
  7. Thanks Moray for posting all of that info. I have to say that Electro-voice really provided excellent documentation and measurements for these models! Reading the polar response tells me that these horns are really well designed. They are made of "rigid urethane foam", so I think grinding the cobra's teeth is out of the question. I won't be putting them into the corners for now as the LaScala/Qpies are still there. I'll be moving the LaScalas into my home shortly and will lay the Sentry's bass bins on their sides to maintain the midhorn/tweeter's proper height. What'll be fun is trying the QPies as the bass bins, will be very easy to accomplish as the crossovers are pushpin type connections. I'll be able to A/B the Sentry bin and Qpies with ease. Can anyone chime in regarding using the 16ohm A55Gs in lieu of the 8ohm 1823M in the SM120A horn? From what I gather, I only need two metalized mylar caps to recap each crossover, 2uf / 100v +/- 5%, 30uf / 70v +/- 10%.
  8. So I spent the better part of the evening getting acquainted with the stock Sentrys. Having enjoyed my LaScalas, both modified and stock, for over 12 years I feel well placed to compare the two, though to be fair, the placement of the Sentrys isn't helping the low end as they aren't tucked into the corners. They're about 3' from the back wall and a couple of feet from the sides. I had tried the LaScalas in a similar placement a couple of back so I'll have to count on my auditory memory to compare. Unsurprisingly, both sets are lean in this position and I have no sub-woofers to lend a hand. I've been treated to the QPies tucked into the corners for the past six months and can now fully appreciate the QPie design and execution, full bass horn down to 50hz with room gain. Of course, what bass is there has real chest impact but needs higher volumes to be satisfactory. Which leads me to what has been a real revelation. The LaScalas when driven to these levels are fatiguing to me. Is it the K400, the room, the placement? Who knows. The Sentrys could be dangerous, because the volume seems to get louder and louder without them feeling as aggressive. I hear no distortion on both models at these levels and beyond with my 2A3 SET amp. The SM-120A sectoral horn is, I believe, a real gem. I don't know what to think of the 1823M driver just yet, would like to try the A55Gs to compare the two. The ST 350A sectoral tweeter is likewise very pleasant, good enough extension for my ears. It's the first time I listen to tweeters that are mounted below the midhorn, which I seem to remember @moray james advocating. Would love if he could elaborate here. The Sentry wins inasmuch as the height of the drivers. The bass bin is 41" high, which places the middle of the tweeter at approximately 37 1/2" and the mid horn at 46", corresponding well to my seated position. The LaScalas are currently sitting on the QPies which greatly helped in this regard. At this height, both models excel at imaging. Good coverage is vital for me, because most of my listening during the day is outside of the sweet spot. I need for my music to sound pleasing and balanced everywhere in my studio and both the Sentry and LaScala tick that box. Dynamics and ability to energize the room are also very similar, effortless. These two are alike in many ways, cousins perhaps. Visually, the LaScala will always have a place in my heart. I find it's design and visual volumes to be just perfect, a feat of engineering and a work of art. The Sentry, well I'm still getting used to the look. The SM 120A is a strange horn to look at, sort of like staring at the gaping mouth of a Cobra. Very quick question: is there any danger in using the A55G (12ohm) in lieu of the 1823M (8ohm) with the current crossover? I'll include the schematic I found for the Sentry IVB.
  9. So I was perusing the local Marketplace when I saw a post for a nice clean pair of Electro Voice Sentry IVBs, no price, best offer. I do not need another pair of speakers, let alone another pair of behemoths like the Sentry IVBs but I couldn't help but offer $400CDN (which I was sure was a ridiculous low ball). Wouldn't you know it, the woman wrote back ten minutes later saying that she accepted the offer! It was a 1 1/2 hour drive away and I went to pick them up today. I was actively looking for the SM-120A horn to try with my modified LaScalas, and for this price it's a no brainer. They came from an estate sale and when I asked if he had any other audio gear he pulled out some really nice looking Mitsubishi stuff: DA-P10 preamp, DA-A15 power amp and matching tuner and turntable. All for $250CDN. All that for roughly $515US, not too shabby! Will put the SM-120A with A55G drivers on top of my LaScalas and see where I go from there. No pictures for now, you'll have to take my word for it.
  10. As the title indicates, does anyone know where I can find the same 2 pole barrier strip that connects the doghouse/woofer to the xover? Many thanks.
  11. Question for @ClaudeJ1, In my current setup, the LaScalas are sitting on top of the Qpies with K33 driver nestled into the corners of a symmetrical 15'x26' room, short wall. Please have a look at the following image and advise, if you can, which of these two setups would be preferable. I haven't gotten fully accustomed to REW and UMIK, so I'm unable to take usable measurements. BTW, it sounds fine as it is now, which is more like the second option in the picture. Do I have to be concerned about time alignment and such, or is it strictly personal taste that'll dictate the optimal position? Thanks again for everything!
  12. My condolences to the family and I look forward to more dealings with them in the future. RIP
  13. I was really eager to read that chap's review of his Q-Pies and was rather disappointed. His build looks reasonably well done, I don't know about his choice of driver, but it definitely wasn't any of the ones that Claude recommends. All I can say that mine are well braced and carefully executed and I never noticed any out of control vibrations, let alone any that I can hear from my listening position. Still very satisfied and looking forward to the day I include a subwoofer or two.
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