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  1. Thanks for the tip[Y] I heard some personnel computers can access this internet thing you talk so highly of.[:$]
  2. I agree 100% Master and commander is a great movie, the audio is top notch. I just watched last month and I forgot how amazing this movie was. I have been meaning to buy it but I can’t find it anywhere?
  3. If you like WW2 games check out Medal of Honor: Airborne. I bought this game because it was cheap and was very happy with it, I think you can buy it for $30 cdn now.
  4. Good review, my thoughts exactly. COD 4 was a great game, a little short but none the less a great game. I didn’t find the graphics or game physics nearly as good as its predecessor, I only finished COD 5 once and found no need to play it again I never did play this game online, maybe it shines there? Modern warfare 2 comes out this November; hopefully more effort will be put into it. Nathan
  5. That looks very sharp, the risers blend well with the grills.[Y]
  6. Thank you, I just got my RB-81's and I love them. I would hate to think the next big thing is just around the corner.
  7. I think he is offering to let you listen to his Referance Home Theater set-up. I could be wrong though.[]
  8. That’s a tough one for sure. I recently listened to theF-1, F-2, RB61 and RB-81. I found the highs to in the reference line to have better imaging and not as harsh at higher volume, not that the F-1 and F-2 sound bad, but there is a definitely a difference between the two lines. On a different note the both the F-1 and F-2 had better low frequency extension, Tower vs. Bookshelf. If you are using a sub I guess it doesn’t really matter though. I ended up going with the RB-81s because I got an amazing deal on them and I already have a sub-12. Well I hope that helps you out. Nathan
  9. Hello and welcome to the Forums. Don't worry about not being an expert, there are so many people on these forums who are willing to help. If I could recommend taking your receiver to a repair shop to get the broken RCA prong removed. Im sure it wouldn't cost alot and theen your receiver would be like new again. I hope that helps, and welcome.
  10. God bless, thank you for our freedom.
  11. Wow those look good, if you could send me some info that would be great. Nathan
  12. I would definitely look/call around for sales on the models you’re looking for. I was going through the newspaper and noticed an add for a local anniversary sale, the prices are incredible! The one of the great deals I found was the RB-61’s for $322 a pair, MSRP here in Canada is about $600. You might find a Klipsch theater package you never considered because the price point is good.[]
  13. Sorry, I thought you had already started to use them.[:$]
  14. Wow that is a great deal for thos speakers, do they sound a lot better then the Synergy models you had?
  15. What type of sub are you planning on using? That could also have impact on your decision, a lot of people including myself are very pleased with the Sub-12[]
  16. X2 on that one, the first one was great and this one looks even better. I will have to go to a Imax theater for this one.[]
  17. That does look a lot better then a slab of MDF.[]
  18. Thanks for the comments very nice, whats that your sub is seated on? does it stop it moving around? my mate over here has timber floors and cant get his 12 to stop jumping around Hay Bailz, the sub is sitting on a 1inch piece of MDF, I found the bass to be a bit sloppy for some reason, the MDF cleaned it up a bunch. The sub generally stays still, it did shift a couple inches last night but I was pushing rather hard.[]
  19. Well I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair of RB-81's and I am in very happy with them, they are exactly what I was looking for. I’ve put a few Pink Floyd and Miles Davis albums through them and I’m hearing instruments I never knew existed. Even my sub sounds better (maybe because it’s turned down to 80hz as apposed to 120hz set at for the quintets) Anyways I just thought I would share my new found joy. Now I just have to get the center and switch TV's Nathan
  20. All I can say is wow! Going from Quintets to these is night and day. I swear I can hear notes and instruments that I never have heard, plus it makes beer taste better and I can drink it faster. Now all I have to do is get the matching center and bring the LCD downstairs[]
  21. Thanks for the help guys, Pink Floyd here I come.[]
  22. Hi everyone I’m the proud new owner of a new pair of RB-81 (a huge jump from Quintets) and I was wondering about the break-in period for them? I was told different thing by different people and I would appreciate any recommendations. I was told that these speakers have an unusually long brake-in period (200+ hours) and I was wondering what was the best way to due so. Should I set the speaker selector to small or large, or does it even matter? Can I crank them up yet? I hope so I really hope so. I was told after the break-in the bass response would be noticeably better (10-15%) Well thank you for your help. Nathan
  23. I rented Pathfinder a while ago, what a great movie. Its very original and has a great story line.
  24. Well last night I looked ta these "great condition" speakers. What a joke! I guess at some point on of the speakers had fallen on its side and the cabinet has a hair line crack starting att the top right corner. They sounded great but I could not justify spending that kind of money on a speaker with a cracked cabinet.[:|] Thanks for the help guys, the search will resume.
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