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  1. I wrote to Bob last night and he says he hasn't run across that particular problem before. He advised me not to try reseating the current diaphragm because they tend to be stuck and will likely break when I open the driver up. He suggests changing the diaphragm on both drivers as they are old and likely failing. He did stipulate that he doesn't know if it'll fix the issue. I'll go ahead and try my hand at changing it, and if it doesn't work I'll be obliged to consider ordering new drivers, surely the A55-G. It's tolerable when I'm listening to background FM music, but my evening sessions are compromised to the point of being unpleasant. I've sort of highjacked this thread, haven't I?
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. By reseating the diaphragm I suppose that would imply desoldering then resoldering, right? I read through the diaphragm replacement guide on Crites' website and saw the post-it note trick. I will update as it develops. Daniel
  3. So is it strange that the squawkers are producing sound at those frequencies? If I understand properly the crossover to the woofer should be at 400hz, yes?
  4. Well I think I've ruled out a damaged woofer or cabinet rattle as I've switched the drivers from one side to the other and the buzz follows the driver.
  5. I ran some test tones and it seems to be buzzing from the left channel between approx 260hz - 300hz. Sounds pretty awful. So does this sound like I need a replacement diaphragm?
  6. Actually, it didn't happen after changing amplifiers, I just noticed it much more after having changed amps. I've got the AA crossovers which had the caps replaced about 12 years ago. Would you mind telling me exactly how to measure the DC voltage going to the driver? I'm quite ignorant when it comes to electronics. Thanks for the reply! Daniel
  7. So I removed, by force the bug screens from both K55V. The good news is that it didn't seem to change the balance or tone from the speakers. The bad news is that the noise persists. Can anyone please advise what I should look at next? The bug screen from the left channel did have some form of corrosion. Could little bits of corroded screen have gotten in the voice coil and be responsible for the buzz?
  8. I've recently changed amps to a 3W/CH SET 2A3 driving my recapped AA Klipsch Lascala. The clarity this new amp brought about made me acutely aware of a "rattle" type noise coming from my left channel's midrange. I had heard it slightly with my other amps (both tubes and SS) but only barely. I've surmised that the other amps were somehow obscuring/veiling the noise which only happens on certain notes. Pianos seems to be particularly affected. It is such that it actually brought about a shift in channel balance when I am in the listening position, the central image being slightly left of centre (the problematic speaker). I've since taken both K55V drivers off and measured them.They are testing 11.9 (L) and 12.0(R) with my multimeter, so no need to change the diaphragm according to Bob Crites' site. Next I thoroughly cleaned the push pin terminal with deoxit. The driver to horn gaskets had been changed when I recapped the xovers about 12 years ago and all screws are tight in the cabinet. That's when my attention shifted to the bug screen which led me to this thread. From all appearances both bug screens were intact, they fit tightly with no corrosion. For good measure I tried pushing on the problematic driver's screen to see if doesn't eliminate the rattle. They were both reinstalled and I'D say the problem is 80% fixed, even the channel imbalance is much better. Of course, like I mentioned, I'm now painfully aware of the rattle and the 20% remaining buzz is really unbearable. Can anyone think of a step I may have missed before I go ahead and remove the bug screens? They appear to be really tight and I'll likely damage them taking them out. Has anyone found that removing them alters the tonal balance of the speakers? Thoughts? Many thanks, Daniel
  9. Does anyone recall off hand how low the LaScala dig with the bass bin mod? I trust either the QPie or SQPie will trounce them, right?
  10. I, for one, am generally satisfied with the LaScalas with ported bins, hell I was happy without the bass bins. There must be some nice room gain going on in here as it has never seemed light in the bass. Like I mentioned in my initial post one of my major reasons for wanting to build either the QPie or SQPie is aesthetic, the other being my curiosity with regards to a fully horn loaded system. Having them dig even deeper is definitely a bonus! A subwoofer with the expenses and complexities involved, are out of my reach/interests right now.
  11. I might just be crazy enough to go for it! The winters in Canada are long enough to merit a worthwhile project like this. I know you, Claude, will always prone bottomless bass with several tapped subwoofers, but I'm pretty sure I'd be happy enough with 41hz for my music only system. I'll PM you when as I get nearer to realizing this dream. Thanks again for your input. Daniel
  12. Yeah, I'm more curious about building a 60" x 60" (rather than 48" x 48")...
  13. I'm afraid you may have missed the crux of my previous message which was: I'm getting ready to build the QPies, only I was wondering if I would gain much by increasing it's size, much like Dave's SMWM, by using a 5' x 5' sheet of BB? Thanks for responding Claude!
  14. It's made of coroplast which is corrugated plastic, 1/8" thick. I chose white, but there are many different colours available.
  15. Yes, they are open and there isn't anything stuffed behind them for the time being. They were installed after having read about a similar approach by PWK in a Dope from Hope article. I needed to cut reverberation in my studio, which was out of this world. Before installing them I tried the clap test and I swear it sounded like a spring going back and forth. Now when I clap in the listening area, it's sharp and decays quickly. It was very cheap and effective in my situation.
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