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  1. Had not put much thought into it, the contrast within the bass bin would surely be very beautiful.
  2. I agree that it looks really swell with the badges in the corners. The TT is a pristine Lenco L70 with Shure M3D cartridge, may not be the last word in "HIFI" but it sure does boogie!
  3. Yeah, I deleted it to reinsert a different picture.
  4. I really suck at uploading pictures it seems, so my 5 picture tutorial will have to wait. Here is the final version.
  5. So I'm the type of guy who enjoys not only listening to, but also looking at his system. I've had my 1979 LaScalas for about 12 years now and have recently decided to modify them following much of the present member's examples: Dave's fantastic SMAHL tweeter lens + DE120, A55G drivers from Crites as well as his crossover kit. I had built the bass reflex mod for a previous listening room, and though I liked what it brought sonically I couldn't get over the looks of it, just too ugly IMO. After listening to them with the mod in my new listening room/artist's studio for a few months, I decided to remove the boxes and try the LaScala au naturel. With the corner loading and various room treatments and not lacking any bass impact, I decided to leave them as is... until I embark on the Q-Pies :) My only remaining aesthetic issue was with the SMAHL tweeter's looks. As beautiful as the lens is, like a jewel frankly, it is simply too anachronistic for my liking. This led me to wanting to install some grills to dress them up. I've seen several examples of custom and factory grills but ultimately decided to apply what I learnt in art school to build my own examples based on how I stretch a canvas. I used 1/4" HDF, cut to 11 1/2" x 23 3/4" as a base. I traced the template on the first and drilled pilot holes through both panels simultaneously. My skill saw made quick work of connecting the pilot holes to cut the window. I then used 11/16" quarter dowels to create the raised sides, like a canvas. I glued and clamped the dowels and let it cure before painting the whole thing matte black. Once that dried, I stretched the speaker fabric, Fender modern style from :https://nextgenguitars.ca/products/grill-cloth-fender-style-modern-blackface-by-yard-36-wide.html. The grill is affixed with good quality velcro as is the pie Klipsch logo (have yet to decide exactly where I want to place them, they used to be in the middle below the squawker horn). After listening for an evening I am certain that the cloth is reasonably, perhaps even totally, transparent. I love the looks and offer some pictures should anyone be inspired to replicate my solution.
  6. These look really great! Any chance you could elaborate on the assembly of these grills? I'd like to make something essentially identical for my 1979 black LaScalas and was looking for inspiration, when I found this thread. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. I was alluding to exactly this in my earlier posts, but I loath to think that the only solution is for law abiding citizens to arm themselves. Sigh.
  8. Yes, vastly different.
  9. Though I don't agree with you that Trudeau's ban "won't make one damn bit of difference", we can agree that it certainly doesn't get to the heart of the problem... the romanticizing and borderline fetichism of guns and gun violence, which is, sadly, so pervasive in American culture.
  10. You've no reason to apologize billybob, you wrote nothing offensive... I was referring to earlier posts. To answer your question, yes, Canada does have a gun problem, but this legislation is only part of the solution. The fact that we have pretty rigorous gun possession laws, especially on restricted firearms, drives up demand on the black market. Petty criminals in all of our major cities are vying to "out-thug" one another and can easily purchase any manner of illegal guns from the U.S.A.
  11. Why, because non of us has retaliated to this demeaning thread yet? While illegal guns flow in our country from the "good citizens" of the U.S.A., we "subjects" are left reeling with the consequences. This was a campaign promise from the democratically elected Liberal party, they are only enacting what the people want and voted for.
  12. So, anything new to report regarding this new driver Dave?
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