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  1. This isn't just a budget tweeter... It's a fantastic budget tweeter! I've actually done this. Thanks to kg4guy for coming up with this idea. Tony
  2. When PWK heard music he liked, he often wanted it loud. I remember at that same gathering, putting on a piece of symphonic music... He tilted his head back, closed his eyes, and smiled. Believe me, it was playing loud. I remember several times listening to music in his living room that was a little too loud for my taste, but he was loving it. Tony
  3. Someplace in there one of the pilgrims bought a Heresy and there was the task of hooking it up to the clock radio in the hotel room. Ross Taylor (first standing on the left in the pic) bought 3 black Heresy II's and we hooked one of them up to the clock radio in his motel room... sounded ok. Tony
  4. Bushmill's was his favorite. I remember sitting in that living room and listening to music with him and Miss Valerie. Sure wish I could do that all over again. Tony
  5. That is Roy in the second pic, and that's me giving PWK a bottle of his favorite Irish whiskey. What a great day! Tony
  6. So... do you guys think I should build the 2-way (33% of full size) LaScalas? Tony
  7. Las 1's or 2's Those are sweet Tony and look like a labor of love build They're LaScala I's. Next time around (for the 2 way) I might go LaScala II. Tony
  8. I just noticed that picture is horrible. There's some optical illusion stuff going on there. I guess the light is doing something. Tony
  9. I have an idea that I could build a slightly bigger cabinet (maybe 33%). It would be a 2 way using a 5 1/4" woofer and the CT125 tweeter crossed at 4000 or 4500. I think that might be a good set of computer speakers.
  10. It's a single driver speaker. The top is purely for looks. There's a 3.5" driver that fires through a tiny slot in the woofer horn. These things are 25% scale construction in every way. It was a real challenge to cut those wings and the rear wedge. After I put the little driver in, it really made it sound a lot "bigger".
  11. Is it possible to use two antennas... one pointed North and one pointed South? Thanks, Tony
  12. Need recommendations please... I'm in a poor reception area (rural). I have TV towers to my North (30-35 miles) and TV towers to my South (30-35 miles). I'm looking for an outside antenna that can grab them all. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tony
  13. kg4guy, I'm really impressed with this tweeter you've put together. I know the APT-50 is a good little driver. How does the original driver come apart from the horn? Did you just glue the adapter on the horn or did you try to "thread" it in? I'm going to put together a couple of these and I want to make sure they'll hold. Thanks, Tony
  14. kg4guy, I like what you've done with the tweeter... very cool. I found the horn... what adapter did you use? Thanks, Tony
  15. kg4guy, What horn is that on the tweeter? Thanks, Tony
  16. Here's a pic of a HK505 that I found on the net. It's twin powered... and a real "sleeper" in my opinion. It's my favorite SS intergrated.
  17. I have a HK 505 from the late 70's/early 80's that I really like. Tony
  18. This is the 3490... I have the 3485. I plan on getting the 3490 when it's available. Tony
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