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  1. Ive heard mixed reviews about Avatar, I figure I will just buy it when it comes out on blu ray, its cheaper then going to the movies anyways.
  2. I was very impressed with it, I watched twice when I rented it and I just bought it last week on bluray because the picture quility was so good,
  3. Just finished it for a second time (played the evil role this time) I am done with this game. I wish more games were this involved and just as long, I had no problem spending the $65 on it, well worth it for sure. I might pick up the expansion packs in a few months just for something new.
  4. This game is all about online multiplayer . There have been rumors that in future installments they , Activision , may do away with the single player mode alltogather . I was wondering about that as well, now I know. I dont play on-line much so maybe I will wait to get this game, I really liked COD4 but found it way to short.
  5. When I bought my Sub-12 (aug/08) it came with a 5 year warrenty, I filled out the card and mailed it to them. Maybe Best Buy only looks after it for 2 years then after that its up to you to contact klipsch for repair?? I would call Klipsch direct, I have heard they have great customer care.
  6. Hay Mudkicker, its true that there are not a lot of stores that carry Klipsch, only two come to mind East Hamilton Radio and Bay Bloor Radio. I know there are more, I just don't know of them. I previously owned the Paradigm Monitor 7s and I found them completly lifeless comparred to my RB-81s. The only thing the Monitor 7s had h leg up on my Rb-81s was more bass, but thats due to them being floorstanders compared to bookshelf speakers. I think the biggest problem with Klipsch in Canada is the prices, my RB-81s were $450 a piece and thats with paying cash. Ive saw the RF-52 system (with the RT10 sub) sell for $3800 last November. I bought my Sub-12 online for $400 last year and it was about half the price as Best Buys at the time. [:'(]
  7. It really makes me want to upgrade my sub-12, first I need an amp.
  8. Hope this helps, it seems good to me. http://www.dolby.com/consumer/setup/speaker-setup-guide/index.html
  9. Yup thats how I started out 1 year ago. The Quintets are a great little speaker that sound good considering there size. The good thing is you can slowly upgrade the system one speaker at a time ( well thats what I did, RB-81s then the matching reference center) Best of luck to you, let us know when the upgrade bug bites.
  10. Oops. Sorry. I should have seen your address in Canada. I would offer to relay one to you, but I'm not really that nice (today). I will trough in a case of Maple syrup.[]
  11. Right now, you can get a brand new RC-35 center, SHIPPED for only $100. Use this link, and make an offer of $100. He'll accept it. I don't know if it's the right center channel for your use, but it can't be far off. I just ordered two to use as 'presence' speakers (and 'accidentally paid $125 each before I saw that the seller also accepted every else's offer of only $100 each). I use the RC-7 as my center, but it's mighty big. The RC-35 might be a better match for your existing RB-81 fronts. PS: Check the seller's feedback to see what others who 'won' with their best offers paid for the RC-35's being sold. Thanks I just checked it out, he does not ship to Canada anymore though! That is one hell of a deal though.
  12. Hi everyone! I would like some advice on my next upgrade for my home theater. My current system comprises of a Yamaha RXV-596 receiver Klipsch RB-81 mains Klipsch Quintet center and surround speakers Klipsch Sub-12 Samsung 50" plasma PS3 80 Gig I am working full time and going to school part–time so the upgrades will be about 6 months apart. I was thinking of either upgrading my receiver to a Yamaha 765 or replacing my center channel with the Klipsch RC-52 or RC-62. What do you suppose the would be a better upgrade? Thanks in advance. Nathan
  13. This is a great Video on youTube. The number 1 mistake is my favorite.[]
  14. Hay Matt it does seem to ne a common problem, but I think that is the only flaw you will find with the Quintetes. They are great little speakers that sound better and cost less then the Bose equivalent, be warned though you will get the upgrade bug[] NK
  15. It seems to be a very common problem, you can either put tape on the ball of the speaker, or you put them on stands. Try doing a search, I had the same problem, I made some brackets that turned out nice.
  16. Thanks for the help guys, I'm going to get a tripp lite model, its seems like a good deal. Thanks again
  17. Hi guys I have a couple of questions regarding surge protectors/ un-interrupted power supplies. I recently bought a new TV and I plan on replacing my receiver in the next couple of months so I want to protect my investment and I was wondering what the better route to go would be. What are the advantages/disadvantages of either unit, I’m looking to spend about $125 at the most. I hope that’s enough information to get so responses. Thanks NK
  18. Just picked it up at Walmart today for $13. I haven't watched it yet but I'm looking forward to it.
  19. Rest in peace. Let us never forget.
  20. The cherry does look very nice, a nice change from black. Have you popped those cherries yet.?
  21. Wow, that is a good deal. I thought I got a good deal on my RB-81s for $550, but you got RF-63s! Is there a way you can mount the tv on top of the RC-64? maybe build a small bridge? I just checked out the spec on the "beast" its huge!
  22. I have came across the carver M400 cube amp on several e-bay auctions and for some reason be price,looks and specs decided I might get one, of course they are used and have been out for a long time from what i understand. But what do you guys think or has anyone used them? Comments good or bad. I read alot of reveiews on audio review and they seemed to really like it. I would be using it to power my RB-81s and was wondering if this would be a good combonation
  23. liebherr954

    War Movies

    A few I like that were not mentioned. Das Boot. The bridge over the river kwai. Macarthur.
  24. Thanks for the heads up, I was going to see Transformers inImax this weekend, maybe I will just watch it on DVD instead.
  25. If you need a quintet let me know, I have two kicking around.
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